Life is the sum of experiences that we encounter as go through life. Day to day to struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down another road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision the we make has significance. The tiniest choice that is made reverberates throughout the entire universe.

Friday, December 30, 2011

AWE INSPIRING 2011: My Year Ender Highlights!!

This morning, I woke up feel invigorated and feel inspired by the thought of doing my own year-end list. I have read a couple of the like and wanted to do on my own...

Sometimes life throws  us a snag that disrupts our happiness. 
There might be more ironically and sarcastically things that happen to us this year but what can we do, it sometimes really does happen but somehow, it keeps us going!

I believe 2011 has become more vivid and has been very special to me and for my family. This year has been full of well- traveled activities and dining experiences for me since I started my blog.

Here where I was for the passed months:

January: Enjoyed the church locale anniversary celebrated in Good Deal Resort, Valenzuela
Jamming at GDR

February:Di ko lam kung nasan ako...hehe. Basta bday ni Ate.
April: Summer vacation with sisters and friends in BAGUIO and E.K
{Diplomat Hotel} - breathtaking view!
{Mines View} - disappointed nga lang ;(
{The Mansion} - a place for picture taking
{The Wright Park} - Park and Leisure for family!

@Botanical Garden

{Botanical Garden} - Happiest part of our vacation coz we played here!
{SM Baguio} - Scenice view from atop, cool!
{Camp John Hay} - Very refreshing and close to nature encounter...
{Manor Hotel} drop by lang :)
{Choco- Late de Batirol} - Favorite itinerary!
{Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet} - great experience pickip up the fruit like the locals.
{50's Diner} - a tasty meals, one should not missed when visiting Baguio!

*Unfortunately, I did not post anything from the following yet..soon promise I will* 

{Philippine Military Academy} - Met many "Bok". hehe..pogi at astig! 

Ukay - Ukay Boots and Bag P150

{Burnham Park} - got rested and sight- seeing and also bought in Ukay- ukay.
{Session road} - again visited the place to buy pasalubong and to have dinner!
Grip to rides at Enchanted Kingdom - My dream disneyland! 

May: Ito rin, di ko na maalala sang lupalop ko nandun!
June: Family first ever fly out vacation in Coron, Palawan
{Siete Pecados} - Amazed with the fishes of the sea..hehe!
{Kayangan Lake} - our fave in Coron. The cleanest lake in the Philippines. 
{Barracude Lake} - The creepiest but enjoyed!
{Twin Lagoons} - Never gonna back.. :(
{Banul Beach} - Mesmerize by the beautiful sunset 
{Malcapuya Beach} - THE BEST beach so far...whoo!
{Banana Island} - What can I more to say, beach bumming!
{Maquinit Spring} - Hot, Hot swimming. Almost feeling like flayed already.
{Mt. Tapyas} - Perspiring but inspiring climb.

July: Church anniversary.
August: {My Photo walk in Wildlife part I} - first time and it was really fun. Though late posting at September. Part II.
{Food hunting at Mann Hann} - The food is great and affordable. 
{Fort Santiago -Part I} - Historical
{Re-visiting Fort Santiago} - It is.
September: {Blu Roze Farm, Batangas} - To get the Shih Tzu.
{Lunch at Gerry's Grill} - One of the best branch of G.G

{Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Quezon} - Super foodtrip but worthit!!
{Ultimate Buffet: Yakimix Trinoma} - Burp!! Thanks to my bff.
{Carino Resort in Valenzuela} - ilovewhereiwas.
October: {Banana Leaf - Greenbelt 3} - Spicy, did not quite ok.
{Unkabogable scrumptious dinner at Savory SM Valenzuela} - After the laugh out loud Vice movie. 

November: {A resort with no name in Bulacan} - I forgot the name talaga.
{Revolutionary lunch at KKK SM North} - simply means Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran
{A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante} - Last but not the least..
December: {Year End Party @ Le Pavilion, Roxas Boulevard}

FLI Family
{Noel Bazzare at The World Trade Center} 

{This is Kadiwa event}

I may not like a extravagant traveler who travels outside the country, cannot afford pa ko noh..Simpleng tao lang. Pero wish ko yun.. 

Have a fruitful year ahead. 
Thank you for this wonderful year. It has been so rewarding meeting different people in blogsphere and hope next year, I can join anyone of you as your travel buddy.

Thanks for the well traveled and sinfully delicious dining experiences..
Until 2012!!!!

note: pansin ko lang September ata, kain lang ng kain ang ginawa ko. hahaha!
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante and Ayala Triangle Christmas Lights Show 2011

I mentioned before that I have found anew job for me right?
So far, before the year ends, I have spent my time with my new found friends. I am happy because I was able to meet beautiful people in FLI even I was quite still new in the company. 

I met such good friends despite that they let me feel old and calling me ate Mitch. (But hey, I am at least 1- year older from you guys, remember!)  lol

What I like most of our group is that we easily became so close and attached to each other. We come all together from all walks of life and quickly build up a special camaraderie. 

And so, we decided to deepen that friendship by means of bunch of eating during lunch, merienda and dinner even it calls for a loooong hours of walking! {Sus, maryosep! almost 2 hours nag- stroll sa Glorietta at Greenbelt just to decide where to eat}!! hehe. But it was all worthwhile kasi I was with you guys and it was actually my first time here.

Hmn, the photo says it all ;)

Right after visiting the famous Ayala Triangle Lights Show 2011, we tag along each other in this resto in Glorietta 3. But before we proceed, here are pics of the said show. 

This has been a park for families every 6PM onwards in the middle of the busiest/ central business district city in Philippines. There were alot of Christmas lights hanging played along with the Christmas songs which became more attractive to guests. It adds positivity to the Holiday vibes due to synchronization of the lights and the music! Perfect for kids indeed!

The M.S.E

Word of HOPE for Next year!!!

After watching the show, we started walking along the line up restaurants in Ayala Triangle but as expected, it was all fully loaded.


New England's Best Pizza - Medium . Size choices: 14" P440.00, 16" P615.00, Slice P105.00, 10" P270.00

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante has been very popular to foodie lover and to all who has a very big tummy for hefty servings like Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna and etc.

This particular branch in Makati is always {almost} full. When we arrived around near 8pm, we have to wait for a couple of minutes before we finally got our chance to rest all of our sore foot after such a long walk for food hunting. And then I heard my stomach complaining at me, " grrr, at last, I am really starve to death".!

For our starter, we ordered Chicken Strips 150.00

At bago pa tuluyan mag alboroto ang tiyan namin, umorder muna kami nitong picture na nasa itaas at TUBIG!
Hooh! Too much exhaustion that time! Daig ko pa ang nag break-dance sa sakit ng mga varicose veins ko sa likod ng binti ko. {di lang ko nagpahalata}! Yoko na, di na ko uulit. Char! hahaha.

Our food immediately served after a few minutes. That was quite fast :) I was impressed!

Nut Pesto with Chicken (again) Oil Base pasta 260.00

I really love pesto especially the oil base one not to mention I was kinda addicted to its scent. It was good that we all agreed with our orders. Ironically, chicken strips din ito. Haha, purgado sa chicken but still busog at masarap.

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante specializes in American and Italian cuisines that include meat pizza, buffalo wings, roast beef and cheese, and oil and garlic pasta with seafood. Sumptuous meal starts at P200 with other branches at BF Homes and Visayas Avenue.

We were four then but the food is just so enough {I cannot get over with the pasta instantly, so yummy!} and I wanted to come back again {that's why the next day, I treated my BF at Trinoma branch naman.  hehehe, adik! They have big servings and very affordable prices unlike other Italian restaurants, their rate is much higher.

We really did enjoy chatting, laughing, and munching that night!!
Happy holidays guys..See you on Monday!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Revolutionary Food Trip: KKK

Naghuhurumintado ang puso ko kaya naisipan kong kumaeeeeeen. 
Nagpaganda pa ko ng husto, nagpustura pero wala pala ang sinisinta ko dun. Ni hindi ko man lamang siya nasulyapan.

Buti na lang may KKK! (Kontra Kalungkutan sa Krush na hindi nakita). Pinilit.  (kailangan maka pinoy ang tema ng post na ito eh.) Haha...

Kaya ko positive.

Pagkatapos naming makipag Kadang - kadang at makipag Kulitan sa mga Kiddos sa nasabing ibent eh kumalam ang sikmura naming tatlong paring martir. Nagkayayaan sa SM North para makapananghalian! {kahit mali ang pinag park -an namin - dun lang naman sa mga nagdedeliver sa SM, hahaha!}

GO! Punitin ang mga sedula....LUSOB!


Para sa ating mga Pilipino, ang KKK ay may kaakibat na matapang na kahulugan. Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galang Katipunan ng mga anak ng Bayan o mas kilala bilang Katipunan at KKK. Ito ay isang lihim na samahan na itinatag sa Pilipinas ni Andres Bonifacio na may layuning palayain ang bansa sa ilalim na ng mga mananakop na Espanyol. Oh, diba na refresh ang pagiging makabansa natin!

Kaya nung narinig ko ito sa kaibigan ko, nasabi ko "ah, Filipino cuisine". For me, it is something new but nothing much special, I thought. But I was wrong. May "K" din pala talaga ang kainang ito. They have good concept from traditional home dishes into modern cuisine! In fact, one of the yummiest Filipino cuisine I have tried and I would like it to recommend with you guys.

Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran, better known as KKK Food Revolution, first opened its doors to the public on the last quarter of 2002. Aside from delectable food and excellent service, the architecture, a superb mixture of old wood and glass, caught the fancy of the clients which made this native style very unique!

 Sina Gomez at Burgos nagtsi tsismisan agad! Anu kailan tayo lulusob?!

We were lucky, the place is not jampacked with diners even it is actually a lunch time. Maybe, today most of us prefer Italian, American, and French cuisine over Filipino that's why, it is rarely to choose from.

For our main dish, we ordered yung may sabaw syempre.

Sinigang na Lechon P280.00 / Kanin ng KKK P145.00

Simply the best ang mga food na nasa table namin. Masarap o gutom lang talaga ako, hehe. This was my first time to try Sinigang with a twist. Lechon! Bigat sa Tiyan! Kanin ng KKK, parang adobo rice lang ata. Hmmn, nothing special.

Baked Scallops, oops, I can't recall how much. But very delicious!

'Tis my favorite. Tama lang ang pagka bake. Additional 1.5 pts for the presentation and 2 for the taste! CHEESINESS! Take note lang, yung mga butil jan na kulay orange eh asin pala. Kala ko anu lang. Napa alat tuloy yung unang bites ko. :(

And a pitcher of cold ice tea for us =)
Appetizer: Complimentary kropek (shrimp cracker)

Nagutom talaga ko at napagod kahit naka angkas lang ako sa motor. Nakakapagod kaya dahil mainit, pag tanggal mo ng helmet ayun ang hair, sabog! Nakaka stress kaya yun! At sa sobrang tomguds ko, ako ang umubos ng pagkain naming tatlo!

Such a good eat for us. Tamang tama lang sa nagre rebolusyon kong tiyan! hehe. I will come back here to try other signature foods that that they offer.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What a year and life with HIM!

I attended this morning a Thanksgiving.
Such a blessed day, actually!

And while sitting in a pew, next to the kids who attended the same occasion, I realized something..
Another year is soon to pass again. Alot of things have happened in my life and there are so many things that I have learned.
{It's never been so easy and yet pretty awesome year for me}.

So, before this year ends, I would like to sum up those learning experiences....

10 ways to be a good friend:
1. Just simply be genuine.
2. Try not to interrupt while your friend is talking.
3. Embrace each other.

4. Give a positive advice that will brings him/her to a better solution to their problem.
5. Praise your friends for being a good dresser, for getting a nice haircut or for a single good deed he/she have done. {but make sure to be sincere.}
6. Don't make promises that you think you cannot do.
7. Respect each other's opinion and decisions.
8. Pwede umutang ng pera or anything but be discreet to return it timely.  {sa bff ko, next week na yung utang ko ha, hehehe}
9. Be there at times when they really need you like a family accident, sickness and etc.
10. Don't even drop name just to save yourself up to an awkward situation.

10 ways to be {drop dead} gorgeous:
1.  Wear high heels {it gives you more confidence while walking, believe me!}
2.  Avoid too much alcoholic drinks and DO NOT SMOKE!

3.  Maintain a healthy diet {bagong bago to}! now mo lang to nabasa for sure! :)
4. Buy clothes which you think you look pretty and respectful. {the one you think you can carry well}.
5. Shower everyday!
6. at magpabango, kahit hindi ka msyado maganda pero mabango, pwede na!
7.  Take time to spend for a manicure, pedicure and for a nice haircut!
8. Wear {light} make up if you're comfortable with it..
9. Maintain your impeccable MANNERS! {it mirrors everything in you}
10. Have enough confidence and just BE YOURSELF!

10 ways to be HAPPY!
1. Learn to be contented of what you have but aim high.
2. Have a positive thinking, think that everything will turn out alright!
3. Cry if you feel like to..and after
4. Laugh out loud {favorite ko ito} bhahahahaha!
6. Try to slow down, spend vacation with your family and love ones.
7. Live a simple life and savour it.
8. Share your blessings.
9. Learn to take care of your surroundings/ nature.
10. Always showcase your BIG SMILE to the world...

And most of all, we should not forget to be thankful to our creator.
The year have been so challenging and I know I will continue to surpass all of these because HE is always with me and my family...

Goodbye 2011 and Welcome 2012. =)
Thank you for all the unconditional love and blessings , my dear Lord.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

UNKABOGABLE: at ang Pagbabalik..

I miss blogging! I was out in blogsphere for almost a month and I can hardly believe I did. Ako na addict.? hehe..
Honestly, I was sooo depressed for not posting. Since I started my new job, naloka na ang lola mo at hindi na makapag isip ng mabilis na pwedeng i - blog! Ngarag ba ko agad sa work? No, hindi naman actually. I was just totally engrossed and pre- occupied by the things I had for the past weeks. But anyway, what important is I can still able to blog. I will try to catch up to those things I have missed and try to live a normal life again. hahaha, ewan ko ba. Perhaps, I should give myself time to manage my priorities...

So, sa aking pagbabalik gusto ko i - welcome niyo ko nang masigabong clap, clap, clap! Dahil unkabogable pa rin ang return ko, ang walang puknat na " long overdue" posts. Sorry, late nga ko diba ng halos isang buwan kaya now ko lang to i- po post. 

Enaf sa xplanasyones. At ito nga title palang diba, alam mo na ang kung anu ang post ko sa aking pagbabalik.

UNKABOGABLE siempre ni try ko i-right click ang mouse ko at hanapin ang meaning nito noh pero may instant word na lumabas which is UNKNOWABLE. Yun na.

Well, for me it only means " unstoppable", no one else but you or simply VICE GANDA!
Manager na pala ako ngayon ng bading na ito. Uy, I mean bading with full of talents ha. Mind you...

Sige baka pati lata eh mainom mo sis :)

I had no time to recall when we exactly watched this crazy movie. You do know when it showed naman diba. All I know is overdue na ito to post pa.

Parang magkakapatid lang noh..Salamat! NAKAKAWALA NG STRESS ang MOVIE na itech.

This post is simply special because I was with my family. Although papa did not joined us, still humagalpak kami sa kakatawa lalo na yung girl na yan na nasa itaas. Bhahahaha! Don't tell me hindi ka natawa sa Colonel (/ˈkɜrnəl/, abbreviated Col or COL) Hahaha, let me remind you, is it Hilda Koronel? O sige, hindi mo matandaan sang part ng movie yun, sige eto nalang, nakita mo sa movie si Derek Ramsey!? Asus, yun! You already...

After makipaglokohan kay vice sa sinehan, heto at kumain kami sa The Classic Savory. (Hinanap ko pa yung receipt kaya na remind ako sa date, 10-31.)

PJ and IT  for P45 each

Mama, Tita Susan, ate Diane and Mavic

Sabi take out pero kinain na rin namin..daming gutom eh kakatawa! Pero may natira, nagkahiyaan kaya inuwi din. MIKI BIHON BINONDO P195.


There was no sign of many diners when we arrived kasi it's too late na rin although we were not on a LFS.


FISH FILLET WITH LEMON P195 (isa sa mga fave ko)


This post may not be so unkabogable gaya ng pinanuod namin and so do I, but it is a sign of more unkabogable experience...

If for some reasons that I cannot post regularly like I used to, I'll make it a point that I (still) have something to be worked done...that I can do something (else) important too.
I wanted to post as much as I wanted if only time permits..This past weeks, kumain lang ako ng kumain eh and I want to share it with you guys. 

Thank you for sticking around...
Keep reading, keep in touch!

Ang totoo, nagiinarte lang ako at nagpapa miss!! TARUSH..
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