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Saturday, April 21, 2012


When was the time you heard the word, Bahay- Bakasyunan
Were the words came from your elite or rich friends?
or have you literally experience such privilege...

When you say, Bahay- tells one thing, "good vacation".

Kayo na bahala humusga. Whatever is on ur mind. Basta ko magpi picture galore! :p

Oh, huwag nang maiingget. Hindi ang swimsuit ko ang highlight ng trip na to. Tsk..tsk....

Oh sha! Anyway, this would be my last post about our CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin Road Trip series. Makaka get over na rin ko finally sa grandest at charm ng mga lugar na 'to especially Camiguin. But I cannot forget how this places made our vacation worthwhile and remarkable.

Guma grand entrance na ang mga lola niyo sa BAHAY BAKASYUNAN. Ang taray ng ceiling! Grabe.. {oh, that's Faith btw}

It was a blissful travel experience with family and friends. With a thousand miles from Manila, we found a noble paradise in Camiguin Island.

We arrived at the resort around 8:15 in the evening dahil inuna namin ang galore namin on the second day.
We've been looking forward to feel the luxury of this resort so right after the staff escorted us to our designated rooms, we really felt such relieved!

We cannot hide the feeling of exhaustion but hey LOOK! This is what we got of choosing BBC! Luckily, it was all paid off.

So chill...
A/C bedroom, with LCD TV, Wifi, Big Closet ---> super clean and super spacious
BBC's toiletries and free towels. Ang dami, excessivenesssssss!
Hot and cold shower and B/T. I am satisfied ;) plus....
The welcome drinks. Hay, I missed the thing.
Just before we sleep, nagkayayaan kami tumambay sa poolside ng ilang minuto. To see the BBC at night...

{When was the last time you feel so relaxed? Remember the time you were pampered... and so we remember BBC.}

Pool at night
Ocean Bar and Restaurant 
Forgive me for the blurry photos, my cam cannot stand alone the night time anymore and it gets low batt already.

It seemed though that we're the only visitors that time at the resort... 

So, after a couple of shots, we got back to our rooms to have some sleep. We have to get rest for us to face a brand new day in Camiguin. We also check their menu for tom's breakfast meal.

{I had a good night, a better slumber!}

"Good morning Kuya Jericho" I greeted our driver slash tour guide upon seeing him at around 5:30 in the morning. 
We agreed to meet him on our last day in Camiguin to fulfill the last bite itinerary. First, we visited the famous White Island, (pls. click here) and last but not the least, the Bahay-Bakasyunan, opcorz!

After visiting the White Island, we mount again to our service to buy Pasalubong at the market and went back to BBC. 

At 8:30am, I asked the staff to serve our breakfast at the restaurant, near the pool side. Pinilit ko tong ubusin kahit ligong ligo na ako at busog na busog na ko.

Breakfast time :) We are so full!
 American Breakfast for me.. Muka ba tong diet. Big serving ulet! Plus a soothing hot chocolate drink

The pool is so inviting. We couldn't just resist the lure of the whole idea of swimming slash playing on it.
Main Pool
Pumo project
It was a nice backdrop actually..
Time - to - Splurge!
Ilovethepool :)
Oh eh anu sinasabi nina Kristine Reyes, Anne Curtis at Angel Locsin sa byoties naming tatlo?!!! Wala...

Ay, kala namin pictorial namin eh! Sorry, di kami nakahanda, promise!

w/ Nel, da Rakista!

So obviously, we capped off the day with tons of pictures! It was so fun. We took a couple of vids also, and one of them was so funny. But sorry guys, can't post it. Baka may magalit. Censored! Hahaha!

I strongly suggest that if you're planning to visit this island, eto lang ang resort na PINAKA havey na dapat niyong puntahan, with friends, family or loveones pa yan!  (Uy wala akong bayad dahil sa post na to ha.)

Money wise and very worth the miles.

Note: To those who's asking for the expenses, I am trying to make a separate post pa. Will create "page" for this one.
Thanks readers! (meron ba}? hehehe

Special thanks to Chyng of No Spam, No Virus, No kidding! Kasi nakita namin ni ate ko ang post mo about the resort.
And later I knew that she booked here already and that what made me more excited ....... You inspired us! TY.

Muchas Gracias...


  1. Sisikapin ko nang maging peg ang totoo at nag-iisang Anne Curtis, not Cortes anymore. Char! Nagiisa nga eh diba...hehe. kapalmuks lang much! luvyouBBC!

  2. nice pictures............ikaw ay nasa blog ko sa stage 2.....salamat sa pag add mo sa blog ko sa blog list mo....

  3. Lovely place! Ganda dun sa batu bato!

  4. nice =D Camiguin is the best!

  5. The place looks... sushal! You look so sushal too, Mitch! :)

  6. I love it! Mga artistahin pa, ganda ng place! Thanks for sharing your pics... kelan ko kaya ma achieve yang place na yan...hehe! yung place nalang achieve ko di ko kaya yung body.. haha!

  7. Arvin: Salamat sa pag add din...and thnx for dropping by Arvin!
    Anney: Yes, maganda mag photo op to this place, one of them sa batuhan near the beach.
    Orville: We fell in luv in Camiguin! ;p
    Ate Bee: hehe, susyal ang resort ate Bee. ako nakikisusyal lang.
    Glad: Anu kba, eh mas sexy kp sken noh. Mga sis ko lang din ang achieved. hehehe

  8. Hehe thanks for dropping by.yes it is.

  9. nice pics! i heard maganda sa Camiguin. hope mapuntahan ko din sya... relaxing kasi eh

  10. Very convincing photos, I'm starting to like this place. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jessie: thanks.I want to go back. The place has so much to offer. very welcoming 2.
    Henry: Welcome. tnx for dropping.

  12. nakakatuwa yung mga pictorials nyo, mga artistahin :) ansarap talaga sa camiguin!

  13. McRICH: hehe, kapalmuks lang diba. feeling!hehe. thanks.

  14. Oh, such a nice place, i wish i can visit that, too! nice blog!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  15. CutestPrincess: Oh, thanks for dropping by. thanks! Hope you visit again. :)

  16. paborito namin tumambay sa porch lagi and sa jacuzzi jan :)

  17. Kua: nung time namin, hindi namin na try ang Jacuzzi.. we just splurge at the pool.. and it was fun.

  18. natawa naman ako sa mga terms -- gumagrand entrance, pumoproject. LOL. buti ka pa nakarating na d'yan. sana makalayo rin ako ng travel.

  19. Sosyal Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin.

    Kay Chyng ko din unang nakita ung post about sa resort na ito.

  20. i giv u "A" for your anne curtis peg shots:) A= achieved mu girl!kelan kaya ako maka camiguin? ito pa ang lacking sa map ng Ascertain Bliss. nice one mitch :D

  21. Turistaproject: Ay nako kung alam mo lang, ang dami pang susunod na project jan. nakupoh! hehe..Kaw pa, kayang kaya mo makarating dito noh. Ganda ng infinity pool sa new post mo ah!
    Max:Yup, inspiration talaga si Chyng, luckily na achived namin. Thanks!
    Ascertainbliss: Generous for the "A". hehe. thanks. pinilit ma achieve na mga lola mo. hehe. At si Anne pa ang peg, kapalmuks lang! hehe

  22. Nice yung pool area! Maganda setting for a party :)

  23. PTJ: party tlga ha.. pede! anything goes.... Super nice place for relaxation. Bakayon talaga ang feeling..

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