Life is the sum of experiences that we encounter as go through life. Day to day to struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down another road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision the we make has significance. The tiniest choice that is made reverberates throughout the entire universe.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Escapade - Alone!

Would you believe that this was my first time to go out of town, alone?

I never go out of town with nobody.  But yeah, this was my ever, first time to TRAVEL alone. 
Nagbyahe ako magisa. Sumakay ng bus sa Cubao magisa, which also was my first time. I did asked the driver how to get there and if the bus will pass through exactly at Subic (SBMA).
With my heart throbbing, while having a soul searching, I hopped into the first bus I've seen in its headboard , "Olangapo SBMA" and hear me say, Sana tama ang sinakyan ko, kung hindi- edi LIGAW! hehe

As a first timer byahero na nagiisa pa, I had a chance to discover North on my own.  The new constructed wide roadway and expressway, the fascinating farm and tall mountains.  All of these I noticed when I was traveling alone.  I passed by (shown picture below) at the SCTEX and realized that I was on my right track going to Subic where I will meet some friends of mine...

Welcome to Subic.  At last, Nakarating!

After of 2hrs of traveling, we rested and eat at the Lagoon near the highway. 
 But the problem I got here were the foods they served.  It was quite expensive and when the food arrives, our face fell with disgrace.  What a waste!
Not what we expected huh.  The food is in fairness is yummy but not that satisfied! grrrr!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lago De Oro- Calatagan, Batangas

Lago de Oro Address: National Highway, Balibago
                                             Calatagan, 4215

Contact nos. (043) 213-2006
Mobile nos.  0917-5042685, 0926-71047574

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Election

Congratulations! Your vote has been registered”, Finally I'd seen it appeared in PCOS Machine.
Yehey, sa wakas! I exclaimed as I feel very much relieved from about an hour of waiting in line, from grappling to people who will vote too and from thousands of sweatglands tracing every line under my shirt. 

Together with my two sisters, we went to our precint at the second level of Gen. T. De Leon Elementary School in Valenzuela. While Mama and Papa is on the other building of the school. We've seen some neighbors and friends. And so we grab the opportunity to use connections until we saw Kuya Sonny, our papa's bestfriend. We made our way through 'singit'.  LOL...and the rest was story!

This was ever, the first national computerized election in the history of the Philippines. Although, there were cases of PCOS machine failures, there would be no postponement of elections since most technical issues were resolved already. People have talked about this computerization/voting scheme.  Some were so negative about using it in election because they think that there are many no read no write Filipinos who will still vote.While some were just so open that they wanted to try how does it would looked like and how it works.  Could it be so helpful to generate, cast votes and to see the result within the most possible earlier time of the week? Would be so many problem will arise during the election date itself? If so, would be the smartmatic technical engineers could accomodate all concerns by every precint? Some questions that we would like to know someone could answer us back....

Unlike others who went out there much earlier than we did, we were so lucky to finish as early as 10:15AM.
I think, less than an hour we have voted already. But unfortunately, Mom and Dad should go through alot of patience for waiting about 6 hrs. That was so pathetic and very annoying!

Let us see who will win to rule the country for the next 6yrs!!
Have a peaceful voting!!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom...


I wish that you stop working, I want you to stay at home and relax.
I hope you can enjoy what other mothers can enjoy in life like shopping and tour at anywhere they wanted.
I love you and I pray that you and Papa will always be together and ever!
That you will guide us even we are married and has our own life already.

Thank you for the unconditional love and for bringing us a good life!

You are the best Mom and we will always love you!!! ALWAYS!


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Friday, May 7, 2010

Guess what?

How happy I was when I finally got my dream -come true watch. I really love the simple style of this stuff and yet it gives me more confidence..Definitely, this is the most expensive thing that I have w/c came from my own pocket.

Guess watch..

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Go bayou

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