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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Blast at Laoag's Best / Herencia Cafe, Paoay Church, Fort Ilocandia, Paoay Lake

You just have to choose what food to serve on your table when you visit Ilocos.

Is it Poque-poque, Utong (String Beans), or Kabatiti (Patola or luffa)?

Hehe, sounds green tsk...tsk...Coz for us Filipinos especially Manilenios, we know what these means right? But Ilocanos have shake their head form left to right kasi iba ang ibig sabihin nito sa kanila, it only means delicious FOOD!

Paoay Lake
This is the last of Day 1.
First day was a FULL BLAST!

Vigan Part I- Baluarte Ni Chavit, Hidden Garden, Pagburnayan pottery,
Vigan Part II - Crisologo Museum, Heritage Village, Bantay Bell Tower, 
Laoag Part I - Laoag Sand Dunes, Sand Bashing 
We left Vigan with a heavy heart and with an empty stomach. ;( 

Our group just decided to run directly at Laoag to spent lunch over at Saramsam Restaurant pero dahil out of the way na ito at talagang kinakalabit na ko ng mga bulate ko sa tiyan, our Sand dunes guide advised us to go at Herencia's Cafe instead wherein it serves a very ODD Filipino Food!

POQUE POQUE, which is actually similar to tortang talong dish, but with a twist. It is made with eggplant, stir fried with egg and other veggies.  
Sinigang na Bangus

As what I've said, kakaiba ang mga pagkaing Ilocano, kaya 'wag ka ng mabigla pag sinabihan kang, "ineng, patikim naman ng Poque poque mo." harharhar..

Note: This place easily gets uber-crowded during holiday and there ain't enough space for parking.
We had to wait to be seated and since it was holiday, tourists were all flocked at Herencia. 

At those we assumed our order were all served, there were still among the diners who came first which haven't served their food until that very moment, super late na. Many of the diners have gone furious because their orders were not served yet. Nauna pa nga kami. At karamihan sa kanila, wala na sa kanya kanyang table, andun sa harap ng dining area (to follow up their orders) at in cashier (to refund).           

Herencia Cafe
After lunch, we crossed the street to take some pictures of the Paoay Church. I am not sure if this one is the same with the sinking bell in Laoag.

Paoay Church is the Roman Catholic parish church of the municipality of Paoay, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. Completed in 1710, the church is famous for its distinct architecture highlighted by the enormous buttresses on the sides and back of the building. In 1993, the church was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one best examples of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines.

Paoay Church is also known as San Agustin Church of Paoay. 
Anu ba yan, may mga epal sa gilid... Ay, mga ate!!!
On our second to the last visit in Loaog, we visited the FORT ILOCANDIA. Even I hardly got an information about this place, I was still excited on what to see in this place. Ang ala, ko lang, may pagka sosyl ang hotel na to kaya dinadayo.

We are very thankful sa mga drivers namin dahil hindi lang sila driver, tour guide na rin. Nagtanung tanong kami sa mga local people, and they very generous in giving directions.

Fort Ilocandia is the only rated hotel in the Ilocos Norte Region. This was originally constructed by the Marcos Family for their daughter Irene's wedding reception. Oh, susyal!

Parang ang peg ng Hotel and Resorts na ito ay isang Mediterranean Classic Setting. Very commendable ang landscape. It has an extensive grounds and garden, I must say.

The hotel's lobby is bustling with local and international tourists. Although, we just had a short stay and despite the building is quite old already, you could still witness its grandest.

Before we went crazy to Sand Dunes, dito muna kami tumambay. 
Sa Paoay Lake. 

 Paoay Lake is a freshwater system in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. It is located 3 kilometers away from the sea in Suba. The lake is composed of natural of fresh water, where over 300 crop farmers are provided with irrigation to supply water for their crops. 

Kilala ang Paoay lake as fishing ground ng mga enthusiast. Pero the time that we were there, I never seen one. Or masyado lang kong stunned sa serenity nang lugar. Very peaceful and yet windy. Nakaka relax!


  1. Hi Mitch! Ang masasabi ko lang... ang gaganda ninyong magpipinsan! mas attractive pa than the grand fort Ilocandia that you were in! I hope we could also visit Ilocos soon. Very enticing kasi ang post mo eh. hehe..

    Stay young and beautiful as you are! Enjoy life while you can coz time flies so fast like Boeing 747! Lol! Ingat!

  2. Kabatiti ang oorderin ko! ahahaha! kaloka! sana next summer matuloy ang ilocos road trip namin.

  3. salamat sa pag share sa mga pictures...

  4. Ate Bee: Thanks! Blessed lang maganda ang lahi parents namin. hehe.. Thanks for that sweet comments. Boeing 747 talaga? hehe.. ;P
    Anney: haha, natuwa at gusto ko rin kung anu ang bet mo. Kabatiti. Gusto ko din tikman yan, if ever! let's see?!
    Arvin: No problem... u know us, bloggers! Chiao!

  5. Now, i'm craving for pinakbet pizza :-d I'll surely visit those places, the lake and the church and the cafe and the famous fort ilocandia :-) Thanks for sharing ♥

  6. Nyahaha! Masarap ba ang kabatiti ng Ilocos! Chos! Kulit lang...

  7. Yamie: try mo rin ang iba pang delicacies ng Ilocos and their Kabatiti at utong, why not:)
    Gladys: hehe, alam na! ginusto mo yan...harhar :p

  8. .anganda talaga sa ilocos noh na-curious ako bigla sa lasa ng pinakbet pizza!

  9. Ansarap naman ng pinakbet pizza!

  10. Hi Mitch! Yung hotcocoa with marsmallow Swiss Miss ang tatak. Sa grocery meron nun. Yun namang waffle luto na nung dinala namin. Sa divisoria ko binili yung waffle maker. 150 bili ko. Para syang waffle iron maker pero yun gawa sa bakal o cheap na bakal kaya mura. hehe!
    Eto yung recipe ng waffle sa blog ng sister ko.

  11. McRich: cheezy pizza, indeed. One of the best places we have in the country is Ilocos!
    Anney: hehe, ganon ba. I used to buy that swiss pero not sure we do have same one at ang waffle luks delicious eh, naenganyo ko tuloy magprepare for my luvones!

  12. love the place and food! :)

  13. Ganda pala sa Paoay....I think I would really love that pinakbet pizza. Veggie lover pa naman ako. GAnda ng pics mo, kaso bakit may kamay dun sa church pic? LOL

  14. I know this is a longshot but would you happen to have the gps coordinates of the bird viewing deck in laoag? Been searching high and low for it, nakalimutan ko kasi i-tag nung nagpunta kami dati ih :P

  15. Orville: Appreciated!
    Aleah: oh, vegitarian? hehe yung kamay sinadya ko. pero panget pala kinalabasan.. kamay ko tas ako din nagshot. hehe
    Kuya Christian: hindi kuya eh, alam mo kung anu meron dun that time, Aso. hehe, parang naglalaro siya sa tubig o nanghuhuli ng isda..

  16. gondo naman ng fort ilocandia na yan. pwede ng mag pre-nup. lol! Napanood ko din dati yung video ni tonipet na iniinterview si ate tungkol sa poque poque na yan. Super nakakatawa. hahaha!

    kahit kelan talaga may asungot sa mga pics e no. hahaha!

  17. Kura: susyal ang hotel kahit luma na. kainis nga ang mga sumisingit sa pics eh. panira ng magandang moment.

  18. I miss Laoag! Yung urge ko na bumalik lalong lumakas dahil dito

  19. Mica: even you'll have a countless return at Laoag, worth it. Esp, the miles! :)

  20. i have one word for your post - Wow! Love your paoay lake pic!

  21. T: Two words for you folk, thank you!!

  22. Mitch! Dahil mahal na mahal ko ang pictures mo, I have something for you: ^_^

  23. Thanks Cris! Nakoh, dumadami awards ko hindi ko naman magawa yung aken sa dami ng backlogs ko hehe, yabang lang. Thanks napili mo ko.. I will try my best to do mine! ciao!

  24. Ganda ng Laoag, must-see ito. Kalerke ang terms nila nakakapamula ng cheeks hahaha tanungin ka ba kung nakatikim ka na ng kabatiti o kaya poque-poque? Lol!

  25. Gracie: poque poque, yes but not yet Kabatiti.. wanna try it some time.


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