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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vigan- Laoag-Pagudpod Roadtrip Series I Day 1 (Part II)

Known as Vigan House, Crisologo House, Mansion , and the Vigan National Museum Branch.

We arrived at the museum roughly 9:30am. It's about 10 - 20 mins. from the Pagburnayan. 

Upon entering, I noticed an old woman who uses a small megaphone. She's the one who gives a brief history of Crisologo family and their contribution to the country . She is the caretaker and she also instructs visitors where to go next in the mansion.
She said, "meron po tayo donation box malapit sa pintuan, donation lang po...", which is fine to all of us.

Floro S. Crisologo was the patriarch of the clan and a congressman known for being responsible for landmark legislation that only benefited his constituents but the whole country as well. He was responsible for the SSS, Social Security System.  

Oh, alam niyo na saan galing ang mga S.S.S niyo ha pero yun nga, dahil sa galing niya marami ang naiingget. Kaya nuong 1970 while he was inside the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Congressman Crisologo was shot in the head by a still unidentified gunman :(

It has library,  an anitique calesa, numerous news clippings and newspaper. There are also an old car, family pictures, certificates and et cetera.

You can see some of the parts of the mansion.



 The Living room

 An old jewelry box

A classic type writer

Various memorabilia of the late Congressman Crisologo 

You will see the evidence that the mansion is maintained. Although all of the stuffs here are old enough to dubbed as vintage.

Dining area

 It is interesting to know that before he was killed, the congressman was in the process of having a bill approved to abolish the death penalty because he believed that death was not the solution to stopping crime.


The most anticipated part of the tour was visiting the Heritage Village. It is considered the best-preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia. In November 1999, it was placed on the World Heritage List commemorating its cultural significance. Heritage Village was considered a UNESCO Heritage Site to preserve the cultural past of the Ilocandia region.  

En route to Heritage Village, we were advised that our service was not allowed to pass through the street. Only calesa will do (a horse driven carriage). So we had more time to enjoy the whole village while walking.......

Ang daming ancestral house!
Kapag andito ka, do not let the chance to taste their unique "EMPANADA" na kulay orange with matching suka (vinegar).

I love how the community and the local government preserved this part of Vigan. 

I also like the feeling like in spanish era. Kaya nga nag dress ako noh para sa lugar lang na to! Gusto ko ma feel ang panahon dati. Makaluma and yet very historical. Gusto ko yung feel na naglalakad while wearing a fashionable hat (kaso yung hat na hiniram ko lang sa tita ko naiwan ko pa dito). hmp!

Feeling turista talaga with matching turo turo kung "how much is this and how much is that", charot, hehehe. Nagkalat kasi ang samut -saring souvenir shops dito.

It was really worth visit for.

Our last stop before going to Laoag is the Bantay Bell Tower, located at Brgy Bantay in Vigan. One of the most fame churches in Ilocos Sur is the Bantay Church also known as St. Augustine Church near the famous Bell Tower which is perched up in the hill. 

Bell Tower was used as a watch tower during the Spanish colonial period. "Bantay" is an Ilocano word for both "guard" and "mountain."

Super inet nga lang. You have to bear with that burning fire and heat of the sun! Katanghaliang tapat ba naman when we go up in the tower. 

The stairs were quite narrow, old and very fragile. Very windy and the view made it worthwhile. 

Wala na kong masabe sa ganda ng first day exp. namin.. What more pa yung mga susunod! hehe.. yabang lang. 

Kahit gutom na kami that time, we still felt like full while going around at the diff. historical places in Ilocos Sur. I was in awe for a moment and then felt very very satisfied all of a sudden......

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  1. I would be very much glad if I'd be given a chance to be at the same place all over again. IlurveVigan!

  2. Hay naku nakakainis na sa ganda ng mga pics ha! Super inggit na tuloy ako... I love the vintage effect! sa camera lang ba un? or post process na? hahaha! inggitera lang... abangan ko un next... :)

  3. I've been to Vigan thrice already but your post just made me want to go back to Vigan, hmm.. maybe this weekend? :P

  4. Glad: I luv the vintage effect too... kaya yan, super edit ko. hehe.. eh vintage naman talaga yung lugar dun. Thanks.
    Kuya Christian: Uy Kuya got my message? thank you SOMUCH! This weekend agad? agad agad!!! hehe.. GO!

  5. I love the pics! Bagets na bagets pa ako nung last akong pumunta ng Vigan. Sana makabalik ako dyan soon.

  6. I love all the photos! lalo na yung a bell tower!

  7. I've pretty much explored the southern and some of the northern parts of our country but, funny, the I've yet to enjoy the beauty of the Ilocos region. Thank you for posting this, I'm reminded again to what I'm missing and what I should visit soon!

  8. Mica: hehe.. ganon ba. timely, pede kana ulit bumalik kahit not so much bagets na.
    Anney: Thanks Anney..
    Koryn: It's worth it to drive that long going Ilocos.. Ganda!

  9. Mukhang kelangan kong bumalik ng Ilocos. It's been years since my last visit and andami pang hindi ko pa napuntahan din.

  10. wow ganda ng shots.. aylaveeeeeeet.. ganda ng vintage effect astig!

  11. Max: This is the right time... GO!
    ABL: hehe, shortened name... Thanks. kinarir ko ang pag e edit eh..

  12. balang araw mararating din ng asawa at anak ko yan, he he he. been to the places but on different occasions. mashado kasing ambisyoso ung plano namin to reach the ilocos via cagayan and i estimate we would need at least a week to do that. dibale, libre naman mangarap eh, ha ha ha

  13. Balang araw talaga.. hehe. oo nga noh, lakas nung arrive na yun from Cagayan! Pero malay natin, posible! Anu gamit ng plane... :)

  14. Very interesting places.. gusto ko talagang maexperience to at makapunta dyan, kelan.. kelan? haist...

  15. Gracie: U should add this on ur list, worth visit for!

  16. I Love historic places, I should visit this one. Nice Mitch =D

  17. salamat sa pag share sa mga larawan...naalala ko tuloy ang palabas na bingbong crisologo story...

  18. may hindi pa pala ako napunthan sa vigan .. mitch love ur page na tlaga!

  19. Inggit. Gusto ko rin mag Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud!

  20. The only time I went to Vigan, I had a lousy film camera with me with limited shots. These are lovely photos. I like the vintage vibe of the details and house in Vigan. Makes me want to go back!

  21. Orville: Wow, I did not know ur inclined to historical places.. keep going, visit Vigan and such, update me.. thanks!
    Arvin: Di ko napanuod yun, pero diba it pays off kasi nanalo sila dun. tnx also avrin!
    Kulapitot: Anu hindi mo pa napuntahan.. tnx naman sa comment. how thoughtful! tnx!
    Elal: AY gawa ka din ng ganitong series u wont regret it...
    Kara: Vigan has made our visit more worthy. Thanks for the comments. It inspires me alot!

  22. Ganda ng captures mo. I'm going there in August. The pics excite me more :)


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