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Monday, September 19, 2011

50's Diners - Famous Resto in Baguio

After an awesome Strawberry picking experience in La Trinidad, we decided to go back in the city and have early lunch in 50's diner. Since we didn't got a chance to dine here on our first day dahil sa blockbuster ang mga taong gustong kumain dito especially during lunch and dinner, inagahan na namin ang pagpunta dito para hindi na maunahan, around 11a.m we're already at the doorstep of this very phenomenal restaurant.. Waiting list nga lang but at least, hindi masyado ganun kakapal ang tao, aga pa eh for lunch. hehe

This restaurant is recommended by Ate Diane but I'm not sure if she's been here before. hehe. While waiting for our turn to sit and dine, we noticed this red small car. There were diners who didn't mind to strike a pose and picture themselves with this car. Feel ko lang ha, this is the owner's car?! Nakita ko rin to kasi sa ibang blogs eh.

Highly maintained car, kintab eh!
There were tables and chair outside where diners can stay while waiting

It was a real pleasure to experience dining at 50's Diner.  It is obvious that their clients keep coming back because of the ambiance and the HUGE servings they offer here and aside from that, I noticed that the servers here are wearing a pink uniform, it is more likely a classic uniform in old time era. The music composed of old songs too. You feel that you're in a Hollywood restaurant setting...


The picture tells it all :)

50’s Diner still retains its ambiance for having a 50s look with jukebox, famous posters of celebrities and its 50s music all day/ night long.

Waiting and choosing the meal

Mama's Kidd @ P95.00

Meatballs BBQ P95.00

Guys on the Hood Cost P130.00

Treat yourself with some luscious sweet treats!

The only problem when the resto gets full is the lack of enough parking space but it remarkably provides fairly fast and friendly service.

So much pleasant reviews about this old time fave resto in Baguio. I considered myself lucky to acquired such dining experience. Big servings, yummy food, very affordable prices and the neon pink color ambiance is nice too. No one should miss this fine resto located in 92 Upper General Luna Road, Corner Brent Road, Baguio City. A few minutes from SM Baguio and Session Road. Staying in Baguio makes worthwhile when you're having fun and you treat yourself with such fine and hearty meal!!


  1. nyahah! bakit ba hindi ko man lang to nakita sa baguio. I'm such a loser. hahah! Ang ganda. Gusto ko rin maexperience ang ganyang ambiance. parang yung Candy music vid lang ni mandy moore. hihihi!

  2. nagutom ako sa mga foods. di pa pala ako nagbreakfast. hehehe

  3. The food looks yummy! I want to try the BBQ meatballs!

  4. Naku Kura u shud try there..iba ang ambiance at msrap tlga at mura! Isa sa mga dapat tlga blikan in Baguio!

    hehe, empi cge eat kana...

    There are many choices sa menu ng 50's diner, but Meatballs are good too!

  5. pls email me the song u have in the BG!!!

    I gave you a blog award here! :)

  6. sent email.
    Thanks Kumi for my first ever award..:)

  7. wow. sulit yun mama's kid :)

    anyway,owner of that resto is tsing tong tsai,an actor known for his role in ganito kami noon, paano kayo ngayon?


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