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Monday, September 19, 2011

A walk to remember - a RANDOM THOUGHTS over Photowalking

One gloomy day, I decided to have a Photo Walk-about in QC. Today, I wanted to be such a crazy -laid back lady. {it's an emo time}.

My own definition of Photowalk: {Photowalking simply means {walking}, {wandering} with a camera with you, getting the {right angle} and capturing anything that {interests} you. - {wink}! Sige, let us see if I can do such while torturing myself thinking things out!

{Photowalking} is different from the usual thing I used to. I used to do a casual photo taking of myself, my family and friends. But at some point I realized one thing, what is good in Photowalking? What I could possibly get in these pictures? Do I earn a thousands? or it's merely because for fun?

I wallowed the things about my life's purpose. Aside from serving the Creator above (which is I KNOW my main purpose to live on Earth), I know I have other deeper things to {accomplish while I'm still living}. 

I believed the power of mind of people are limitless. It is for a free spirit person. You can do whatever pleases you but in a better retrospect view. 
and for that, I know I am a free individual.  I can do anything that I wanted. I can say good things to all good persons I know and sometimes I tend to be sarcastic to a quite not fair person. 

I am not saying that I am good to criticize, that I can read minds... No. I am also not good in judgement but only for those who are deserving. 

Beyond 26 years of my existence, I've learned what I really wanted and one of those is to become a blogger. Of course, I would like to be a good daughter, a genuine friend, a good citizen of this country, a med-rep and etc. but God knows, how much it means to me to share of what I think, of what I passionately like about thru blog to my audience. (if any).

Maybe I'm just a neophyte to blogsphere, but I know even I took a little part of your busy life from reading my posts, it gets to me right in my heart, how lucky we are to communicate with each other and to a totally strangers...

You can draw a smile on our faces whenever {you} leave a {positive} comments.

Photowalking is not just for fun for all the pictures enthusiast but an extraordinary outlet. It is a hobby, a life's love and a culture in today's era. Photowalking/blogging makes us a writer, it makes us a poet and a person of who we are now.

Being a blogger does not stops when you're earning na. We all have a responsible to our audience!

I wanted to celebrate life in every single shared post. I wanted to drink for every inch of good comments...

And most of all, I love photowalking because I can wear anything I like, {smirk} I can wear my smile for every perfect shots and I can be with someone (cameraman) who truly inspires me in my every pose and in every step of my {Photowalking}!

And if you do have a camera, (doesn’t matter what kind) pick it up. Bring it along with you. Or just go out for a photowalk like we did. You’ll be surprise at what you’ll get at the end of the day and how much fun it was. There’s a second part to our photowalk...till then :)


  1. Model na model ang dating! :D I love photo walks too, I have a Nikon D3100 and looking forward to use that in the Masskara festival next month. I use it for landscape and portrait photography. I'm not photogenic kasi like you :D

  2. Till next photowalking..san ba maganda? with friends or solo again.

  3. anyenye asan ang model?..hehe. good idea Aleah for using it sa festival. I hope I can join you. We have the same cam. Looking forward ako jan ha sa photowalking mo. thanks!

  4. Photowalks are fun! I have not done one that's with me on the photos yet. Hihi. Shy ako eh :p

  5. ang cute ng mga pix mo girl. Combination of Maychelle Baay/Cheska Litton/Patricia Bermudez-Hizon. Ang bongga mo girl! emo post nga to pero minsan ok din pala itry yung ganun no? Great shots!

  6. haha, na realized ko lang ang kapal pla ng muka ko for taking myself as a model for this photowalks. hahaha

    Ang dami mo pinagtularan sken girl, pero in fairness, mgaganda sila. thanks.. hehehe..

  7. wow ikaw na model! ganda friend... love this photoshoot....sinong photographer mo pala hehehehe....

  8. masaya nga magphotowalk, may kasama ka nagwalk or tripod mode ka nyan? =)

  9. may kasama..pati mga makeup artist at director..chos!

  10. Shoot in Wildife pre..Thanks.

  11. great photos! i love doing photowalks as well... i miss it actually since i'm more in landscape photography these days :)


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