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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yakimix: Lunch Buffet at Trinoma

Who doesn't love and crave for an Eat - All - You - Can or buffet style restaurant? Aside from you'll get your plate so full, you are entitle pa to eat in no hassle time (in less than 4 hours) with all - out scrumptious different cuisine...

Yakimix serves Japanese, Cantonese and Korean cuisine like Ricerolls - Maki, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Prawns, Crabsticks, Tonkatsu, and alot of cold cuts. There are also Shrimps, Steaks, Mussels, Sausages, Pasta, Broccoli, Ham, choices of Rice, and alot alot of raw meats to grill, mouth watering desserts and viands! Grabe, I cannot name them all sa dami! All I want is to eat na and take a pictures of some..

my shy plate, hehe

First heard about Yakimix was last year from an officemate.  I've been wanting to try to eat here but every time I pass by, I cannot help but just "sigh". Aside from the intimidating look from the outside, the place is always been full blast of diners. Still there are many of customers who are patiently waiting for a couple of minutes/ hours just to experience dining here...

Finally, my bestfriend Jem invited/ treated me for a FREE lunch buffet. Luckily, we arrived early so we were only waited for about 30 mins. Hindi na rin masama ang mag intay sa labas kasi they offered (free) drinks sa mga customers.

Yakimix 4th level Trinoma

Yakimix has two buffet schedules you can choose from:
They serve lunch from 11:00 to 2:30 while dinner serves at 5:30 to 10:30.

It was Saturday so our lunch buffet costs P580 per head same price during holidays and dinner buffet. P499 for weekdays. Kids below 4 feet can eat for P380 and the leftover price is P699. Yep, kinda expensive, but I think it is reasonable due to usual price range of buffet nowadays like what we've tried in Dads.

yummy lunch, indeed!

Upon enterting the resto, the staff will greet you "irasshaimase" which simply means welcome.

We had our table near the entrance. 
I love the ambiance. It is like eating in one hotel's finest restaurant. For almost 4hours of dining experience, hindi ka mauubusan ng kakainin at mapag- uusapan! hehe..

Smokeless Grill - we've got here Bacon, crab sticks, and diff meats.

I noticed another good point of this restaurant - the smokeless grill where you can cook your chosen raw meats in your own table. Exciting diba! at sa sobrang enjoy ko sa grill na to, ako yung kumakalikot. Ayun, namatay at ayaw ng suminde ulit kaya yung isang crew, pinatay na nung hindi na kami nagluluto. hehe, pasaway talaga ko.

So after getting so much foods, we hurriedly got back to our table to try the cooking!! FIRST TIME ko... :)

Thanks best for this abundant food trip/treat!

Happy grilling!

My first set of plate..I just cannot get enough of their maki too.

I am really fond of rice, so I make it a point to get some of it kahit mabigat sa tiyan. hehe..and I recommended it to my best friend to try their rice, poor me! I just forgot the name but believe me it was delicious. Nakadalawang ulit nga ko eh. harharhar. It was like a baked rice with seafood on top of it!

The interior design and hue of the restaurants makes it more unique and appealing to diners.  The table and couches/ chairs are very comfortable and suitable for a long hours of sitting. The ambiance was really cozy and perfect place for family and friends bonding, not to mention for a romantic date!

elegant Chandelier

Jem has always been fit and sexy kahit naka ilang balik siya to savor her favorites. I cannot imagine her getting bigger dahil sa kakakain. hehehe... Ang gana niyang kumain.. Well, I cannot blame her kasi naman the cuisines are all just like men, tempting and deliciously flavorful! hahaha..  Burp! Ayun, busog!

Actually, the staff told us that they prohibit taking an up close pictures of the food. I thought they're just kidding pero hindi pala. Kaya nga I still managed to take some of the distant shots of some dishes.

The smokeless grill, my and Jem's plate.

Sweets time

Our drinks were refilled immediately. The cost of the drink all you can is Php 65.  You can also choose between lemonade, iced tea, water & softdrinks.


Lastly, the meal would not be complete if there is no desserts which gives another texture to our food while chewing it on our mouth. But I did not eat though. 
I am not fond of sweets. Lam niyo naman iyon diba..Pero my best buddy do! Ang sarap niya kumain! 

For their desserts, they have ice cream, tarts, fresh fruits, brownies, a slice of cake and m2m.

Thank you best for this wonderful and uber full experience.
Sa uulitin.. hehehe..miss you too.


  1. Wow! Food trip. Nakakatakam! :D

  2. HI! I have a tagged post for you. Please do visit my blog, I tagged you in one of my posts. :)

    Link =

    Stay safe. :)

  3. Sarap naman! Haven't tried it, tagal na nag i-invite office mate ko dito di pa ako nakasama... :)

  4. ganada ng chandelier! parang ang mahal kumain jan. :) pero mukhang sulit naman, been reading a lot of good reviews for Yakimix lately. gusto ko ma try ang Korean foodies nila

  5. Wow. I can see that you have a great Yakimix lunch. Wanna go here to eat. :)

  6. thanks guys..the place is very nice talaga plus the food. The ambiance feels really comfortable.

  7. Tried Yakimix buffet before. :) The food is actually good! But you better try Vikings buffet too! I think you'll gonna like the different cusines there and the place as well. :)

  8. Haven't tried Yakimix before. Parang mas gusto ko ng smokey grill (tipong lahat amoy barbecue) but would still wanna try dining here someday.

  9. Was in Yakimix just last weekend, ibang branch lang. Hehe. Have you tried Sambo Kojin? Masarap din sya. :)

  10. Yakimix looks interesting. I recently reviewed another buffet resto too. Here's a link if you're interested:

    Following you now! :)

  11. yummmm! sarap naman nyan!!!! nakakagutom...hehehe :)

  12. Noelle: Thanks, I might try it as well..
    Pinay Travel Junkie: You should try it someday.. kaaliw na experience esp with the family.
    Cedric: I heard it already pero haven't tried it yet.. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Bee: Sayang naman, I read your post about the dismay of your aunt about Yakimix. Pero since you were 2nd on the list who suggested it, I surely will. Thanks Ms. Bee!
    Maiylah: hehe, try mo eat sa smokeless grill!
    Blogginpuyat: isama mo ko pag kumain ka ha..hihi...

  13. mukhang food ang trip nyo ha. At talagang gimutom ako haha.

  14. Mahilig din ako sa buffet pero madalas kainan namin kamay kainan dads saisaki... magkani kaya jan?

  15. juanderfulpinoy: oo nga, nagpapataba kasi ako..kaya food trip! hehe, inviting tlga mga foodies ngayon!
    Arvy: yung price my dear asa post na ito..5oo plus lang. pero unlike Dads kc they come with many choices/cuisine!

  16. WOW! I wanna go there! Pretty place! And the food!!! O.O Me hugryy noww! T_T ..HAHA ^_^

  17. Bee: harhar. kakagutom tlga! I'll go there again with BF! :)

  18. i remembered how the tempura area was the fave spot... kada refill eh talagang unahan ng bongga ang mga tao! as in isang tao isang basket ang kinukuha...:)


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