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Monday, October 17, 2011

I was stupid of telling you everything..ihateit!

This particular post is not about me, my travel experience and it's not about the food I came to dine with but LOVE.

I've been in love several times.
and again, I am in love and at some point, I was accompanied by my own shadow, tears and my own negligence. All of these punishments I got from not telling how much I really love you, I chose to love you for almost three years now....

I always thinking about you {everyday}. Honestly, I really do and there's no chance at all that you did not cross my mind.  I've never thought that I will keep you in my heart for the longest time. I've never even thought that I will love you severely that I came to a point that I'd wish to transfer other locale. {damnit}.

I was the happiest woman on earth when you asked me for a "friendly date"! It's a big deal for me kahit friendly date lang but I did not know how happy I was until the date ended.  Days, weeks, months and years have passed, I was still longing for your attention and even of your single glimpse. What happened? I am totally clueless about what you think of me. It seems nothing have happened between us. And I thought, friendly - date nga lang pala.

I was hurt {deeply}. I was struggling to get over you but I just can't.....

I cannot escape from the memories of you, of that particular one -day that I was able to be with you. 


Maybe I was so stupid to think that one day of my life would be the start of our endless love together. I was so stupid to believe that we can possibly end up together. Maybe I was so stupid to say everything I feel and I opened up so much with you. I just trusted you. {but i was wrong}.
My big question is What Went Wrong?! I knew, I nagged about how you should treat a girl on the first date, feeling GF mo na ko. Most likely one of the reasons why you did not even bother to call another date. Yes, perhaps it was. I extremely regret that moment and wishing it didn't happen. I feel betrayed by my own feelings towards you. Oo, sinayang ko ang isang araw na pwede sanang maging habang - buhay at maging BUHAY ko! I will never blame you, you have no fault. For me, you're still the best for me and you're perfect man for me.  

But there are things that I cannot insist, nor control and there are things in which didn't work.  
You left me hanging and broken after that date. Was our timing wrong? I didn't know.

I hope someday, we will finally get another chance to be together. We will talk about our lives and our dreams together that we used to during that date. 

I know as you mentioned to me before that everything about your heart desire, is only yours. You never allow anybody to take it from you and know every inch of a detail about your love affair.  But I still do believe that in every rules, there's always an exception. So please, spare me. Let me know what happened during and after that date.  Let me know if I disgusted you or did not I met your expectations then.

I just want you to know, that in case you'll get across with this post of mine, I am pretty sure that you will realize immediately that this post merely pertains to YOU! 

I love you three years without even know until when I will love you. I care deeper of you than for myself. 

Kulang na lang magmakaawa akong mahalin mo din ako pero that is more than pathetic in my part, just...just don't let me see you loving another girl or else just kill me!

Mahal na mahal kita! I am still wishing for the best of our journey together..and I really, really miss you!!!!!

Love and forgive me....


  1. Wow! Nakakaantig naman ito. :)

  2. Awww.. Mitch. Maybe you deserve someone better. Ganda mo kaya girl! Sabi nga nila, pag may nawala, may darating na mas ok. Mas mamahalin ka (at nagsisimula na naman ako maging emo). Minsan kasi akong naka-relate. hihihi! Bilib ako sa mga taong marunong mag hintay katulad mo. But know when to stop ha. God bless!

  3. Minsan kinikimkim lang natin sa loob kung ano talaga ang nararamdaman para sa isang tao. Mahirap talaga yung nagmamahal ka tapos di nya alam. Sometimes we have to create our own destiny. We have to act in order to achieve what we want and not wait for it to happen. May mga consequences na pwedeng mangyari sa action na iyon pero at least nag try diba?

  4. By the way, thanks for following my blog. followed you back! see you around and have a great week!

  5. Awww. I know how you feel, sis. Sigh... Love love love :(

  6. I feel for you but you shouldn't have posted're just feeding his ego. Move on, girl. Don't waste your time moping.

  7. Empi: Sana maantig din siya :( pero ok lang naman.thanks.
    Maricar: Thanks girl. It is indeed true that it's painful to wait for nothing..but I know, time will tell!
    Anney: Yup, tama. It is better to do what you think is best for you than regret for your whole life of not doing anything about it. Thanks anney!
    Bloggingpuyat: Salamat..cheers parin dapat!
    Bee: love hurts..thanks!

    I cannot disclosed any more details, ang alam ko it is better to love and get hurt than not feeling at all. I positively believe that time can only can tell..ok lang naman sa aken if we're not destined to each other. I just loved him.. Yun lang..kahit masakit. There would be time for moving on.. in time! Thanks sa lahat, nakaka gaan ng feeling.

  8. hmmm, nakakaiyak toh ah!move on!wag sayangin ang ganda! =))

  9. hehe, jess ha quiet lang..but aniwey tanks for reading..para mailabas lang nasa loob ko..cant just EASILY move on.

  10. I also feel the pain.. Life goes on.. explore ka lang makakahanap ka rin ng ka-match mo.. somewhere along the way makakatagpo ka rin.. ganyan din ako before.. but now no more and i'm happily married now.. :) good luck s love life mo.. :)

  11. eeh ikaw pla matapang jan katukayo eeh.hehehe..hano ba tong post mo na toh nakakarelate n nman aq..hahaha..^_^

  12. arvy: I'm happy to hear're happy now. Soon magging ganyan din ako ka fulfilled! life goes on, yup. thanks!
    ishelovebog: heartbroken ka din? hehe..ok lang un diba at least nagmamahal..

  13. hahahahaha..heartbroken?
    ndee naman maxadoooo..mejo ok na.mejo nkarelate lan aq jan sa post mo n pagkakatulad sa ngyare date sken eeh..hahahaha

  14. Awww.... it may sound redundant, but you deserve better. Maybe he's not meant for you. Lakwatsa lang at hanap ng bago :D

  15. Michy: oo nga pla may crush ka nga pala.. stay inspired!
    Mica: oo nga, magandang outlet ang lakwatsa with him?! hehe lol. thanks for dropping..

  16. Whoever it is doesn't know what he's missing! Enjoy your life, that's the best revenge. Time does heal everything...

  17. Thanks Aleah! hehe best revenge talaga. Makapagpa parlor nga! I know time can really heal my broken hearts.. Asan ba ang time na yan ha. Di pa kami mag mit! hehe..

  18. ganda naman...

    hmmm.. nabasa nya ba ito? :)

  19. hindi for sure! hehe. hurts diba, he will never know how much he means to me..okay lang. that's life!

  20. I made this post not because I want him to tear apart due to my sadness but instead to share my feelings for him. I know he his worth and I know how much he really means to me. I just shared this not to hurt or ashamed him but to learn with myself to move on and to accept the fact that I cannot tell anyone to love me the way I want them to. Try to look at the positive way ika nga...thanks to you all guys! Appreciated.

  21. Hi Mitch! Running through your posts, natuwa ako dito sa post mo na ito. A typical eksena sa buhay ng young single girls! Very normal! Or was there already a happy ending? If not, hopefully you already had moved on. Baka you may get interested in this article I just read. Just in case.

    Stay young and happy! .. and beautiful too! Ingat!


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