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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will you eat without a plate?

Meals are generally served on a plate. Sometimes, the plate or the presentation per se adds attraction to someone who will eat a certain food. Eh panu kung wala ngang plate?!!!

Well, this particular restaurant, plate is not necessary anymore because anyone can eat through a Banana Leaf alone! How was that? That is what you called sustainable living. Hehe.... wala lang nasabi ko lang. Katipiran!

Before, a mere Banana leaf is not just widely used being a food wrapper or a mat for grilling for fishes and vegetables. It also serves many purposes in Asian cooking from adding flavor to foods which are cooked inside them to simply being used as a colorful and exotic background for serving-plates like what we did experienced in this particular food- trip!

Located at Greenbelt 3

The menu, is basically a melting pot of some of the best dishes from different Asian cultures. The best of the best food selections from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Vietnam. For me, eating just like in B.L would reminds me more of a curry food..

This was my second time in Banana Leaf, first was in The Block in SM North.  I was stunned at first when I've seen only banana leaf will served as our plate. Pero un nga, kakaiba pa rin kasi you would feel a very authentic Asian way especially para sa ating mg Noypi, para ka lang kumakain sa isang handaan sa province 'tas sama- sama kayong kakain sa banana leaf yun nga lang, the difference is you can eat bare hands!

Bakit nga ba ito ang motif ng resto, perhaps the management is avoiding to wash alot of soiled plates... hehe.

Thai Iced Tea P68 and Dalandan Juice P78 at nag sprite din kami while waiting, 'twas cost P45!

Phad Thai - Thai Style P168.00

In between bites, I discovered that the food we ordered were somewhat spicy. Oo nga naman, asian food. It was nice to eat with a very nice ambiance. The color and interior design makes me forget about the spicy food I was digging in to my mouth.

Black Curry Lamb P288.00

Nasi Goreng Nenas P188.00

Sarap kumain!

The lighting is fair good, seems very romantic though

Had a bit of cozy and yet local accent interior design

after eating, posing! Just do not forget to breathe in...

The food serving is up to 2 persons only. Yep, little compare to others. Not as delicious as others, been quite forgettable but it was ultimate experience to Banana Leaf!!

Next stop, I would like to try the restaurant next after the Banana Leaf, if you're familiar in Greenbelt 3... hehe.

Reminders: Just don't forget to clean or wipe up your leaf, just to make sure. Have a happy eating folks! 


  1. Been a while since I've been here. But I remember ordering the black curry lamb too. :)

  2. Isang beses pa lang ako nakakain sa banana leaf. I'd like to try again.

  3. yung sa pad thai ba na budbod sa ibabaw e yung parang matamis na parang cottoncandy like taste?

  4. kumain na ako ilang beses dito at lagi walang dalang camera...hahaha...and the sad part for me...wala something special skn:(

  5. Cedric: Really, kaso ung Lamb, spicy at mas marami pa atang bubod/ubod on top than the Lamb.
    Anney: Try mo magkamay..hehe. lol
    Khantotantra: far as I can remember, pero hindi xa too sweet.
    Sunnytoast: hehe, ganon ba, aniwei that wouldn't be your last chance..:)

  6. Mas masarap kung mag kamay. Hehe

  7. naku ang dalas ko diyan girl! After ko mag timezon usually diyan ang diretso ko. Dyan ako madalas mag celebrate ng birthday pero never ko siyang nai-feature sa blog. Nauna ka pa. hihihi!

    Sarap no? Gusto ko yung Nasi Goreng, Yung chicken na nakabalot sa dahon ng saging, yung Roti Canai na sinasawsaw sa curry, yung penang fried rice at marami pang iba. Lahat ata masarap. hihihi!

  8. Empi: tamaaa...with SHOTS! hahaha.
    Maricar: sosyal ang bday celeb mo ha, Greenbelt din ba? Mukang masarap nga ung Roti Canai. Marami na kong nakikita yan ang order. Kaso spicy lahat ata ng food dun...hehe

  9. mejo nga Kuya Christian. Seems more justifiable ang cost sa ibang resto.


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