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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Part II: The UNFORGETTABLE and TRAUMATIC encounter with the CebuPac Staff in Busuanga, Coron

I suggest you read first the PART I.


We went back to Coron town proper.  Mixed emotions. Gigil pa rin at hindi makapaniwala sa ginawang pagi- iwan ng mismong manager pa ha, sa gitna ng ganoong sitwasyon namin.

Fortunately, pagkatapos ng anim na oras ng pakikipag talastasan sa staff ng Cebupac (walang nangyari) Kuya Joy was still waiting for our family.  Sanay na daw sila sa ganoong eksena. It was usual case na daw ang mga delayed flights saCoron pero hindi pa rin daw nila na encounter yung ganitong katagal na extension. Kaya pag merong delays/ cancellation naghihintay pa rin sila sa terminal para isakay ulit sa Van.  Walang ibang mode of transpo (for tourist) sa Coron kundi Van.

On the bright side:

At the town proper, we have 3 vans. Lahat kaming stranded ay nagsama-sama sa isang bahay. BONDING TIME with co- stranded passengers. We temporarily settled- in at Kubo Lodge, the free accommodation provided by the Municipality of Coron with the help of the Tourist OIC. Thank you for that Mam (I forgot her name, too bad for me). We told her all the incidents happened in the airport. The treatment we got from the staff of Cebu Pacific and she promised us that tom, we would have a word with the Vice Mayor. Mayor Hagedorn that time has another prior commitments.
Very coomfortable house, can occupy up to 20- 40 persons
The Kubo Lodge where we stayed for one night is very pleasant, clean and spacious. Kuya Joy until that time was assisting us. He's very nice person.  He even suggested that we should transfer to the other room. He noticed that it has its own rest room inside the bedroom. So we did, transferred. Thanks Kuya Joy sa pagaalaga at concern with my family.
Si Papa. Happy Birthday on that time.  Sorry for what happened to your birthday! But it's such an EXPERIENCE!

While waiting for the dinner (each group has to shell out 100+), we started calling our contacts in Manila to book us in Air Philexpress.  We got it 2000+ each.  Hay, gastos na naman. But thanks to Trel so much.

Prior to that booking, I have called Kuya Jhong (0908-4499523) who's our contact in Coron and the town councilor.  I've asked assistance from him to help us so we can get flight on the next day. We cannot let the family to stay more than that time because of some errands in Manila. She referred me to his wife. Ms. Michelle who eventually is working on Airphil.  Thank you Ms. Michelle who has been very patient din sa pagasikaso sa mga bookings inquiry ko. 

At night, we all had time to discuss and reminicse the things just unexpectedly happened to all of us......

Our 3d2n Coron tour became 3d3n due to flight cancellation made by Cebu Pac. Their reason, bad weather.

Granted. That is a common case in any airlines.  Delays or cancellation of flights wihtin 24 hours (1 -day) is acceptable but beyond that is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

But the Cebu Pac Staff in Busuanga wanted to hold us back then in 6days!

At ito pa masama:
  • We will be a chance passenger!
  • The staff cannot give us a valid reason of holding us that long and cannot do something about it!
  • The station manager has no right to be in that position, she just left us all at the airport with no any solid feedback from their main office. Very incompetent!
  • NO any compensation
  • NO FREE Accomodation
  • NO Transpo and
  • NO Food allowance!!!
And niether of our options did'nt granted:
  • Make it only a 24hours of cancellation. We all have work left in Manila!!!!
  • Have one plane to accomodate all 25 persons who are stranded.
  • I -squeeze nila kami sa mga next flights
  • or at least, first in - first out.
They're reasoning out that they cannot do it. They'll need to give priority to those who are next in line. Who has booking also. "Eh, bakit, nag booked din kami at hindi basta promo fare and inavail namin sa inyo (most of the passengers) but a quite expensive one, tapos gagantuhin niyo lang kami. Bakit hindi ninyo kami i - accomodate in the next flights then i adjust lahat ng flights accordingly. Eh ang nangyari tuloy kami lang lahat ang suffer at nag compromise ah?!"

And this Belgian kept on shouting lahat ng klase ng panlalait at pagmumura sa company.
Still, the team keep staring on us.....!

The next day, Thursday June 9, 2011.

Finally, our family booked already and sure na kami sa Airphil kesa umasa sa walang kasiguruhang Cebu pac. I have the one who arranged the booking for other passengers na kasama namin thru Ms. Michelle. It costs them 2800+ each though. Thanks po sa mga tumulong samin, Trel, Kuya Jhong, Kuya Joy and Ms. Michelle!  Vey much appreciated.

We went back to the airport, this time calmer na ang lahat though there were few "hot talks" pa rin because they still cannot accomodate us. They only arranged the flight for that day yung belgian, GF nya at ung isa pang guy. (Sus, pede naman pala, pinatagal pa).
While kaming lahat na naiwan, na talagang cannot be confirmed ang flight, umalis with the Airphil. 
Though, umuulan pa rin at least, we made it.  

Thanks to Airphil staff na super babait din sa family ko. They allowed our family to stay comfortably in one room while waiting for our flight.  The Airphil staff also let us to be part of the 12nn flight kahit pang 3pm pa booking namin but unfortunately, it was cancelled again due to bad weather :(

At least they knew how to handle it and they really did explain to their passengers the reasons of cancellation plus they confirmed a sure flight with their passengers tomorrow. At least malinaw unlike Cebu pac!

So, the family stick to 3pm flight na hindi na nakansel.

THANKS po talaga sa mga tumulong.
It was such an experience talaga for all of us.

So what we're gonna do sa perang hindi naman namin nagamit? Eh, it cannot be refunded pag weather ang dahilan ng cancellation.  So, they just given us a certificate of flight cancellation.  Pero yung perang un, hindi sayang. Magagamit mo yun sa ibang flights mo din sa Cebu pac nga lang ulit. hehehe, no choice ba. Within 3 months after the cancellation, kailangan booked kana ulit. Like we're doing right now....But the flight schedule might be at any time you prefer.

We'll be back to Coron but I'll make sure, it would not be on a bad weather! No more raining please.

Experience is such a part of your life you never wanted to miss...
Coron trip was unique, extreme and memorable talaga. All emotions are there in.  You can never ask for more..hehe :>

Here's the family vacation trip escapade:
Coron DAY 1
Coron DAY 2
Coron DAY 3


  1. nakakahighblood. parang ganung lang kadali sa kanila magresked without giving perks sa naabala nila.
    kaya lesson learned din to for me, always get a travel insurance. once the flight is cancelled - instant 75K for you. hihi yan ang bonggang pampalubag loob..

  2. Ay nako cnbi mpa. kainis talga un at nakaka trauma. That's our first family vacation via plane tas ganun treatment. kaloka! panu b Chyng travel insurance bka dko keri expenses nun..hehe. no idea eh.

  3. me kasabihan nga na "it's better to be delayed than pregnant", he he he. pero sa case na ito, overdelayed... kaya di na better yan :)

  4. wow! thanks for this post,at least warned na ako sa pagpunta ng coron if ever makapunta ako dun.this time airphil saved you pero huwag ka may experience din ako sa airphil hahaha,parepareho lang sila actually ng cebupacific.


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