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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random: 2012 Bucket List and Moving forward to 2013

Oh, Yes! 
I just RE.TU.RN.ED! 

It's been so looooooooong since my last post, right.

I know, it's been a dozen after the year of Two thousand and twelve had past but I still can't get over it... 

And so I checked my kung anu na nangyare and nakakahiya man sabihin, {sorry for being such a lazy blogger, not to mention due to my migraine} talagang hindi na kita na update. But anyway, for a quick review here are my favorites for the past year.

Walking down the city was simply amazing. It was my first time and I did extra effort to grant my wish, 
"A photo shoot"

 -Bonifacio Global City-
To sum up the best photo that I luckily did when me and my officemates planned to get out of town {proud}. It was more than enough a "kilig" shot or pre-nup for me. 
That's Bernadettet and his BF, Angelo @ the PDF infinity pool or should I say, lover's pool?! hehe

-Punta de Fabian Resort, Baras, Rizal-

Want to be a mother at night and photographer by day, lol.
This is our little boy named... too bad, sory I forgot. He's more than like half Filipino and half American in a closer look. Para talagang may lahi..
Cute lang siya talaga. Very shy pa.

-Sierra Madre Resort, Rizal-

A shabby hanging bridge from Sierra Madre Resort. 

Year end Party of FLI
Triumphant as I made some cat walk as "Fairy " for our group's "Victoria Secret theme"

-Park Metro, Pasay-

Diane, she is one of the most simple and elegant {flawless, not to mention} gal that I know. 
My partner, no one else!

Got a chance to visit our relatives in province esp. our Lola.
We treated her and our cousin at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan {it was my second visit} and it became more special because of them!

-Tayabas, Quezon-

Very strong and big, Kabigan Falls
Speaking of pending, this has to be accomplished by this year. Not yet posted though..

-Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte-

Another soulful experience slash bonding with sisters.
Got a nice shot under the sun and of course under the giant Windmill

-Bangui, Ilocos Norte-

I know you still remember "Walang Hanggan", one of the most succesful and overrated teleserye in Abs-Cbn. This is one of their location, yung BUROL. Dito yun! "Habulin mo ko Daniel....ahihihihi..."


Spell F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E
Lam mo bang yung ADRENALIN RUSH, did u able to grasp that experience? WOW! Very new and rewarding pag natapos mo to.. Want to do it all over again, this time yung pinaka mahaba, malalaki at nakakatakot na rapids naman. Hehe yabang lang.

TWO THUMBS UP savoir-faire!

-Cagayan de Oro-

I feel most a happy person pag masaya ang mama ko. Tama?! Oo naman.
SUMBREBRO lang ang peg ni mama dito. Nahiya naman yung waway ko. lol

-White Island, Camiguin-

Would you look for another girls pag kami na ang kaharap niyo? Hahaha...
Siguro natutuwa ka kasi pending ko din to at di bale nang wag ko na i post....?

In fairness sa amin noh... wait, i po post ko pa nga ba 'to in 2013? What yha think guys..

-Saud Beach, Pagudpod-

If trying the rafting is nervous breaking, iba naman ang exp. dito sa 4x4 or what they called, sand bashing and sand boarding. Actually ito ang TOP 1 ko from my 2012 travel bucket list {kala mo ang daming pinuntahan eh noh}. Sana makabalik ako at ma try ko ulit to at ma perfect ko ang Sand boarding!  Really wanted to vow to come back                                                          

-Laoag, Ilocos Sur-

We found the perfect roadtrip and that's when we arrived in Baluarte ni Chavit. I must admit, it felt good knowing Mr. Chavit is a pet lover! Grrrrr! 
Guess what, nahawakan ko ba ang malaking ahas ni Chavit? hahahaha..

-Zoo-Vigan, Ilocos Sur-

There are so many places to visit within the whole area of Ilocos and one of them is Kapurpurawan Rock.
We were not that lucky to climb the big rock kasi pinagbawal na. Pero sa likod nito pwede! Maganda rin ang view at ang hangin, ayaw paawat!! 

SUPERB formation!

-Burgos, Ilocos Norte-

"Kiss me and don't you dare fall in love with me"! 
Charot lang!

Besides from Camiguin, Bukidnon is a place to be. 
Very adventurous ang peg dito! We went thru two zipline. Sabi nga nila most things in life which truly worth it are supposed to be those w/ little challenges. 


Life is too short, so why not eating, do traveling, spend happiness with your one and only FAMILY!
I still remember how we were so happy when we went on our very first out of town via plane, and that's in Coron! Very rewarding when you see their smiling genuinely becoz of such precious bonding.

-@ Persia Grill: Ayala Triangle, Makati-

Oh, Dear, my dear! Para akong senyorita sa lugar na to. Indeed this lovely architectural design did not fail us. The old building were a sight to behold. Maganda kahit luma na.

-Fort Ilocandia, Vigan-

First time to witness the Hot Air Balloon w/ my very closest friend, Badet. Every travel is meant to be shared ika nga diba. And if you're kinda playful and spontaneous, you can try this one..hawak hawak lang tas smile, poof! 
Though we didn't really got a chance to see the big balloons getting inflated, I was satisfied na rin kasi masaya ang gala mode at kasama ko si friend...

-Clark, Pampanga-

One that we decided to include on the itinerary was the Sunken Cemetery. The sunset is spectacular and so the local. They are so kind that they were the one who teaches us how to make poses for us to utilize a more dramatic photo at the beautiful back drop.


There is also a sudden rush of emotions as I think of the previous year. Oo nga, may bonding din ako with my churchmate and this time, malayo layo na. hehe.. Sarap ng food that time. Life is a BEACH talaga!

- Bataan-

With so much good things of 2012, most of it I spend w/ my family. 
So obviously, 2012 had gone past so easily and I want to spend another travelogue with them again and again. Wala kasi kaming lahat (siblings) pa {ulit} na boyfriend. hehe. It was really awesome to have a one or two breaks from office and have a family getaway!

-Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin-

Meanwhile, let's go to my current friends-in office.
Best buddies, I may say kahit ako ang pinaka old sa kanila :(

I enjoy their company and our holistic friendship -for LIFE!

-Caylabne Resort, Cavite-

There's always a room for improvement...

For some time, I fell in love with the vintage and yes, I mean Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Going places is such amazing exp. and for some reasons, traveling had helped me to look differently in so many things. Traveling is so sweet when I am with all of you guys!

 Thank you for all the crazy, funny and simple comments that I was able to receive from you folks. For the time, love and respect you let me feel for all year round.

and so TRAVEL.

2012 has full of adventures for me.

I can be so sorry for not updating and poor me, it's already 2013. So many pending post pa rin!
God has wrote and still writing the pages of my life and hopefully, HE's cooking something better and SPECIAL for me and for my family this year.

I knew that these ups and downs, all of these travel momentos from North to South was a big reveal to myself and to those people I came along with. I also did know that there are people who have traveled ALOT than yours truly. Am just enough glad to experience this all...

I was not celebrating the year 2012 because of these material things but I am blessed to have my GOD, family and friends who always there for me thru thick and thin and from poorer to richer {kasal, mag-asawa lang lol}. Especially I was able to survive and conquer the best of 2012 because God is always at my side. For those travel that I did, HE never ceased to watch over me and for that I am so GRATEFUL! HE is the one who truly my good companion!

Indeed, 2012 is sooo unpredictable and yet, 2013 so be it!

I am willing to go with my life as God has planned for me. I am very thankful and grateful throughout the year..  

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart".

Wishing magkaron na ko ng mas abundant na time this year,'re asking about my LOVELIFE, pwede bang next question nalang ulit o next year ko na lang kayo ulit i update {2014}... pagod na eh. hehe..ang arti! 
Basta I am very positive and hopeful pa rin....

2013, please be good to me as 2012 was.......

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