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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pansol Private Resort

2008 Company Outing in Laguna.
The PGI team enjoyed the overnight stay in seluded place where people are more craving for privacy and yet elusive way of relaxing. A two-storey and a 2- hour drive from Makati.  After office hours,  we started getting into our service cars.  One for girls and one for boys only.
I was sitting next to the driver, Kuya Edgar.  Fewer traffic we passed the SLEX and finally we're heading on our way to Laguna.  We did not know yet the exact location although our two bosses were already there, who were preparing food then.  (Bait di ba!) We asked couple of passers by about the said resort and fortunate for us (girls), we reached first the resort while the boys were still looking for the place.

Generally, we enjoyed the whole outing! Singing, Eating ( Lots, lots of foods), playing cards, chatting and of course swimming!   Not to mention, we really had a great time swimming when it rains......

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clear Water Resort- Clark

Clearwater Resort & Country Club is a faithful rendition of the American suburban lifestyle, a revered memory of Clark when it was once the largest offshore US airbase. Well-off families in the Philippines fly abroad several times each year to bask in this quality lifestyle. In between trips, many drive to Clark Freeport to enjoy something similar - a weekend of laidback, clean and safe living - not so far away from the city.

Situated in a prime location inside Clark Freeport, Pampanga, Clearwater is very accessible from Manila via the North Luzon Expressway. With the Subic-Clark highway opening recently, one might see this as a "hub" for the North. Now Subic is a pleasurable 35 minutes from Clark.

A family needs more than a golf membership to build a lifestyle that establishes a healthy living routine. Programs and activities are essential condiments in life but a staple family itinerary needs a private facility that serves as a backbone supporting a quality lifestyle.
A membership to Clearwater Country Club costs Php 320,000.

Yats International Leisure Philippines

YATS Wine Cellars
The Grill Room
Clearwater Country Club
Bistro Vin Cafe
Clark Wine Center

Clark Freeport, Pampanga, Philippines
Phone no : (045) 599-5949, SMS no : 0917 520 4403
Manila, Philippines
Phone no : (632) 633-1566, Fax no : (632) 635-4945
SMS no : 0926 705 2329 & 0917 520 4393

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Silangang Nayon

Right after the exquisite tour and swimming @ Pueblo, ate Diane send us to Silangang Nayon for lunch.
It was just near the resort wherein you can view some nipa huts floating in the middle of the sea.

Headed by our happy feet, our family indeed excited about this place.  We walk down the seaside along with the bamboo bridges are several waves. No worries though as the footbridge were very secure even against the occasional strong breeze.

There are lots of individual nipa/bamboo huts where diners can stay and enjoy their food. There are small huts to very large huts that can accommodate parties of 30+ people. 

There are huts along the edges of cliffs, there are even huts on the water! The huts on the bay were quite exciting, imagine diners will have to traverse the wooden (bamboo) footbridge before they can reach their meals
And the foods are very affordable but very very yummy!! We really enjoy the vacation @ Pagbilao.  The scenery and food!

Silangang Nayon Park & Restaurant

Location: Brgy. Bantigue, Pagbilao, Quezon, Quezon
Contact Person: Mary Ann Pardilla
Contact Number: (042) 716-0077 (042) 660-7008 0922-876-7008 0922-886-7677 0919-442-0042 731-1923

Email Address: Silangang

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fashion addict!!

My sister Diane.

A business minded gal. Established a new boutique - DJ Chic Collezione. 
She also have two online shopping - and

Check out the sites above

We are currently renting a place near our old school here in Valenzuela. We are selling different stuffs like

  • dress
  • blouse
  • slacks
  • shirts
  • polo
  • shorts and we also cater for kids apparel

Available also in the store are fashionable accesories like:

  • necklace
  • earring
  • bracelet and etc.

We encourage you guys to check it out and find what's best for your lifestyle in a very cheap prices.  I have posted some good -buys you can get from a much affordable prices below:

Thanks and more power and success to our family business!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

DJ Chic Collections - Layered skirts

Layered skirt.01- P 280.00

   Sexy Skirts.01- P260.00

 Sexy skirt.02- P260.00

 Or you can visit online:

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

DJ Chic Collections - Hi-waisted skirts

Hi-waisted skirt.01 Gray.

Hi-waisted skirt.02 Black

 Hi-waisted skirt.03 Gray
Hi-waisted skirt.04 Light brown

To view, please click 

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Friday, June 4, 2010

DJ Chic Collections - 2 - way Off Shoulder Blouses

2-way off shoulder 01 - P150.00

2-way off shoulder 02 - P150.00

 2-way off shoulder 03 - P150.00

To view, please click

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