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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Silangang Nayon

Right after the exquisite tour and swimming @ Pueblo, ate Diane send us to Silangang Nayon for lunch.
It was just near the resort wherein you can view some nipa huts floating in the middle of the sea.

Headed by our happy feet, our family indeed excited about this place.  We walk down the seaside along with the bamboo bridges are several waves. No worries though as the footbridge were very secure even against the occasional strong breeze.

There are lots of individual nipa/bamboo huts where diners can stay and enjoy their food. There are small huts to very large huts that can accommodate parties of 30+ people. 

There are huts along the edges of cliffs, there are even huts on the water! The huts on the bay were quite exciting, imagine diners will have to traverse the wooden (bamboo) footbridge before they can reach their meals
And the foods are very affordable but very very yummy!! We really enjoy the vacation @ Pagbilao.  The scenery and food!

Silangang Nayon Park & Restaurant

Location: Brgy. Bantigue, Pagbilao, Quezon, Quezon
Contact Person: Mary Ann Pardilla
Contact Number: (042) 716-0077 (042) 660-7008 0922-876-7008 0922-886-7677 0919-442-0042 731-1923

Email Address: Silangang


  1. hi michelle, i saw that u have an INC anniv logo. Do you happen to know if there's a nearby INC church in pagbilao?
    We're about to go there on Jan 2011 and I want to make sure that I could attend the worship service there.


  2. Hi Anna,

    Sorry, I overlooked your inquiry and I do not know any INC church nearby, we just dropped by to that place for some sort of vacation.

    I hope by this time, you found it already.


  3. hello , puwede bang malaman kung magkano ang entrance fee sa pueblo por aplaya??? tsk kung puwede rin malaman ang rates ng mga room...pls. ...thanks and god bless


  4. Hello mich..pasensiya na kung magtanong ako saiyo about sa pueblo por aplaya tanong ko lang kung magakano ba ang entrance fee niya? then kung puwede na rin pati iyong mga rates ng room ??? Thanks and god bless po.

  5. actually, it is for exclusive members only ng resort pero good thing kasi they allow guests who are not a member. As far as I can remember, entrance fee for non member is 300/pax. But it is better if you can call or inquire them for their updated rates...Tas balikan moko if you hv details na para updated din ako. hehe. thanks. I hope I've helped you.


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