Life is the sum of experiences that we encounter as go through life. Day to day to struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down another road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision the we make has significance. The tiniest choice that is made reverberates throughout the entire universe.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ang first ever kong AWARD at pitong AKO!

Blogger na ko o feel ko pa rin lang hanggang ngayon. Eh kasi may nagbigay sa akin ng unang {award} ko. Naiyak ko dun. chos! hehehe..

The special award has given me by Ms. Chase Beautiful Kumi.  She was generous sharing this award to her other 15 friends in blogsphere. Luckily I was one of them..

The rules are simply are as follows:

Just thank and link the person who awarded you then write 7 random things about yourself. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers.

Although I had listed a 100+ things about me when I started this blog, I'll be much willing to share it to you once again...
So it's my turn, here are about me, "LUCKY 7":

1. I love SURPRISES. Minsan nga, ako na gumagawa ng ikaso sopresa ko! Hahaha

2. I can control my dreams especially if If I'm having a bad dream. If I cannot take what supposedly gone bad at me {in my dream}, I definitely direct all that scenes to be...Ibig lang sabihin, ako ang director ng sarili kong panaginip! Galing noh...true yan, walang halong eklabuh!

3. I never experienced having chicken pox, boil and "beke" {yet}! no, lucky for me huh!

4. Fave ko lantakan mga siomai na masarap! Lalo na yung Siomai House! At fave ko ulam, Century Tuna! the best talaga yun! Plus itlog at tinapa na may toyo! I do not have sweet tooth. Sumasakit lang ipin ko dun. Hahaha..di ko hilig desserts...

5. I never do plucking - for my eyebrow! NEVER ko pa na try! loser ko noh..

6.I hate when people drop names just to save herself in an awkward situation!

7. I love the feeling of falling in l♥ve....woot..woot! Kahit paulit -ulit...

And my chosen blog friends are..(hindi umabot ng 15 eh)
1. Annexia
2. Malditang Kura
3. Janelle
4. Chyng
5. Pinaytraveljunkie
6. Aleah
7. LaiMarie
8. Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera
9. Bee
10. Faye
11. Macy
12. Neneng Kilabot
13. Ericka Bianca

Thank you again to Ms. Kumi.


  1. HI mitch! wow thanks so much for sharing! i'll post about this award on friday! reall y appreciate it! thanks again! =)


  2. Aww. thanks sweetie! I feel awesome for being in your list! <3

  3. Surprise? hmmm. gusto ko din. Hehe. napadaan. :D

  4. thanks mitch.. pareho tayo. wala pa kong mga ganyang sakit. hahah! Amazing yung dreams mo. Talent yan girl! Clap clap! hihihi!

    paghahandaan ko tong award na to. Hindi pa ko tapos sa Coron Series ko e. Susunod na ang underwater view. Check it out ha. hiihi!

  5. Thank you guys for appreciation..muah! Sana ang award my kasamang cash prize noh..

  6. wow.... musta nman? sori ngyon k lng nabasa! no time to check n talaga pag lagi k lng sa haws.... anyway got my job na hehehe hoping to meet a friend like u sa new company ko. miss yha n pren. mwahh..

  7. thanks blogginpuyat. hehe
    Ate Anne: musta naman. thanks. miss you too. Gmik tayo pag may work kana, libre mo ko, photowalk tayo.

  8. AngBabaengLakwatseraTuesday, October 11, 2011

    wow thanks now ko lang to nakita.. medyo busy kase hindi ako makapag blog lately.. super thanks *hugs*


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