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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Re - visiting Fort Santiago, Intramuros

As promised, here's the additional information of the Fort Santiago.

I've been here twice. 
In my first visit, hindi ako nakaikot ng sobra due to time constraint and bad weather.  Kaya nung bumalik ako, this time I grabbed the opportunity to wander around with friends.

To do while in F.S:
You can take a leisurely walk around Fort Santiago, have a picnic in some areas, have your kids play at the playground, take alot of pictures with you and/or turn at the left side of the Plaza of the Armas, and have tour in Rizal's Shrine where in some things of Jose Rizal were kept or ito ang ginawang museum para paglagakan ng mga memorabilia ng ating pambansan bayani!

First stop, the Silid ng Pagninilay (Contemplation Room).  It is where before seeing the Prison Cell of Jose Rizal.


Upon entering the room, you would see a large painting of Rizal's execution.
Today the fort is one of the finest tourist attraction in Manila which serves as a museum and houses well-preserved legacies of the Spanish Government, a replica of Jose Rizal’s prison cell set up supposedly before he was executed, (which is called the Plaza de Armas) Rizal Shrine, and the prison dungeons for criminals used by the Spanish Officials. 

One of the writings of Rizal displayed in a long and high glass.

Pagpasok mo sa isa pang room, makikita mo ang Bulwagan ng Panulat ni Rizal (Chamber of Text). Mali..., hindi ito yung mga text messages ni Rizal (meron na ba nuon, hehehe syempre di pa uso celfon nun noh!) Dito makikita mo ang collections or writings ni Rizal.

Mi último adiós (Spanish for "My Last Farewell") is a poem written by Philippine national hero José Rizal on the eve of his execution on December 30, 1896.

Although the poem was untitled, this title served as an artifice useful as a quick reference. This poem was one of the last notes he wrote before his execution. Another that he had written before his death was found in his shoe but because the text could not be read it remains a mystery.

A room of artifacts of Rizal

Some things of Rizal like the first publications and the original copy of his novels, his calling cards and etc are stored in here.

Rizal’s poems are etched on panels beautifully arranged side by side.

VERY MUCH HISTORICAL, indeed! Ang galing, napanatili nilang buhay ang alaala ng ating Pambansang bayani sa pamamagitan ng mga iniwan niyang tula at ang kanyang pagmamahal sa bansa! Tamang- tama, ngayon ay holiday due to National Heroes Day in the Philippines!


Nakakabilib. Parang may time machine at nakapunta ako sa sinalumang lugar. Nakapasyal ka na, may natutuhan ka pa!

Paglabas namin sa gawing kaliwa ng kuwartong ito, makikita naman ang piitan ni Rizal. (Prison Cell)

Ako yun oh, capturing the model of Rizal's detention cell which shows Rizal on his chair while writing

Katakot kaya jan, medyo madilim kaya saglit lang kami dito ng mga friends ko. Nagulat pa ko nang makita ko ang isang tao sa salamin, eh ako pa la yun! Haay... takutin ba ang sarili!

Different writings of Rizal

Always loved

and Happy!

Tapos, pumunta na kami sa gawing kanan ng detention cell ni Rizal. It's a two - storey house. 
May ilang mga pictures ni Rizal at sa gawing itaas ang exit.

Portraits of Rizal.
One of the biggest portrait of Rizal in Fort Santiago

On the second level, you would find Ang Tulang Walang-Hanggan Room (The Valedictory Poem). 

Honestly, nagulat ako nang makita ang mga cast ng produksyong ito. Naka costume sila at umaarte na para bang si Rizal at si Josephine Bracken. Pero ang ginagawa nila ay isa pa lang theater act at habang nagsasanay ay suot na nila talaga ang mga costumes sa nasabing pagsasadula ng buhay ni Rizal. Hmp, kailan kaya nila ito i pe -present?
This guy went our of the room and act as Jose Rizal while singing together with the lady who acts naman as "Josephine Bracken", kaya mas malapit siyang picturan. :) Ang pogi sabi nga namin ni Mitch!

Sa nasabing lugar din makakabili ng ilang inumin at souvenirs.  Pagbaba namin, makikita naman ang Rizaliano Furniture Hall. Dito makikita ang syempre mga ginamit na furnitures ni Rizal, kaso may entrance, P10.00. Wala ko pera kaya di na ko pumasok. hehe

Said to be the footsteps of Rizal

Sabi nang iba, ito nga raw ang mga footsteps nang ating si Rizal. The footprints show the path taken by Jose Rizal from his dungeon in Fort Santiago to his final execution place at Bagumbayan in Rizal Park.

Other pictures took from Fort Santiago.

After historical tour at Fort Santiago, we ate lunch at Binalot, went to Manila Cathedral and lastly, to Luneta Park.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Manok ng boss ko, The Manor Hotel Baguio City

Naririnig ko lang itong hotel na to sa boss ko.
One of the very famous hotel and as far as I know, magara at mahal daw dito.
Dito daw siya nag i- stay when having his OB (official business) or he has conference to attend to in Baguio. U know, he has friend daw there. Oh, Sosyal! May boss ka bang ganyan? hahaha..

So going up in Baguio, I thought to myself that finally I'll get a chance to see what this hotel really have to say.....

After walk after walk after walk from the wide area of Cam John Hay, we decided to go pass through to this hotel, located in CJH Loakan City, Baguio City. It's just after a minute walk at nasa labas ka na ng Manor hotel!

the Manor Hotel

The hotel has a fine architectural design which is very noticeable. It is accented with a country-style architecture that concocts a perfect blend with nature.

Originally built to provide a vacation spot for American soldiers in the early 1900’s, the property was developed into a hotel resort accessible to the general public. Now, the hotel exudes a warm and relaxing ambience, making the hotel a fine getaway from the day-to-day activities in the metropolis. 

Dine, Shop and have fun at Mile Hi Center

Before getting to the Manor Hotel, you will see and pass by the Mile Hi Center, a commercial complex to CJH. You will see different stores here. There's a store for Camp souvenir, a duty - free which is known as Camp John Hay Commissary, there are also restos and many more...

Branded resto and boutiques line up along CJH, going Manor Hotel

To make things clear, hindi kami pumasok ha, dumaan lang. Hehehe...Mahal kaya jan! Pero Ate Diane have experienced to stay in this hotel with a friend. According to her, it has more enticing design when you're inside the hotel. Hmmn, muka nga! Pero in peso pa rin naman ang rates nila, hmn, justifiable high price.

Di kami makaposok, kaya picturan mo nalang ako please =)

 Hotel's outside architectural design

The hotel has more than 180 rooms to accommodate the guests.
Rooms consist of one-bedroom units, studio types and two-bedroom units. Each room provides a magnificent view of tall pine trees and the mountain range of Cordillera.

The Camp John Hay Manor Hotel also offers different amenities to make the guests’ stay worthwhile.
The Manor Restaurant is home to a wide selection of local and international cuisine.

Shot while going to Batirol

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please tell me your website again

Last Tuesday, I was able to dropped by with one of the blogs which host this game....

I participated in but unfortunately I lost her site. I only remember her name, MC.
The game consists of two questions:

1. What is the most weirdest/ momentous/ turning point of your life. Then you have to explain in a few words.
2. If you will die tomorrow, why not today?

Nice questions diba, hehe kaya nga napasali ako.

The mechanics of the game: You need to become her fan in her blogsite or in e.g Twitter. Nanay (mother) niya ang pipili ng pinaka magandang sagot at mananalo ng dinner with her. Pero yun nga, I participated and promised to follow her pagpasok ko sa office kase dito sa PC ko, I don't know why I cannot able to follow her.   tsk..tsk.. tas hindi ko na siya makita sa blogosphere. I know, I was a dumb! I cannot even retrieve the history of the blogs I have visited that night. Huh!

Eh, malay mo ako pala ang panalo. Sayang naman diba. And I just wanted to know her comments on my answers.

If anyone who knows what I am talking about, please let me know her blog site.
If anyone could help me please..

Thanks and sorry..

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Crazy days of Summer: Botanical Garden, Baguio

I expected the Botanical Garden in Baguio is the same with those in Laguna which is full of plants variety. Aside from it covers of a wide garden, it also a means of a park for family and a place for retreat for students.

Wide Garden Shed

You will see the entrance of the Baguio Botanical Garden along Leonard Wood Road, between Teachers Camp and Wright Park. You'll see alot of Igorots who are dressed in their native attire and regalia at the entrance who are willing to take them with you a picture but again, it has a corresponding fees.

When you say Botanical, it comes from the word, Botany which means plants or a scientific study of plant life.


I just could not imagined how large the place was until we started strolling around the garden. It showcase everything from authentic nipa huts from the Igorot Village, to a few life size native statue amidst the garden and up to the food vendors are in that place already in case you caught yourself starving due to a long walk.

An insect cant also resist the inviting flowers

Botanical Garden is again, one of the favorite sites in Eastern part of Baguio where you and your family and friends can unwind and relax.

A piece of a plank which has engraved "Tae Baek City Park"

Ang bango ng pangalan ng city na ito, san kaya ito? Cge, i search ko yan..

A filed up little Buddha display

Looks like some foreign artist have landscape this area.

We had so much fun rambling together with the tall pine trees, to a various species of wide flowers up to the green lush grasses at sa kasabikang makahiga sa grass na yan, ayun ang mga bata sumalampak at naglaro! What's the sense of this game? ewan ko! Basta alam ko, nag enjoy kaming lahat at napatid ang pagod namin! Sarap tumawa ulit ng ganito..

The Baguio Botanical Garden also hosts many interesting species of highland flora. You can buy these exotic plants if you like.

Spectacular and interesting flora in a myriad colors filled the place.

Inside the Cave

Makikita sa lugar ang isang kuweba (cave) with a wishing well at side.  We saw from the well that it has few coins, indication of some wishes have already been whispered and hoping it will be granted someday. You cannot see anything while inside the cave.  There were tourists also inside and you can only hear voices echoed at the every inch of the stoned wall of the said cave. Yes, it was creepy going farther....

Buwis Buhay Pose

How old is this pine tree? That I wouldn't have much time to ask.  

Nude Igorot breastfeeding life size statue

 Laughing Trip :O

Hell, yes! Dami kong tawa dito! You know guys, isn't it obvious that only ate and I had actually a hard time pushing ourselves and our legs up? (look at the left side of the pictures, kami lang ang hindi pa umaangat!) That was funny, indeed! Ang hirap kaya nito sa umpisa, ang bigat ng mga hita namin ni ate! Kaya sila nakataas na, kami tawa pa ng tawa kasi ang hirap talaga. Sila, EFFORTLESS! Okay kayo na ang mga buto't balat. Hahahaha...

Before this tour in Botanical ends, we took alot and more pictures with the Sun flowers. 

Nevertheless, Botanical Garden is such a refreshing thing to stop by in Baguio. Just let yourself be enthralled by the delightful brightness and bloom of the surroundings. It can not only offer garden, park and flowers but also offers its unique heritage and culture.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

First time HISTORICAL photoshoot for beginners in Fort Santiago, Intramuros

Mitch taking pro

I cannot remember when was the last time I visited such historical landmark like the Fort Santiago. Fort simply means in Filipino as Moog or Moog ni Santiago and in Spanish, Fuerte de Santiago. It is a defense fortress built for Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi.

The main entrance of Fort Santiago towering 40 feet (12 m) high

Originally, the site of the old Fort of Rajah Sulayman Fort Santiago was rebuilt in stone during the governorship of Santiago de Vera (1584 - 1580) and Gomez Perez Dasmarinas (1590 - 1593). The baluarte de San Miguel, Baluarte de San Lorenzo and Falsabraga de Sta. Barbara strengthened its defenses.

Fort Santiago is located at the Intramuros Wall in Manila.  This fort is very famous because this is where the Philippines' National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned before his execution in 1896. He spent his last days here and wrote the "My last farewell". It was indeed a refreshing moment for me revisiting a slice of our Philippine history with my friends Mitch and Joann.

Pinkish Water Lily at the Fort's stone walled moat

Let me share with you the story behind this photoshoot.  So, eto na nga, Mitch and I were not only carrying the same (first) name but also we both decided to finally buy SLR (separately) with the same specs. (oe anu connections?) I already  tried to have a few shots for myself, (syempre ako din model. I'll post it soon, quite scandalous, hehe).  Then after, Mitch and I agreed to try more creative shots thru a photoshoot in Manila particularly nga in Intramuros.

A few circular benches around the Fort

We were only three who went out (Michelle Anne, Joann and yours truly).  Our first stop, Fort Santiago.  From the Manila Central LRT Station, we rent a cab and gora na sa shooting location (ay, artista?!) hehe.
Lapit lang pala, a few minutes at andun na kami sa entrance ng Fort.  Bago pa kami magsaya sa kaka picture, we shell out P75.00 entrance fee thats for adults. P50.00 naman for kids/ students.  Ay, hindi pala ako nagbayad, si Joann. (Style!) Thanks Jo!. Bawi nalang ako, picturan kita to the max!

Expressive Eyes

Oh, yan ha, we're quits na Jo....:p

But seriously, you need to ask for authorization first to the Fort's management before taking any pictorial at the said place, like the commonly, pre nup. That was the advised by the Spanish looked like security guard when I first visited the place.
Pero kung tamang picturan lang at no costumes required eh pede ka na umariba sa loob at magpose ng walang hanggan na parang ginawa ni Mitch at ni Joann. :)

Cge, kayo na talaga!
Rizal's Shrine

The statue at the end of the lawn, which is called the Plaza Armas, is of Dr Jose Rizal. It is a shrine of remembrance and stands on the site where he was imprisoned.

On the right of the photo is the Dulang Rajah Soliman, which is now used as a theatre. The left hand side of this building is the now chapel, then cell of Dr Jose Rizal, where he spent his last night on earth. 

Fort Santiago Park and the Philippine Flag

Perfect pose at the wall;  just before you pass the arch gate of Fort Santiago

The gate of Fort Santiago was built together with the military barracks in 1714. It was destroyed by the battle of Manila in 1945.

If I'm not mistaken, the Fort has 3 to 4 gates

We had so much fun, having a trial test for our SLR kahit feeling malalaki ang lente namin. hehe..Marami kang padeng gawin dito. Aside from picture -picture at picnic at the park itself, meron din silang gallery, playground for kids, canteen and stall for souvenirs. Sa harapan pa lang ng Fort, marami ding mga nakaparadang mga magagarang kalesa or calesa (sometimes called a karitela) is a horse drawn calash (carriage) used in the Philippines. You have an option to ride with it and wander around the Fort with an extra cost in a few minutes. 

You'll see alot of students wandering at PLAZA ARMAS

The three of us noticed that the atmosphere was too humid.  Makulimlim pero mainit.  Eh, wala naman masyadong araw nung time na to'. pero tuloy pa rin kami sa pictorial. 

Joan, pagod knb kaka smile? 

Today the fort serves as a museum which houses well-preserved legacies of the Spanish government, the Rizal Shrine, and the prison dungeons for criminals used by the Spanish officials. Kung i- imagine mo, medyo nakakatakot dito kase dito talaga kinulong at dito na rin namatay ang mga pinatapon na mga kriminal nung panahong iyon. Yikes...Buti na nga lang ngayon, ito ay na preserve at ginawang tourist spot.  Marami ngang koreans ang nandito.  안녕하세요...

Took outside the room of Rizal

Inside Fort Santiago is the Rizal Shrine that houses the memorabilia of our National Hero. We also witnessed the play going on showing Josephine Bracken and Jose Rizal on the eve of Rizal's Execution.  It was a long day full of experience, fun and learning. Natututo na kami sa History way back at nahahasa kami sa pag pose at pag picture. Hehehehe...

I'll swear, I will show it you that part of our itinerary on my next post..
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