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Monday, August 15, 2011

HEY! Happy @ CAMP JOHN HAY, Baguio City

In June 1903, Baguio became the Summer Capital of the Philippines.
Later that year, President Theodore Roosevelt reserved an area of 535 acres for military use in the area of what was to become Baguio City. This area was named Camp John Hay in honor of the Secretary of State, John Milton Hay, during the administration of President McKinley and Roosevelt.

The camp was used as a resort and a vacation center for the troops in the lowlands to renew their health from the rigors of the tropical climate. 

Parang totoo lang diba ung tarp.

Through the years, the land that Camp John Hay occupied was tied up in litigation. Finally, after eight years in a U.S. Supreme Court decision, Camp John Hay was officially transferred to the American military on October 7, 1910 for the price of 150,000 pesos. Hmmn, parang ang mura sa ngayon, pero nuon, ginto na 150k!

In 1911, Major General J. Franklin Bell became Commanding General of the Philippine Department. It was during his tenure that most of the pre-war buildings of the camp was accomplished. Nagkaroon na sa mga panahong ito ng mga dormitory (now the Main Club), paved roads, post exchange, hospital (now the Igorot Lodge), warehouse, headquarters and a hydro-electric plant located along Camp 6, Kennon Road.

General Bell personally designed and supervised the construction of an open air amphitheater. This beautiful garden named after him is one of the major tourist attractions in Baguio City today.
An eighteen hole golf course with sand greens was constructed jointly between the Baguio Country Club and Club John Hay.

Nowadays, you will noticed alot of changes and improvement of the CJH. Tourists come and go not because of the climate that only Baguio can give but the totality of recreation and the enjoyment it serves to people.
Try mo mag chin up while you're in the camp and tell me what can you SEE? Diba trees at naglalakihan sila! Bhahaha

I could say that CJH has plenty things to offer.

CJH has Playground and Picnic Areas and what we almost tried the Eco-trail Hiking. Para na rin kaming nag hiking sa haba ng nilakad namin.  Pwede ka rin mag pa picture with the butterflies sa Butterfly Sanctuary.  (you have to shell out a few hundred peso for the picture, of course).       

You can play Paintball and Rappelling, na muntikan na naming sinubukan. Kaso yung rapelling, mababa at maigsi lang. :p
numerous colorful flower

It's like you own the place; you just can do whatever pleases you....

Daming shots ng "pre nup" Hehehe..

Sige na, kayo nalang lagi ang may partner.  Parang every corner of this camp, has inviting to take an actually pre nup event di ba.  If you just want close to nature theme ha.

Pictures under the sun

It was around 2PM when we reached the camp.  We do alot of pictures and walking under the tall pine trees and under the sun. It was beautiful to be surrounded by a such (so many) pine-laden hills and all....

Abundant of variety of flowering plants

Napakalawak ng camp. Sobra! Sa lawak niya, parang kami lang ang taong naglalakad at umiikot sa buong camp. May iilang tao kaming nakasalubong along the way pero kami lang nung time na yun ang nagtyagang umikot sa gitna ng animo'y napakalawak na gubat. I admit, I was terrified going farther kase medyo praning ako sa mga napapanuod ko sa TV like naglalakbay ang isang barkada sa gubat or camp at hindi na nakabalik for some reasons.  Geeez!

It's a long walking trail, seems endless for me.

Malayo na ang nilakad namin and in the middle of the journey Trel stumbled and got hurt. While walking in this bridge, his one foot accidentally stepped on and slid inside the dilapidated plank which caused a sort of wound in his right leg. OUCH!

The actual mien of his injured leg and the removed plank

It was around past 4PM when we went back and finally decided to go and passed by the MANOR HOTEL.

Cross over
Pictorial ito...
We seldom stopped at the bridge and pose!

CJH, always has a tranquil atmosphere

I am not so sure if this is the same bridge where Trel got fell.

Nevertheless, it's such a wonderful experience. It was fun, full of adventure, exceptionally cool feeling and creepy..hehe. No, it was a perfect getaway for friends and family with complete leisure and recreational activities to choose from......

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  1. nice place... i wish i can go there


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