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Friday, August 26, 2011

Manok ng boss ko, The Manor Hotel Baguio City

Naririnig ko lang itong hotel na to sa boss ko.
One of the very famous hotel and as far as I know, magara at mahal daw dito.
Dito daw siya nag i- stay when having his OB (official business) or he has conference to attend to in Baguio. U know, he has friend daw there. Oh, Sosyal! May boss ka bang ganyan? hahaha..

So going up in Baguio, I thought to myself that finally I'll get a chance to see what this hotel really have to say.....

After walk after walk after walk from the wide area of Cam John Hay, we decided to go pass through to this hotel, located in CJH Loakan City, Baguio City. It's just after a minute walk at nasa labas ka na ng Manor hotel!

the Manor Hotel

The hotel has a fine architectural design which is very noticeable. It is accented with a country-style architecture that concocts a perfect blend with nature.

Originally built to provide a vacation spot for American soldiers in the early 1900’s, the property was developed into a hotel resort accessible to the general public. Now, the hotel exudes a warm and relaxing ambience, making the hotel a fine getaway from the day-to-day activities in the metropolis. 

Dine, Shop and have fun at Mile Hi Center

Before getting to the Manor Hotel, you will see and pass by the Mile Hi Center, a commercial complex to CJH. You will see different stores here. There's a store for Camp souvenir, a duty - free which is known as Camp John Hay Commissary, there are also restos and many more...

Branded resto and boutiques line up along CJH, going Manor Hotel

To make things clear, hindi kami pumasok ha, dumaan lang. Hehehe...Mahal kaya jan! Pero Ate Diane have experienced to stay in this hotel with a friend. According to her, it has more enticing design when you're inside the hotel. Hmmn, muka nga! Pero in peso pa rin naman ang rates nila, hmn, justifiable high price.

Di kami makaposok, kaya picturan mo nalang ako please =)

 Hotel's outside architectural design

The hotel has more than 180 rooms to accommodate the guests.
Rooms consist of one-bedroom units, studio types and two-bedroom units. Each room provides a magnificent view of tall pine trees and the mountain range of Cordillera.

The Camp John Hay Manor Hotel also offers different amenities to make the guests’ stay worthwhile.
The Manor Restaurant is home to a wide selection of local and international cuisine.

Shot while going to Batirol


  1. On the right time, sana ma experience ko uli makabalik sa Baguio at sa magarang hotel na ito!

  2. I've heard of the Manor Hotel from colleagues.
    I thought it's just another hotel, hehe.
    Like how much is their rate? Is it really that expensive?


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