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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My disappointed point of view of MINES VIEW

Just after we visited the Diplomat Hotel, we directly went to our next stop. The Mines View - about 15 to 20 minutes from the Diplomat Road or from the city. We have to pass through the Mansion and the Wright Park. (third and fourth destination for the day).

When I was a kid, if I saw photos taken from Mines View, I more likely said " I want to be in that place someday". But after I personally saw the place and actually been there, it was more a little disappointing....

Panoramic view when you're in Mines View
When you say MINES VIEW, it is one of the most visited and very popular spot in Baguio not to mention the supposedly "mines view" it could give to the tourists. 
Somehow, yes still it is that's why the deck area is so congested of tourists who want to have picture taking of a not so - spectacular - no mining view from 1,500 meters above sea level location. You can merely see a large range of mountains and roofs from below the deck.

Mines View Park is among the coolest parts of the Pines City. It is part of the vast range of the Cordillera Mountains.

One of the most visited spot in Baguio
There is no need for an entrance fee in the park.  You just have to sight seeing and take yourselves a picture of what this park can offer.

And bida pa rin sa Mines View Park, edi ang mga gigantic dogs na sina St. Bernard!
Some may cannot resist to have picture taken with this giant but very tame dogs. They're lovely but there were few St. Bernard who really looked tired because they excessively drooling while having pictures with their shades on. 

Ang sisipag nila (St. Bernard) noh, nagtatrabaho pa rin sila kahit mainit. They still can managed to have this work done at dapat lang pinapakain at pinapainum sila ng mahusay ng mga care taker nila kundi, mawawalan din sila ng kabuhayan.  Aba, nakakapagod nga naman magpose at magpa picture lalo na't hindi na kaaya -aya ang amoy nung turistang gustong magpa picture sayo. Eh sabi nga ni Mavic, mas mabango pa nga si St. Bernard kesa dun sa mga tao. Hahahaha...
It's all about PASALUBONG and different crafts from Baguio
Souvenier Shops at iba pa
Different vendors are here also to sell native handicrafts such as wood carvings. You can buy cheap items like silver (jewelry) products, plants, brooms, key chains, sweaters, blankets, and a variety of many other items.  


If you feel like starving after the tour and alot of picture taking, you can stop and spot different food stall here. There were Strawberry Jam, Ube Jam, Peanut Brittle and other Baguio's delicacies. At sabi nila, kaylangan mong bumili dito o makatikim ng inihaw na mais or grilled corn just to feel that you are really in Mines View in Baguio.  Kaya naghanap kami ng inihaw na mais at kumain nito!

Grilled Hotdog on stick, CORN, Squid, at iba pa  

Mavic's wearing an Igorot Costume
One thing that you can also try while in the park is having a P10 unlimited shots while wearing an Igorot costume, complete with bahag or loincloth or G- string, a shield and spear for men, weave skirt for the ladies, vests and headdresses. You can try it with your barkada or with the Igorot themselves as a remembrance. Just do not forget to shell out a tip for them. :)

There's nothing so much amazing view when you look down :(
Maybe, the reason why I was disappointed, it didn't meet my expectations when I was a kid. Because in photos when I was a kid, it looked like a much bigger one with nice picturesque below in it, a picnic table and a couple of a family picnic huts.  But then, there was nothing but tourists who seems to be struggling to have their picture first taken on the deck.

Just like us.  Non stop picture taking in the same spot!
Hopefully, this very popular spot in Baguio will offer new to its guest. But still, maybe if I'll get a chance to visit this place again, I just stop for awhile and feel the cool breeze it offers especially during sunrise and sunset.

FX - From the city to Mines View P90.00 (6 pax)
Picture with St. Bernard P100.00 - unlimited shots
Wearing and picture with an Igorot Costume P10.00 - unlimited shots too.
Fried Corn P30.00
Fare (Jeep) to the Mansion - P8.00 each

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  1. I just hope those St. Bernards are being fed and taken care of properly. And I believe they should be given breaks in between. They're pets not business.


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