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Monday, August 1, 2011

First birthday celeb of Lavinia - Jolibee, Sta. Quiteria

July 31st
Venue: Jollibee.

When I was a kid, I once dreamed to celebrate my birthday in one fast food like Jollibee, complete with banners, balloons, cake, giveaways, and a mascot appearance.  It may not happened to me or in any of my sisters but to my friend's son, daughter, niece and nephew; just like in one kiddie party I was invited into.

the cutie birthday celebrant, Lavinia!

I was invited by my best friend to attend a birthday of her niece Lavinia and according to the invitation, guests who would come in Disney and super hero costume will get a chance to receive a prize. Sayang, balak ko pa naman mag Wonder Woman hehe.. Un lang kase ang readily available costume ko eh. Hindi man Disney character at least, super hero in Justice League. Hehe, maki compete ba sa mga bata.

Lavinia and Rap
Rap anu character k? costume ba yan o nilalamig ka lang? Hehe, ah si pooh pala. Diba dapat sa labas ang brief mo? joke.

Originally, the party starts at 4PM but I arrived late. I noticed that the parents of Lavinia is not present. Asan sila?

At ang naabutan ko ay ang mga games. Kaloka ang game ng Jollibee, di ko lam anu exact title pero, namili ang M.C ng mga participants sa larong ito. Pinarampa sa harapan and in one part of the said game, kailangan gayahin ng mga guests ang gagawin ng isa sa mga crew na pag- sayaw. At take note ha, bigatin ang mga guests sa game na ito! Here they are:

Guest no. 1
Marian Rivera
Cge ate, Rampa! Sayang ang strap ng shoes mo pag hindi mo ginalingan.

Guest no. 2
Anne Curtis
Cge..bonggang pose. Wait san si Sam? Ito ba siya, ung next......

Guest no. 3
Sam Pinto
Ay, oo nga, Sam na Sam. hehe..hello po Tita. peace :) and the last but not the least

Guest no. 4
Ate, sino ka po ulit?
Angel Locsin o Cristine Reyes? O siya! whoever you are, kaw ang bet ko pag dating sa buwis buhay pose! Karir!
Ang kulit ng games at nung crew na gay. Dami kong tawa, hahahaha!

the Birthday Cake
It seems Lavinia has many sponsored in her birthday ha, ganda ng cake daming designs. hehe..Never ko kase na experience ang mag celebrate sa Jollibee.  Taga attend lang ako at taga kain!

Unfortunately, I was not able to taste it. Hehe, asa pa. (Bata?!)

Daddy JC
Daddy JC arrived in his dark violet shirt matched to her baby girl's dress. What I noticed to Lavinia that time was, she's so feeble seemingly less energy and I never seen her draw any smile. Oh, get well soon baby! Yabyu!

Picture with the guests
After the games, the most awaited appearance on that day came in, yes it is Jollibee. Yung malaki ang pwet at kulay orange. hehe. Jollibee just like an actors, maraming fans na nag papapicture!

Anyway, Jollibee and the staff performed only 1 dance routine. After that, the M.C handed over their present to Lavinia. Then, the most favorite part in attending party shortly followed, EATING!

the First Family
Finally, Reyn arrived with her dashing lavander blouse and a lovely curly hair na parang fresh from parlor :) Ganda talaga....mana sa aken.;p

Favorite part ng mga bisita
The set menu for adults are Chicken Joy, Sundae and French Fries. For kids, they had fun with their Spaghetti, Sundae and fries also.

Everything was done by the Jollibee and it was hassle-free party.

Both pretty

Ayun, sina Anne at Sam!

Power point presentation made specially by Tita Jem and Tita Jessa
With grandparents and titas
The message

The party lasted in two hours. The last part of the party was when all the kiddos fall in line and thrown cute little greetings to Lavinia and they eventually got balloons each as souvenir.

Me? Anu souvenir ko, edi 2 Chicken Joy take out!!!!!!!! Thanks best. hehe.
Til next birthday ni Lavinia ha...

Again, Happy Birthday Lavinia! Though you are not fully aware of this happenings, when you get older, you will realize how lucky you are to be part of Cordero's clan. Have you seen my gift darling? Hope you like it and will fits you. Muah!


  1. super like michelle! sv q na ipopost m sa blog m and sv q nga kay ate ano kaya and isusulat m!galing!big THANKS!xmpre nagustuhan ni lavinia ang gift m!pampasalamat na nia un sa dec! =)

  2. hahah! ang bongga ng mga guests na yan. Ako din, gusto ko din mag party sa jollibee. Gagawin ko talaga yun kundi next year, sa susunod. Na-inspire kasi ako dun sa classmate ko, nagpaparty siya kahit 25 yo na. hahah! Kaw din! Go! Paki ba nila kahit thunder na tayo.

  3. Thanks Jess. Thanks din sa family nyo, this was my first blogging to a 1yr.old cutie baby bday celeb... Salamat you appreciated it!

    Tama ka jan Maldita! Cge pag nagpaparty ka sa Jollibee, i invite mo ko ha.. hehe. ako naman si Jennelyn Mercado. pede..? thanks!

  4. Totoo, before gusto ko mag ka party sa Jollibee or any other fast food, but never did :( Kakatuwa yung mgs picture, especially yung kinarir yung pag sayaw, natawa ako dun. Looks like you all enjoyed, and the celebrant is too cute! - Mar
    Btw,I'm hosting a giveaway with a beautiful neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake plus an additional scarf too! Do join if you can, it's open international!


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