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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to make a WONDER WOMAN costume.

"OMG! Cosplay? Eh, that's expensive ah.." I blurted out when I found out the theme for our year - end party in the office. Though I was excited, I was kinda problematic...

Before and after transformation

My colleague suggested me to portray Angelina Jolie at the Tomb Raider movie. Since I planned to dress up simple because I do not need to spend too much and yet catchy to judges, I instantly agreed to do it. 

But celebrating the (annual) year end party in the office is not just easy. Although we are just less 20 in number, competition is always at its peak.  For me, ranking either second or first place annually was still a pressure. Because I never can tell who will surprisingly be so serious about it to the extent that they're willing to spend. So, after a couple of weeks looking what costume that's best for me and since my friend Jhay was so persistent to change my costume just to win, I finally decided to showcase Wonder Woman, the famous heroine in "Justice League". At first, I decided to hire but change my mind because it was pricey.  So I have to try my coolest homemade costume. 

 1.  For my red top tank, it was bought by a nice friend cost P250. It has few beads exactly along the breast line and it has zipper in the middle so I can easily wear and take it off.  WW (Wonder Woman) made from cut outs carton and drawn using pentel pen. I just need to use stapler every time if falls from it. :)

 2.  Cuffs, belt and crown are all made also from cut outs carton, covered by gold metallic foil. I put a small red star in the middle of my crown. 

 3. Boots, I have to borrow boots from ate Anne though it was black. I just put white tape over the center of the boots and on the top edges. The cape I am  wearing is also borrowed from Ate Theena.

 4. I borrowed my sister's long brown wig to add a little fancy to the way I look. 

 5. Lastly, I have found the perfect color blue shorts to complete my WW costume.  It costs me only P50. I just cut outs white stars and stick into it.

 After few weeks of preparation, I got the FIRST PRIZE this year, again!

Wonder Woman and Voltez V (First Runner -up)


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