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Friday, December 24, 2010

Chris and Mitch Wedding

Before 2010 has ended, I fortunately attended a very great friend's wedding

The couple

Mitch and I were friends since high school and we're attending the same church since elementary. So since I've known this girl that far, I was surprised to know that she's getting married to the man that I met only once (first met, during the wedding of our highschool friend also). Initially, Christian was not my type for Mitch.  He's like chickboy though. hehe..

The next meeting with him was when the wedding is being prepared already. So I realized, I was wrong with the first impression. Christian is such a good man and very charming. He used to make jokes and so we laugh.
The Bridal Car

I was thankful because I wasn't only invited but asked to be bridesmaid.  Oh di ba, what can I ask for...
The wedding ceremony led by the pastor ng Lokal of Quiapo is simple and yet very solemn. Maybe I was so excited being a first- time Bridesmaid, when it was my turn to get the ring to the ring bearer, I was lost where to hand-over the groom's wedding ring which I supposedly give first to the bride then she will be the one to give it to the pastor, nevertheless I still able to make it. hoooh!
Texto (The Wedding Ceremony)

Have a blessed family life Mitch and Cris
with maids of honor and groomsmen

Love is God's masterpiece to people.....
"Just happily married".
Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Christian Sy.  We expect cute little babies soon.

We love you guys! :0 

After the wedding Ceremony, let's dig in to Dreemhaus Banquets
If you want to meet the bridesmaid, please click here
The Bridsmaid became a Make up artist. 


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