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Monday, May 16, 2011


I've been dreaming to feel being a BRIDEMAID someday.

I've been wishing someday wearing a nice dress while walking/ marching down the aisle. That wish came true when my friend Mitch invited me to be her bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding. Being chosen to be a bridesmaid is an honor bestowed on me and I am proud to be the one who will accompany the bride all throughout the wedding. Although we are not best of friends, I'm so thankful.

the "GROOM"

On the wedding day, I fixed myself at the bride's house. I even acted as her makeup-artist. I assisted her dressing up with her beautiful white wedding gown! (ingget ako, hehe).
Being picked for bridesmaid duty meant I have made the top-tier of Mitch' friends and since this is my first time, I hardly got an idea of my duties.  All I know is I need to prepare a speech for the couple and have some comments to the best man's speech at the reception.  I know, I should be the one who will assist the bride all the time because choosing as bridesmaid most likely means you are the best friend, closest or sister of the bride. How generous of Mitch, she never asked or compelled me to be with her during preparations coz we both know, I cannot because of work, yeah sad to say. I just did assisted her on the big day! 

The whole experienced was such a FUN for me! Upon arrival at the church, I'm still trying my best to assist on her needs and I hope I did it so well.

My friends/ Maid of Honor
Before marching

The bridesmaid preparation:

1. Foot spa
2. Pedicure and Manicure
3. and a little hair-do in salon. I did my own make up and I'm ready flauntingly while the couple says "I do"
Super smile talaga!

Wedding Details: 
Venue: Locale of Paco, Manila,
Reception: Dreemhaus Banquets 
Time: 4PM December 22, 2010

The bridemaid as Make up artist.


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