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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bridesmaid, will soon to be BRIDE!?

Uy, I feel like sexy in here. hehe

The usual scene at the reception is the traditional throw of  bride's bouquet to all ladies at the venue. But in this case, I was astonished on how the organizer modernized the game. The game was easy, all the ladies in front must get one flower stem from the organizer (I forgot her name) and who's going to get the one with a small padlock (w/c is taped so it will not fall from the stem) will be announced the winner. The corresponding game for the guys on the other hand is to get the key from the balloons. So he will unlock the padlock from the girl. Obviously, I and my partner got it!

hmmn, Christian why, I don't like the way you look at me! I know what your thinking..

After getting the price from that game, I thought the game will ends when my partner kneeled down on me and wear the garter to my leg up to the way to whatever but no! There was this game that we need to do what the newly weds doin'. It started on kissing here and there. I am sweating, nerve cracking but had fun!

hahahaha! That was merely a game folks...
NAKUPU! hehe..
Sabi ko nga eh! Un un eh...

Yes, we did it in front of the audience.  I forgot also the name of the guy eh, but the good thing.... he's taken. *sigh and relieved* :)
Lucky am I for getting the padlock?

Such a new and nice game!

Oh but wait, would it be me the next bride in our barkada? eh, where's the groom to be..?

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