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Monday, May 30, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom by "SMART Funfamilia" 2011

Buy a ticket, let's take a RIDE!!!
ENCHANTED KINGDOM  is a theme park in the Philippines. It is located in Santa Rosa CityLaguna. About 2hours from Manila. The total cost of this park cost a 1.2 billion pesos. First operation was July 28, 1995.
This was just my second time in E.K.  My first was when I joined the field trip in High School.

This time, I was with family and friends.  This was sponsored by the FUN FAMILIA by SMART COMMUNICATIONS where my youngest sister, Mavic is working. Smart has sponsored family outing (for Smart employees and families only) annually and that is for FREE.  Smart employee can choose between swimming or E.K.  If one chooses swimming, you can enjoy it all FREE. From the fare (two way) up to the entrance and meal during swimming.  Well, if the food does not enough, you can bring on your own or buy.  If one chooses E.K, fare is free again (two way) with 3 tickets RIDE- ALL- YOU - CAN. Depends, you can give the 3 tickets to anyone who's with you and the rest will have a discount for the entrance fee.  Meal is at your own expense. :)

Please click the link below to show the Enchanted Kindom rates but in Smart, you only have to shell out P350.00/pax.

Ticket Rates

Our first Funfamilia experience was held last year at 8 Waves Waterpark Resort in Bulacan. This year, Mavic chose to be in E.K this summer.  I was soooo excited. It is the time to feel young once again, it is like riding the best RIDES of your life! 

There would always be a pick up point and for us, (Smart Wireless Center) Quezon Avenue is the nearest. While waiting for the others na one hour atang na late, we took some pictures first. Ooops! btw, pwedeng magsama ng kahit ilan sa Funfamilia. Kahit isang barangay pa yan, basta everybody will pay on their own; kaso dyahe ata ung ganung karami. HAHAHA! Basta fare lang sagot ng Smart at discount to entrance fee to E.K and for us, we've only invited 5 cousins, our tita and some friends of my two sisters in High School. 

With cousins and  friends

The trip going to Laguna was short.  It was raining when we arrived at the location.  For me, it is perfect when it rains and shines at the same time. (Sakit abot namin nito, tsk..tsk..) But honestly, it happened.  It rained and suddenly sun would showed up. It rained and shined. Buti, we have a strong resistance so hindi kami nagkasakit. Meaning, tuloy pa rin ang unlimited ride!!! Oh, yes it is RIDE- ALL- YOU-CAN!! So magsawa ka kaka repeat sumakay.  Anyway, E.K has alot of rides and attractions that even adults can still enjoy.

Portabello hosts the Rio Grande — Enchanted Kingdom’s largest attraction, a wet and wild adventure for the family.

This was one of my favorite rides. First time ko dito, nung high school kasi wala pa nito.  
So after leaving the station, the raft will enter relatively calm waters. Mama was the only one who did not get wet, I wondered why.....

You do expect to get really wet once natapat ka sa falls nila..Dala ka kaya ng sabon, deretso ligo ka na. lol!
In every strike ng tubig sa raft, napapasigaw ako. The current was a little high after, pero what was the best experience that I've got in here, was the ambiance while you are seemingly cruising along the rapids.  Masarap dito kase "masarap ang hangin at malamig". 

It has been RIO GRANDE, reminding......

Boulderville is a zone in Enchanted Kingdom that’ll be a sure treat for the kids. This zone has a prehistoric theme with dinosaurs as main characters. Children of any age will be delighted with Enchanted Kingdom’s play facilities like Petreefied House and Rock Quarry. Puppet shows and dinosaur mascots will entertain you in this zone.


Space Shuttle Max - was formerly known as Space Shuttle. It was my first time too. Super saya ako dito, katabi ko ba naman si Mavic.  She always encouraged me to try this and that ride. Grabe talaga ang excitement at kaba ko when the train started pulling backwards ng dahan dahan kase it means, the ride will start at that very moment (maririnig mo yung tunog na parang biglang binitiwan ang train). 

After being released, the train passes through the station, enters a Cobra roll element (referred to as a boomerang by the designers), then travels through a vertical loop. Upon exiting the loop, the train runs up a second lift hill, which is angled so that the two lifts meet at the top in a "V"-like formation. Once out of momentum, the train is towed to the top of the lift hill and is held for several seconds before being released, this time it will release backwardly.  

Oo, as in PATALIKOD. Gosh...Yung may maririnig ka uling tunog, senyales na kaylangan mo nang isang deep breath at pag bitaw ng tunog, SUMIGAW ka nalang nang "MAMA...Ayoko ko na po!!!" hahaha... You'll be careful lang if you seat down at the last part of the train, sabi kase ng iba, masakit sa likod pagpatalikod na at hold on pag umiikot na kayo sa loop, para ka kasing sinusuntok kaliwa't kanan....hehe. Not that it will hurt you badly naman anyway, that was indeed so much fun!


The sounds of the hint of the train will start brought me "Goosebumps"
Brooklyn Place is a theater and shopping zone designed after 1940s BrooklynNew York where slapstick comedies and silent movies are reminisced. 

Rialto featured Happy Feet that time. Parang 3D, kaso walang salamin.  Gumagalaw lang ang chair mo while watching, sumasabay sa kilos ng camera at ng character na pinapanuod mo kaya parang ikaw mismo ang gumagawa ng act. There wasn't so much exciting for me but it was cute; it entertained me a little while.

EKstreme Tower Ride - This was the first ride that Mavic suggested us to try.  

I was freaking out when I witnessed how high it was. I wanted to try it pero isipin pa lang, nanginginig at kinakabahan na ko. So, pinostponed muna namin it for awhile and tried other rides first, parang practice or warming up . Huh! Biglaan naman kase..let me think of it muna.

To the HIGHest level..

After a couple of hours, we're set and ready! Pero super kabado!!!
Ayan na! When you're up there, kanya kanya na. Isigaw mo nalang!!!!

Midway Boardwalk
The Midway Boardwalk is colorful and carefree zone inspired by in Coney Island, known as "America's Playground" in the 1930s. Other attractions that you are sure to enjoy are the performances of mime artists, jugglers, and clowns.

Anchors Away-  A pirate ship is a type of amusement ride which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum.  
I must admit, I enjoy most of the rides which E.K offers, but my favorite to all is Anchors Away.  Though my knees were shaking everytime the boat swings downward, I still get the most enjoyable ride of my life.
Up! Up in AWAY


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