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Friday, June 3, 2011

1st- day in Baguio

Chilling, Foggy Morning, Sweet Strawberry, Ghost Hunting and etc..

Zigzag that leads you to...

9am is our departure at the Victory Liner. Ate Diane, Chito and I met up and headed to Araneta, Cubao where we will meet Mavic, Trel and Ronnel at the bus station. Excited kase aside from being first time that we were able to go with a long trip na kaming tatlong sis lang at we were able to meet up Trel, Mavic's BF and the SLR owner. Hmmn...I can't wait for the pics!
Lets go!!!

The 6 -hour trip to Baguio was not boring.  Aside from the 2 stop over, kwentuhan at tsibugan, we were able to enjoyed the beautiful panoramic view of the zigzag road which started from some part of Pangasinan, La Union and up to Benguet. The last time that I've been in the zigzag road trip was when our family passed by the " Bituka ng Manok" in Atimonan, Quezon. Well it is short road compared to Sagada - Benguet zigzag. 

While in Benguet, we experienced extreme fog which almost blocked our way up to Baguio. You cannot almost see the road sa kapal ng fog at pag tumingin ka down to the mountainous side of Benguet, you will only see fog kissing the mountains. It also rained and so I thought it will ruin our FIRST DAY! Hmp, huwag naman sana...

@ Victory Liner - signage to North destinations 

At last, we finally off the board. From the bus station in Baguio, we rent a taxi and went directly to our transient. The mode of transportation in Baguio is either renting a taxi or riding a jeepney. Ang taxi sa Baguio, hindi katulad sa Manila, it is FX. If you come in a group, it is advisable to take a cab but still it is cheaper ang mag jeep lalo pag mag isa ka lang syempre. 

So, after we told the cab driver where our location would be, he started the engine. Ang layo din pala, inabot din ata kami ng 15mins.

Picture while waiting for our "sundo"

Our transient is located along Diplomat Road.  Ang lamig sa labas.  Puro Pine trees. Lalo tuloy ako na excite.

It was Wednesday, so first thing first. We decided to attend the worship service first then go to the market to buy some home supplies and have dinner. After a quick change of clothes, gora na kami sa first itinerary namin, ang sumamba and to say thank you for taking care of us while in a long trip........
This way please...

It was still raining so what did you expect, the weather became so cold.
I was terribly chilling because we're just wearing a dress and it became intense after the service. I almost regret that I did not bring any jeans so I can change clothes.
Central/ lokal ng Baguio City

Ang ganda ng view from here.  You can see all the glistening lights sa mga bahay na naka tirik sa isang bundok. Different colors like red, yellow, green, blue and etc. Hay, ang ganda!!!

After the worship service

Still, I was chilling!!! 
After attending the worship service, medyo nosebleed ako kase english ang texto, we went to SM Baguio to buy some home stuff na magagamit namin in the next days ng bakasyon.  Open ang SM dito. When I say open, I mean it.  No need for air-conditioning siempre.  The mall was getting air from the outside at malamig pa rin hanggang sa loob. After grocery, we went to Session Road for our first dinner. Ate Diane brought us to DON HENRICO's, for Mavic's bday bash!
First Dinner along Session Road

 Ay, sira ang diet ko pang coron pero eat pa rin ako
Kulitan sa sala
Kulitan sa room

Pag uwi, nagkulitan lang at nagpicturan. Sarap talaga sa Baguio, hay...wala nga lang akong ka partner. Lamig kase eh, hehe. Chos! 
But wait, ako pala na assigned sa budgeting.  I was the one who has required to have pen and notebook to jot down all the expenses from the fare, food and everything so at the end of the day, we will share the expenses to everyone.

per group
    per pax

Fare from Manila - Baguio


Bus Station - Transient

Transient - INC Church

Meryenda (Pancit)


Church - SM Baguio

Grocery for 3d2n

Don Henrico's Dinner @ Session Road
FREE, Mavic's treat :)
Session Road - Transient

Total Expenses


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  1. We are planning to go to Baguio. Sana matuloy!


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