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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our "Haunted" transient in Baguio

Ronnel was the one who has contact with Ate Rose, the owner of this nice transient.  Before we went to Baguio, Ronnel have shown to me already the picture of our transient through Facebook.  It was quite nice, I thought on the pictures. Sana mas maganda in personal, and yes, it was!!!

3 Storey House of Ate Rose.  The G/F made the garage, second floor would be for visitors, and at the third floor is where the owner lives. 

As we first took off the taxi which brought us from the Victory Bus Station, we already felt the breeze coming from the pine trees.  The feeling of being first time in the summer capital of the Philippines was exuberant.  Ronnel needed to call ate Rose to inform her that we are here.  After less than 5mins, a girl showed up and guide us to our transient.

I took some shots of the nice and clean house where me and my friends chose to stay for 3d2n.
The Boys Room
The boys room is near the sala.

Both room is comfy and enough for us.  Since no one wants to sleep on the second level of the double deck, we decided to put down the mattress and sleep with it.  Trel was the only one who's occupying the boys room because Chito preferred to sleep over the sala and Ronnel...... he's sleeping with us. (para may bantay kaming mga girls). Hehe..
The Girls Room
Our room is near the toilet and dining area.

Shower and T/B

At first, we thought that we will be having a hard time of the water supply but then again, Ate Rose helped us to switch on the main power so we could have a water already na HOT and COLD pa ha. Siempre, we prefer to take a bath in a warm water, so thanks to Ate Rose. 

More photos from Baguio vacation and in our family Palawan. 
Dami pics, I just can get enough of them all. ;)

Oh! Wait, Why did I said that our transient is a "haunted"? well, I will post it on the next couple of days...


  1. yeah will wait on it?? or zero naman...

  2. mag 1 year na ehh wala naman...weahhh

  3. Hehe,sory ha,daming backlogs.

  4. Sana sinabi mo nalang yung reason. Paano kung new readers lang like me? Hanapin ko pa sa archives mo? lol :)


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