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Friday, December 17, 2010

Words for the year!

I wanna share this new knowledge (if it is..) to you guys, kase alam ko ang iba sa atin, eh somehow ganito rin tulad ko, minsan naive and since there are so many 'new things' for me in 2010, I would like to share some words na ngayon ko lang nalaman ang kahulugan!' (kahiya!).
  • Ped Xing - Wow talaga! Pedestrian Crossing pala ang ibig sabihin nito. Eh, buti nalang nakapagbasa ako ng blog at 'dun ko lang nalaman what it truly means. All this time, I was really asking myself what does Ped Xing means everytime I passes by Divisoria in Manila. I thought it's just a sort of a chinese street name. I never asked anyone about it until I happened to drop by to one of the blog sites w/c I forgot immediately.  I know I know, I'm such a di**! Oh, crap!
  • Bum - sigh first... I am not sure if you'll agree with me, but I think this new word eh ngayon year lang ginamit. Marami ko nababasa sa mga FB comments, saying this word so I checked it for myself and it means, "A homeless person" or "Bottom or butt". (Ah, okay'd).
  • Puke - If you were a Filipino, you know the meaning of this bold word, aren't you? but in the foreign land, it is not what we think of. Although I have an idea, this is the meaning of such word - to vomit. Okay, hindi naman pala lahat ng word ng puke eh bastos!
  • Über - a German word. Uses as preposition or prefix. uber means ultimate, above all, the best, top, something that nothing is better than.  Or it may means very and really.  It also mean like "SUPER". überword.
New found words people are getting used to but I happend to know just recently. ('-'). Until next year!


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