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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crazy days of Summer: Botanical Garden, Baguio

I expected the Botanical Garden in Baguio is the same with those in Laguna which is full of plants variety. Aside from it covers of a wide garden, it also a means of a park for family and a place for retreat for students.

Wide Garden Shed

You will see the entrance of the Baguio Botanical Garden along Leonard Wood Road, between Teachers Camp and Wright Park. You'll see alot of Igorots who are dressed in their native attire and regalia at the entrance who are willing to take them with you a picture but again, it has a corresponding fees.

When you say Botanical, it comes from the word, Botany which means plants or a scientific study of plant life.


I just could not imagined how large the place was until we started strolling around the garden. It showcase everything from authentic nipa huts from the Igorot Village, to a few life size native statue amidst the garden and up to the food vendors are in that place already in case you caught yourself starving due to a long walk.

An insect cant also resist the inviting flowers

Botanical Garden is again, one of the favorite sites in Eastern part of Baguio where you and your family and friends can unwind and relax.

A piece of a plank which has engraved "Tae Baek City Park"

Ang bango ng pangalan ng city na ito, san kaya ito? Cge, i search ko yan..

A filed up little Buddha display

Looks like some foreign artist have landscape this area.

We had so much fun rambling together with the tall pine trees, to a various species of wide flowers up to the green lush grasses at sa kasabikang makahiga sa grass na yan, ayun ang mga bata sumalampak at naglaro! What's the sense of this game? ewan ko! Basta alam ko, nag enjoy kaming lahat at napatid ang pagod namin! Sarap tumawa ulit ng ganito..

The Baguio Botanical Garden also hosts many interesting species of highland flora. You can buy these exotic plants if you like.

Spectacular and interesting flora in a myriad colors filled the place.

Inside the Cave

Makikita sa lugar ang isang kuweba (cave) with a wishing well at side.  We saw from the well that it has few coins, indication of some wishes have already been whispered and hoping it will be granted someday. You cannot see anything while inside the cave.  There were tourists also inside and you can only hear voices echoed at the every inch of the stoned wall of the said cave. Yes, it was creepy going farther....

Buwis Buhay Pose

How old is this pine tree? That I wouldn't have much time to ask.  

Nude Igorot breastfeeding life size statue

 Laughing Trip :O

Hell, yes! Dami kong tawa dito! You know guys, isn't it obvious that only ate and I had actually a hard time pushing ourselves and our legs up? (look at the left side of the pictures, kami lang ang hindi pa umaangat!) That was funny, indeed! Ang hirap kaya nito sa umpisa, ang bigat ng mga hita namin ni ate! Kaya sila nakataas na, kami tawa pa ng tawa kasi ang hirap talaga. Sila, EFFORTLESS! Okay kayo na ang mga buto't balat. Hahahaha...

Before this tour in Botanical ends, we took alot and more pictures with the Sun flowers. 

Nevertheless, Botanical Garden is such a refreshing thing to stop by in Baguio. Just let yourself be enthralled by the delightful brightness and bloom of the surroundings. It can not only offer garden, park and flowers but also offers its unique heritage and culture.

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  1. Ang ganda nyo namang mag-ate. Winner sa outfit. Buti hindi ka na pneumonia at nakuha pa talagang mag sleeveless at short. Hahaha! Natawa ako sa posing. Ang creative. Great pictures. Nakaka-miss ang Baguio.


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