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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Itinerary - First and Second Day in Baguio

First step in Baguio
First time to be in the Summer Capital of the Philippines
9am is our departure at the Victory Liner. Ate Diane, Chito and I met up and headed to Araneta, Cubao where we will meet Mavic, Trel and Ronnel at the bus station. Excited kase aside from being first time that we were able to go with a long trip na kaming tatlong sis lang at we were able to meet up Trel, Mavic's BF and the SLR owner. Lets go!!! 

Our Haunted Transient...
Ronnel was the one who has contact with Ate Rose, the owner of this nice transient. Before we went to Baguio, Ronnel have shown to me already the picture of our transient through Facebook. It was quite nice, I thought on the pictures. Sana mas maganda in personal, and yes, it was!!!

Our official gala on First Day

The Diplomat Hotel   
When we visited Baguio, what took my attention first was the big green gate at the dead -end of the Dominican Road which is a few block from our transient. Beside that gate was an abandoned building na parang hindi na itinuloy ang pag construct. No wonder....

Mines View
When I was a kid, if I saw photos taken from Mines View, I more likely said " I want to be in that place someday". But after I personally saw the place and actually been there, it was more a little disappointing....

On the second day, we went to the one of the most visited houses in Baguio....
Correct, the MANSION HOUSE.
The only thing that I'm pretty sure about the Mansion is, this is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines and I used to see alot of pictures of it whenever I have projects in school and requires a POSTCARD. Hehehe..

Right across the Mansion house, is the Wright Park. Well, I guess this is perfect for pre-nup and for family affairs especially every Sunday. Tourist came by because this park is so attractive by its tall pine trees and some decorative lights beside this pool that makes it more romantic especially at night.

 Botanical Garden
I expected the Botanical Garden in Baguio is the same with those in Laguna which is full of plants variety. Aside from it covers of a wide garden, it also a means of a park for family and a place for retreat for students.

SM Baguio
One common comment I've heard with my friends when I told them that I'll go up to Baguio for vacation, is that "Wag ka pupunta na SM ha" and then I'd ask, why naman.  They just tell me, pupunta ka ng Baguio tapos mag e- SM ka lang pala.....and then I smirk.

 Camp John Hay
In June 1903, Baguio became the Summer Capital of the Philippines.
Later that year, President Theodore Roosevelt reserved an area of 535 acres for military use in the area of what was to become Baguio City. This area was named Camp John Hay in honor of the Secretary of State, John Milton Hay, during the administration of President McKinley and Roosevelt.

 Camp John Hay Manor Hotel
Naririnig ko lang itong hotel na to sa boss ko.
One of the very famous hotel and as far as I know, magara at mahal daw dito.
Dito daw siya nag i- stay when having his OB (official business) or he has conference to attend to in Baguio. U know, he has friend daw there. Oh, Sosyal! May boss ka bang ganyan? hahaha..

Choco- Late De Batirol
Ito na ang last stop namin for this whole day gala. Here, we decided to have a long rest and dinner too. Sa wakas, I can rest my sore feet and have a little pampering.
From the moment I saw the place, I immediately fell in love with its simplicity and yet a very at -home- feeling....


  1. Mejo. Super paranoid ako every night. kc dun sa isa namin friend, may nagparamdam sa kanya. In 2nights. creepy talaga. Basta can hardly explain, parang something was wrong pati sa mga taong malapit sa transient namin or praning lang talga kmi..

  2. Baguio is home! A place you wanna go back over and over again diba? I;ve been there last 2009 pa, i hope i can visit again soon. Haunted yata talaga lahat ng transient dun e, twice na ko nakapunta both creepy ang transient! haha
    btw, thanks for following!


  3. Hindi talaga tinatantanan ng creepy creatures ang baguio. Everyone has their own story to share pagdating sa ENCOUNTERS. hihihih!

    Baguio was my second home before. I have relatives there kaya lahat libre. Bata pa lang ako, dyan na ko lagi nagsusummer kaya nakita ko na kung pano siya nasira. Sayang, sana napreserve no. Iba talaga pag kasama ang friends sa gala no. Uber fun.

  4. Macy, your welcome. Your right, its good to back in Baguio over and over again!

    Girl, maldita. hehe..swerte ha, free ka lagi. sama mo ko pag visit mo uli dun. lol

  5. san poh un pic nyo ng second day?

  6. I know right? It has been long overdue and yet, hindi ko maipost. Actually, I have alot pa to post re Baguio. Soonest, tinatapos ko lang ibang pending ko..thanks for reminding me. :)Who are you btw?


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