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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 3 - Coron, Palawan Family Vacation

Ate at the Tapyas Road signage
Woke up around 5am, felt frigid because of the rain last night.  The last day in Coron was chilling as I slid the white curtain at the window and realized that until that morning, it was raining quite hard.

At 7am, we started eating and savor the last breakfast in Coron Village Lodge.
Past 8am, we made our way to Mt. Tapyas while my parents went to market to buy some "pasalubong".

Ready to start hiking Mt. Tapyas

We prepared ourselves for the last day in Coron by means of hiking the 718 concrete steps of the very popular Mt. Tapyas.  One of the highest peaks you can see in Busuanga which is easy to start by its trail.
I cannot imagine how to finish this course without perspiring  Good thing, there are some benches where you can get a rest.

When you're in Coron, climbing the Mt. Tapyas is a must or else....(wink)
Our first hundreds steps!

Sus! Maning - mani ang first 100 steps. We still looked fresh because as early as this time, the weather is still cold/ windy.

The view half way

We had some stop over, of course.  We had to stop coz we cannot take for granted the enchanting view with below 210 meters above sea level in front of us.

Full of perfect view when you're (almost) on top.
In order to start the worth- the- climb, you have to ride a tricycle, it will cost you 8 pesos each for about more or less than 10 mins ride.
We have 300 steps more..
Hiking as such is actually like having a good cardio exercise. I was quite in my sweating and panting level when we reach half of the 700 steps. But this is definitely one experienced that I will cherish until I go back to Manila. (drama!) hehehe.

But there were more few steps to deal with. So, drag yourself up guys....

They said that the best time to go up here is sunrise and sunset.  But in our case, it seems that anytime, it will rain again.

More few steps and we were on its summit......

YAHOO! We're here, finally.! HOORAY!

Wow, congratulations to us Sis! We made it for about 30mins climb, we finally reach its top. When you reach the summit, you will see the circular platform, cemented benches and a big cross which is surrounded by lights.

It'll rain again
Mt. Tapyas Summit
At the summit, treat yourself to a breathtaking view of the nearby Coron Higantes island and the rest of the islands in the Calamianes group.
Give me your best shots! Ay ate, best na  yan?  chos!

Hoo, sarap ng hangin.  It is all worth! 

One more pose and we're done!
Going down is always felt a bit tired. This was the time you will feel the shaking of your knees....

the Benches

Then, we made our way down to buy souvenirs....


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