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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The UNFORGETTABLE and TRAUMATIC encounter with the CebuPac Staff in Busuanga, Coron

June 8, 2011 (Wednesday)
Last day in Coron.
It's also my father's birthday! (That's why we planned this family vacation).

It was raining. 

While waiting for Kuya Joy to pick us up going airport, we checked our flight status via internet.  It was an awe to find out that there was no any information written in our flight schedule. NO STATUS. It was plain BLANK.

We arrived at Busuanga airport @ 12:30pm. No less than an hour, the staff announced that our flight has cancelled! Passengers who have comfortably fall in line after the announcement became anxious, have started worrying and became so...eventually furious.....

At first, hindi ako nakikialam. I was remained in line, just listening to the several arguments going on. I was positively hoping and praying na ang flight namin ay hindi nakasama sa mga na cancelled though I have a dreadful hint already......I could hear the passenger's tantrums and a far cry in front of the line.
I waited until it's my turn to ask the Cebu Pac staff..  

"Ate pa check naman po itong flight namin kung anu status", ang tanong ko sa staff. She get our itinerary copy and got back to me and said..

"Ma'am, Monday na po kayo".  (Freeze)
Parang nabingi ako sa sinabi ng staff. Kung nung una, I was in controll but when I heard what she just told me, uminit ang ulo ko but still pinigil ko pa rin ang sarili ko and in- insist ko i check ulit kailan kami pwede. The staff was so persistent that they can only accommodate us on Monday. She said sorry when I started panicking and outburst. Pinigil kong di ulit magalit ng sobra because I was with my family especially I was with my parents.  Pero malupet talaga itong mga staff, matitigas sila! 

All passengers where shouting then, asking for VALID REASONS why they're holding us that long!! That was sh*t!! Some of us can accommodate on Saturday (June11) and my family was worst - on Monday (June 13)! 
That was TOOOOO MUCH to bear!! "
"Anu bang dahilan, bakit ganon katagal"!!!! Tinanong ko muli ang staff at sinabi niyang, "Sorry Ma'am, ganun po talaga, my mga nauna na po kaya sila po uunahin namin. Isisingit nalang po namin kayo. But we cannot confirm it but as long as there will be a vacancy, ibibigay po namin sa inyo. Nako! Mapapamura ka ulit sa rason!! Sa daming pasahero na stranded ng ganung katagal, marami sa amin ang humihingi ng magandang rason kung bakit nga ganun katagal! Ngayon lang ako nakarinig na hinold ng ganung katagal! WALANG FREE ACCOMMODATION! ALL EXPENSE WILL BE SHOULDERED BY THE PASSENGERS na istranded ng ilang araw and it wasn't even our fault in the first place! Spell mo to, cge nga...A.S.A.R!!!!

Okay, they gave one reason why their plane didn't landed in Coron. Coron declared "zero visibility due to bad weather". Okay..noted, safety first. Pero after a while, the one that made all the passengers even more mad was when we witnessed Airphil successfully landed in Coron while they cannot! Grrrr! Ang hina di ba.
Pero their reasons cannot explained and justified bakit nila kami ganun katagal ihohold!!

Plus, there was this porenger, a Belgian who has connecting flight pa going Cagayan de Oro na galit na galit kase hindi magawan ng way ng Cebupac ang flight niya kaya galit na galit siya! U cannot imagine how did we, especially him reacted on that kind of very frustrating situation. We're actually shouting at the staff, force them to do something with our hopeless situation, pero wala silang masabi. Even the manager on that station, she cannot faced us because we're all so mad at them why they cannot explain, why they cannot give any concrete solution to this problem!!! Other nationalities who has connecting flights also, has to force themselves to book at Air Philexpress just to catch their connecting flights. Sus!

Almost after 5 hours of yelling and asking for someone to give us an explanation, the station manager finally  faced us.  She said that she's communicating with the manila office already but until that time, there was no feedback. Soooooo!!? What's now! Ano! Anung gagawin namin dito. Paano na kami, ni wala nga kayong maibigay ni kahit anung free lodging, food and transpo eh! Anu, hanggang kailan nyo kami iho -hold dito?!  

Hi blood talaga mga tao that time. As in kaming tatlong magkakapatid became so totally different and wild! Kahit makita na ng parents namin, go pa rin sa pagtatanung at pagsigaw!  We wanted a valid reasons eh. Ang hinihingi nga lang namin ay consideration. I -squeeze nila kami with all the flights accordingly.  Kahit pa isa- isa  or magpadala ang cebupac ng one plane just to accommodate us, ilan lang ba kami, we're only 20 or 25 then. Pero  hindi nila magawa. So we thought, nagtitipid sila. They didn't want to bring us one plane or at least add one flight for us kase nga ayaw nila gumastos!! All the options we offered, sa kabutihang palad, ayun ni isa walang nangyari, they turned it all down!!

Dumidilim na pero wala pa rin silang malinaw na sagot samin. The most I worried about was the brownout, our jobs left in Manila not to mention the additional expenses that the family will need to spend in case they will hold us until those days. At ito pa, may 2 kaming kasamang stranded na P300.00 na lang ang pera. So, that was the hardest part, we (with my 2 siblings) were so mad that time because of these people. Panu na sila?! Okay lang ang family namin, though we have resources, we pitied those people na super budgeted lang ang nilaan para sa trip na ito?!! Kaya talaga we're really so pissed off!!!

All security guards and police were still at the station, watching over us baka kasi magkagulo bet. the Belgian (who's until that time, was really annoyed due to the airline's policy) vs. the Cebupac staff.  Pero, anu ang ginawa ng staff especially the station manager, she just sneakily get off the station and fly fly na siya sa kanilang service van para umuwi! GALING diba! Husay na manager. No exact reasons were given to us and didn't do anything! Basta, tumakas na siya kasabay nang ibang staff.

Despite of what happened, we just cheered ourselves and decided to go ask for help of Mayor Hagedorn....
We went back to Coron town proper with the other stranded passengers. We're just hoping that there will be a positive discussion with Mayor the next day. :p


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