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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nag- TRIP sa unang linggo ng bagong trabaho!!! :)


So after almost 2 months of seeking the right job, I've found the right one for me (at least, I believed I did). I've gotten 5 interviews in this one company, finally I've started and survived my FIRST WEEK job! whew! Quite tough.

So first things first. When my new found job required me to join the tripping ( I can't remember the exact term eh), at first I was really hesitant due to some prior commitments.

But I believed that this trip will able to help me to get familiarize further about my current work. Aside from the fact that I can go to other places, I can also befriend with others....

A little information about my present work.
I am now on a Real State Business!
Deals with clients, agents and pre- selling.
A very competitive and very challenging work, and
Lastly, it's still in the heart of Makati... so welcome to myself! hehe.. self proclaimed ako.

So, the fieldtrip started with a few minutes tour at the Penthouse up to the rooftop of our office building. The sun was striking so hot at bumubula na ang kili- kili ko, pero go pa rin kasi nga required at kasi may cute na tour guide. Chos! harharhar..

We had a brief stop over at Mcdonalds for breakfast en route to Makati, Taguig, Marikina, QC and Manila.

Here are some of our projects in different locations.

The Living Rooms

The Dining Rooms

The Bedrooms

at the rest room..napansin namin, ang t/b lang ang may ribbon. Sa lahat ha, ito pa! lol

I was happy that I joined. 
Aside from the bonding with new friends, I've been too excited to step out of the service van and took each trip with gusto.  I was happy because I was able to meet new good friends, some are from other departments and there were some from other floor.

Meet Diane, Zyra and Cathryn, sitting all pretty in one of our projects in Marikina's (bedroom).

I met such awesome people this past weekend which makes me look even more forward to more bonding! Like the year -end party, ground breaking, co. outing and et cera. Pero baka ayaw na nila ako makasama ulit, kasi ang kulit ko. hehe.. Pero at least may kodakan! :)

Also a miniature of one of our projects in Marikina

Our office building.

View from the rooftop

Miniature from outside of our building

Verdict: (wow, kokoment pa ko ha). The projects we cater are all perfectly glamored with designs and class albeit some were sort of a limited space, I wondered why.

Nevertheless, nag enjoy ang lola mo! Ganda ng mga projects namin, proud! Sana nga talaga may pa raffle ang boss kahit isang unit lang. Oe di kung ayaw, parking slot nalang. harharhar!


  1. Great pictures! Congratulations on getting the job & surviving your first week! I wish I could also find a job I'm happy with! Have fun always, Sis! ^_^

  2. Ganda ng mga rooms! Sarap matulog!

  3. hI MItch, ang sosyal at ang ganda naman dyan. congrats sa bagong trabaho. yup neu ako . Nag NEU ka din ba? hehe

  4. apir! kelan kaya ako magkakaron ng bahay na tulad nito hihi

  5. hehe, kaya yan! Follow your dreams and do not lose your faith! Apir ulit!

  6. Congratulations Mitch! Ikaw na ang babaeng heredera! hehehe! Ang gaganda ng location nyo. Pwede ba maki-tulog sa isa sa mga yan pag may gala? Nakaka-inggit ang job mo

  7. Love it! Congrats! :)

  8. Bee: you're looking for a job, why? hehe thanks
    Empi/ Chino: NEU din. thanks sa inyo. Dream yan ng bawat isa satin ang magkaron niyan. haay

  9. pren congrats talaga sa new career and friends mo..... ngayon talagang hindi kana pang office pang field kanarin talaga... that's good for ur blogging career....


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