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Friday, June 8, 2012

Chasing the SAND.. Been there, DUNE that...

Hindi naman ko halatang excited much na i share tong adventure na to noh, kasi inuna ko pa to i post kesa sa totoong naka lined up itinerary namin.  Well, ise share ko pa rin naman un...intay lang mga ate!

I am more ready to go beyond EXTREMES! {W.O.W}
Now, hindi lang beach sa dagat ang masarap i experience......

I have tried a few thrilling adventures na rin naman kase before. I have tried diff. Zipline in the country, even the most longest Zipline in Asia - The Dahilayan Park Adventure Bukidnon, the Knee-Boarding in Batangas ( I haven't post it yet though), I also conquered the Wall Climbing in Eco Park, tasted the adrenalin rush brought by the White water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro, unlimited snorkeling at Coron, Palawan, and the upcoming post trekking sa Pagudpod...

Pero ngayon, IT IS MORE FUN in the PHILIPPINES talaga coz I tried the SAND BOARDING and 4x4 ride or also known as the “dune bashing”—riding in four-wheel drives across the dunes, rapidly climbing and descending steep slopes in La Paz, Laoag.


Siyam na peeps ang nagtangkang gayahin ang Temptation Island, hehe.. Kami sana ang gagawa ng remake, II.  Sakto, nine kami kaya bongga ang bet ng bawat isa:

1. Marian Rivera, 2. Heart Evangelista, 3. Lovi Poe, 4. Solenn Heusaff, 5. Rufa Mae Quinto, 6. Sweet, 7. Tom Rodriguez, 8. Aljur Abrenica, at 9. Mikael Daez.

Kayo na ang humusga sino ang mas naka achieve ng alindog ng Laoag, Sand Dunes!!!!! hehe

Hindi namin kayang palagpasin ang frenzy to pride experience na to! Kaya after Vigan tour, we directly went to Laoag. {SIempre nag lunch muna kami}.

So, we set our foot in Laoag  at nearly 1PM but we went to La Paz Sandunes right before 4PM. Medyo mainit pa kaya ni remind kami ng contact namin dun na maglibot libot muna at pumunta sa tabing dagat, at bumalik pag hindi na masyadong mainit. Kaya ayun ang mga lola niyo, gumora at naniwala pero la kami napala. Eksaherada ang layo pala... pero the view is scenic enough for us to enjoy the view. Ganda pa naman ng dagat... 

Pagbalik namin, ready to buwis buhay na kami! This is it.... Gusto mo ng buhangin, ump! Heto ang sayo.

Tips on how to Kill urself, Enjoy rather the 4x4 Ride Truck:
1. Huwag mag sleeveless, napupuno ng ibat ibang elemento ang iyong kili-kili, tulad ng anu pa nga ba, BUHANGIN! lol
2. Maglagay ng sunscreen. Oh, ulet, wag sa noo! Lam mo na yun peeps...
3. Pag nakatayo kana sa 4x4 truck, huwag masyadong humagalpak sa tawa, (parang kami ni Mavic). Hindi na tuloy makakapit ng husto at hindi na makahinga, kakatawa! SUPER ENJOY ka te?!!! hahahahah! HA.HA.HA.HA.HA!
4. Pag nakatayo ka na ulit sa likod ng 4x4, kumapit ng mahigpit! (Serious to..) kasi you might easily get out of balance and fell off. Dahil EXTREMES ito, expect ng driver na buwis buhay ang peg niyo mga ate't kuya... kaya he would have a couple of sudden turns and a countless of BIG SURPRISES!!
5. ENJOY and have FUN!  


So, ARIVA baby! 
Unang sumalang ang mga oldies.... hehe! 
(Upper pic) L-R: Kuya Joel, his GF ate Weng, Ate Shela, and Ate Diane. Oh puro may ate at kuya.. oo nga!


After makipagpicturan sa mga oldies, hehe at habang hinihintay silang bumalik mula sa.. sang lupalop ng desyerto. Nagtampisaw kami kasama ng mga BUHANGIN, ang bida! 

Teka, lamang sila sa group pic ah... Heto na kami... 


The La Paz sand dunes in Ilocos Norte have gained attention as one of the most picture-perfect locations for movies like the Temptation Island and Panday that demand a setting similar to wide coastal deserts in Middle Eastern countries.

The dunes used to be enjoyed mostly by locals who owned four-wheel drive vehicles and motorbikes, but in recent years the non-government LEAD (Laoag Eco-Adventure Development) Movement has developed activities to promote the place and boost tourism. 

After 20 mins, kami na ang sumalang sa 4x4. 
I must admit, medyo kabado ko at first, pero nang bumalik sina ate while shouting, "Bitin...isa pa!" I was sure this time, it would be more fun for 5 of us!

Within our first lap, I have tried to sit beside the driver. I just made sure the "Sinturong Pangkaligtasan" is intact.
It was fun seeing the truck goes down from a steeper slope! I can't imagine what more would I feel if I dare myself to stand up......

...and I stood up still and gripping tightly, while shouting my heart out loud!!! WHOOAAAA! WAAAAAA! Kuya!!!!!! Hell, LOL ka!!! HAHAHAHA! And there's HEHEHEHE after we successfully landed from one of the steeper slopes we had passed through and the VIEW? Oh, and view... is breath -taking! and all of us, Huh! That was all FUN!

Grabe, I can't describe that moment of solid sheer happiness!
Kami lang talaga ni Mavic ang baliw kakatawa habang bumubuwis buhay kami pabulusok, pababa, paakyat ng mala desyertong lugar na to!

Ay wait, tip no. 6, pag nakatayo ka, make sure kaya mo pa rin huwag masyadong dumikit sa bakal ng truck. kasi pag biglang liko niya, masasaktan ka pag bumangga ka dito, sureness pasa ang abot ng mga tagiliran niyo.

And so I continue, I exclaimed while grinning wildly, "Koya, ARAY! ARAAYYY! Kasi nga tumatama kami sa bakal.. pero my foam naman yung ibang parts. Ingat lang talaga. Pero in between "aray" ha, take note, hagalpak pa rin kami ng tawa ni Mavic, kaya hayun, muntik makabitaw at hindi na kami makahinga!! 

EXAG I know, but you'll never know until ur at it, right?! At bakit nga ba uber saya, not becoz of the adventure per se but the PEOPLE you are with! Eh, Hindi naman tatawa yang forbyfor trak noh! Noh kuya.....  

We wished to have more laps compared on what we did pero may next pa na dapat i try. Ang Sand Boarding
Actually ako ang unang nagtry ng sand boarding ng NAKA UPO. Yes! You can try this one especially sa girls. For me na first timer, upo muna ang sinubukan ko. Ayun, sa kalagitnaan, naiibaba ko ang paa ko sa buhanginan dahil patagilid na ang board ko kaya di maiwasan mapunta saken ang pakshet na buhangin. hehehe.. Pinaliguan ako eh!

Tips to those who'd like to try Sandboarding:
1. Better if you could try the two. The real Sand boarding/ surfing or yung mas laid back, naka upo. 
2. If you choose to do it while sitting, MAKE SURE, what ever happens to you and to your board, please DO NOT step out from the board. This time, ituring mong kaaway ang bida, ang BUHANGIN. Otherwise, pakakainin ka niya ng walang hanggang buhangin! pweh! 

Naalala ko yung ako ang unang nag try sa girls, walang kaabog abog na hinulog ako na wala man lang ni katiting na TIPS! hmp. Buti hindi ako grabe pinuruhan ni bida. Okay pa rin ako, saglit lang naman yun eh. Buti nai balance ko ulit ung board ko at dire-diretso na ulit ako and at the end of the descent, I managed to smile and felt PROUD! 

3.  If you prefer to stand on board, MAKE sure you've got a good balance. Mas safe to I think than sitting. 
4. At for those malas, hindi masyadong nabalanse ang katawan, pag nahulog kana, try to control urself. Stop where you first fell off huwag kana magpatihulog pa hanggang sa baba at pumikit pag alam mong anjan na ang bidang kalaban. Para iwas PUWING! or else.
5.  Again, HAVE FUN and ENJOY! There is NO HARM in TRYING.....


Sand boarding was created similar from the original, snow boarding. The difference between the two, simply becoz of the weather.... ek!

In August 2009, the LEAD Movement introduced “sandboarding” as a new tourist attraction.  They also have bike rides which are offered FREE for children.

The wind blows became quite harder on our face and the skyline gets darker as the sun gradually set in. Masyadong maraming nangyari and yet hindi pa kami pagod this time. Dahil ang ganda lang naman ng view mula rito sa itaas!

TREL & MAVIC, having a PEACE sign..

While at Dune Bashing
Sandboarding is a unique activity found only in Ilocos Norte you wouldn't like to miss out. It’s not an easy sport but that adds to the thrill. You only need balance and the courage to conquer your fear. 

LEAD members said more activities could make tourists spend the entire day at La Paz. This is why the group is developing other adventure sports, such as mountain biking and kayaking... 

So if you're planning a road trip to VIGAN, LAOAG, PAGUDPOD, don't let this chance of thrill and adventure pass on you! Sayang, wala sken ang mga vids ng sand boarding, matatawa ka papano kami kumain ng buhangin... hahaha!and also the vid of Sand Bashing.... :P

I suggest, you also tap my first two half of DAY 1 - VIGAN-LAOAG-PAGUDPOD Road Trip Series:


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  2. Kung malapit lang ang Laoag dito, I will definitely love to try it,over and over again hanggang ma platan siya! hehe... Someday, I will try the real Sand boarding.. or malay mo pati snowboarding. hehe

  3. Exciting anman. baka next year kami makapunta dyan. Looks like sobrang na enjoy nyo trip na yan! Kita sa mga mukha nyo yung saya!

  4. this is awesome! nice one Mitch =D

  5. minsan dito sa amin nagpapa laro road..ganyan na mga sasakyan......ang namumuno dito niyan si Patpat de la Pena..

  6. Anney: that's nice to hear that... dami mo rin gala talaga. ul never regret to put it on ur bucket list... Yes, we were really had fun! thanks!
    Orville: Thanks...
    Arvin: saan naman yang lugar niyo, swerte naman. di kna klangan lumayo pa. saya pa!

  7. Parang ang saya naman ng dune bashing. :) Natawa ko dun sa mapupuno ng iba't ibang elemento ang kili-kili. Kaya sa Pinatubo nakipag-unahan kami dun sa closed 4x4 eh. Napaka-inviting ng pics.:D

  8. ito yung isa sa mga namiss ko nung nag Ilocos kami and although medyo allergic ako sa alikabok I know its gonna be worth it.Parang Sand Surfing lang ang peg sa Dubai.yang ganyan.hehehe

  9. PinayThrillseeker: nakakaenganyo kasi ang name mo, that's why I followed u. and very nice ng mga gig mo. Thanks for dropping.. thanks for the generous comment!
    Pusangkalye: u will enjoy it more if u don't have any allergy but anyways, it is very awesome exp that u myt consider to risk someday.. hehe.

  10. Seems like you had a lot of fun! One disadvantage of solo travelers is we can't go to places like this without spending a lot. Kailangan talaga mag join sa group. One of these days, will definitely go there! Kakahiyang nakapunta na ko sa sand dune malapit sa Beijing, dito sa Laoag hindi pa hehe

  11. i like your blog, it's full of adventures. thanks for following my blog, followed you back dear. have a nice day!

  12. naks bilib na ko pati sand surfing ginawa nya, or photo opp lang ba ito hehe :) glad you're living life to the fullest!

  13. ang saya! gusto ko din nyan... hmmm, kelan kaya ako makakapunta ng laoag ^^

  14. Aleah: Okay din ang solo, wala kang kaylangan intindihing iba. hehe.. at least, mas highend ka, sa Beijing pa... Hindi rin papahuli ang Pinas when it comes to sand surfing..
    Mathea: thanks too girl. Cheers!
    McRICH: ako upo yung ginawa ko, pero i must admit, yung two girls, photo opp lang pero yung isang girl, she really tried and that's my ate. hehe..
    Jess: It was awesome experience, PANALO!!

  15. Wow! Sobrang ganda naman pictures niyo! I wanna try that someday! Great site! :)

  16. the Mommist: thanks for this wonderful comment...

  17. Fun, fun, fun photos! I wanna try this!!! 'Di scary? But even if it is scary, I still wanna try haha!

  18. oh, i wish i can try that, too! it's a fun experience. thanks for your comment on my blog, anyway, i'm using a Nikon D5000 with 55mm lens

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  19. how much damage for sandboarding? haven't tried it yet, looks fun!

  20. Koryn: It was scary but sayang if u wont try! Super enjoy, lakasan lang ng tuhod ay loob pala! hehe
    CutestPrincess: Thanks! ur pics are all great eh. U inspired me. I'm using 3100 eh and planning to buy 55mm lens na. ;p
    Kuya Christian: 550 per pax kuya..very bargain diba. 9 kasi kami kaya naka haggle at super sulit sa saya!!

  21. Nice, it's not so expensive naman pala :)

  22. you were all smiles. obviously, you did have fun. ang saya tingnan. :)

  23. Yes, mura lang Kuya. AKo din nagulat when I first learned the price, we have given the best discount kasi..
    T: thanks for dropping. It was but FUN adventure.

  24. huwaw! hanep sa adventure mitch. inggit na inggit ako. ikaw na talaga. Actually di pa ko nakapunta ng ilocos. buti na-intoduce mo to. Parang sa movie "Dubai". Gusto ko din yan ma-try someday. Keep your post coming. nag-eenjoy din ako talaga sa mga banat mo. hihihi! Apir!

    By the way, hindi nyo ka-level ang cast ng temptation island dahil mas magaganda kayo dun. seryoso. ^_^ di ko sila bet e. hahahaha! Baka sagutin nila ako ng "the feeling is mutual" charotlot de leon. hahaha!

  25. Kaloka, overrated kami dun ha. hehe, natalbugan namin ang casting na un?! but eniwei thanks girl. Top 1 adventure ko pa rin ang Water rafting, 2nd palang ang dune bashing! Super saya o AO lang talaga kami pag magkakasama. TODAMAX ang saya at kaingayan.. hehe. Try mo din. Surely ul like it!

  26. mitch mukhng babalik ako ng ilocos bec of this ah,ang saya gusto ko ma experince ito,, =)

  27. Balik kana.. masaya at daming pedeng ma experience, very nostalgic and historical! Maganda rin ang mga beaches..

  28. literal na kumain ako ng alikabok este buhangin nong nag-sandboarding kame dito.hehe pero nag-enjoy din naman kami.

  29. KIllerfillers: ako din kaya nakakain, hanggang loob ata ng tenga ko pumasok eh. lol! Super enjoy talaga!


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