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Friday, December 30, 2011

AWE INSPIRING 2011: My Year Ender Highlights!!

This morning, I woke up feel invigorated and feel inspired by the thought of doing my own year-end list. I have read a couple of the like and wanted to do on my own...

Sometimes life throws  us a snag that disrupts our happiness. 
There might be more ironically and sarcastically things that happen to us this year but what can we do, it sometimes really does happen but somehow, it keeps us going!

I believe 2011 has become more vivid and has been very special to me and for my family. This year has been full of well- traveled activities and dining experiences for me since I started my blog.

Here where I was for the passed months:

January: Enjoyed the church locale anniversary celebrated in Good Deal Resort, Valenzuela
Jamming at GDR

February:Di ko lam kung nasan ako...hehe. Basta bday ni Ate.
April: Summer vacation with sisters and friends in BAGUIO and E.K
{Diplomat Hotel} - breathtaking view!
{Mines View} - disappointed nga lang ;(
{The Mansion} - a place for picture taking
{The Wright Park} - Park and Leisure for family!

@Botanical Garden

{Botanical Garden} - Happiest part of our vacation coz we played here!
{SM Baguio} - Scenice view from atop, cool!
{Camp John Hay} - Very refreshing and close to nature encounter...
{Manor Hotel} drop by lang :)
{Choco- Late de Batirol} - Favorite itinerary!
{Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet} - great experience pickip up the fruit like the locals.
{50's Diner} - a tasty meals, one should not missed when visiting Baguio!

*Unfortunately, I did not post anything from the following yet..soon promise I will* 

{Philippine Military Academy} - Met many "Bok". hehe..pogi at astig! 

Ukay - Ukay Boots and Bag P150

{Burnham Park} - got rested and sight- seeing and also bought in Ukay- ukay.
{Session road} - again visited the place to buy pasalubong and to have dinner!
Grip to rides at Enchanted Kingdom - My dream disneyland! 

May: Ito rin, di ko na maalala sang lupalop ko nandun!
June: Family first ever fly out vacation in Coron, Palawan
{Siete Pecados} - Amazed with the fishes of the sea..hehe!
{Kayangan Lake} - our fave in Coron. The cleanest lake in the Philippines. 
{Barracude Lake} - The creepiest but enjoyed!
{Twin Lagoons} - Never gonna back.. :(
{Banul Beach} - Mesmerize by the beautiful sunset 
{Malcapuya Beach} - THE BEST beach so far...whoo!
{Banana Island} - What can I more to say, beach bumming!
{Maquinit Spring} - Hot, Hot swimming. Almost feeling like flayed already.
{Mt. Tapyas} - Perspiring but inspiring climb.

July: Church anniversary.
August: {My Photo walk in Wildlife part I} - first time and it was really fun. Though late posting at September. Part II.
{Food hunting at Mann Hann} - The food is great and affordable. 
{Fort Santiago -Part I} - Historical
{Re-visiting Fort Santiago} - It is.
September: {Blu Roze Farm, Batangas} - To get the Shih Tzu.
{Lunch at Gerry's Grill} - One of the best branch of G.G

{Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Quezon} - Super foodtrip but worthit!!
{Ultimate Buffet: Yakimix Trinoma} - Burp!! Thanks to my bff.
{Carino Resort in Valenzuela} - ilovewhereiwas.
October: {Banana Leaf - Greenbelt 3} - Spicy, did not quite ok.
{Unkabogable scrumptious dinner at Savory SM Valenzuela} - After the laugh out loud Vice movie. 

November: {A resort with no name in Bulacan} - I forgot the name talaga.
{Revolutionary lunch at KKK SM North} - simply means Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran
{A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante} - Last but not the least..
December: {Year End Party @ Le Pavilion, Roxas Boulevard}

FLI Family
{Noel Bazzare at The World Trade Center} 

{This is Kadiwa event}

I may not like a extravagant traveler who travels outside the country, cannot afford pa ko noh..Simpleng tao lang. Pero wish ko yun.. 

Have a fruitful year ahead. 
Thank you for this wonderful year. It has been so rewarding meeting different people in blogsphere and hope next year, I can join anyone of you as your travel buddy.

Thanks for the well traveled and sinfully delicious dining experiences..
Until 2012!!!!

note: pansin ko lang September ata, kain lang ng kain ang ginawa ko. hahaha!


  1. sarap nman ng 2011. ikaw na!

    happy new year mam mitch! :)

  2. June din ako nasa Coron... Baka nagkasabay pa tayo... hehehe! ang saya nun! family bonding... :)

    Happy New Year Mitch! Cheers for more travels this 2012!!!

  3. Haha! Eat, drink, travel and be merry. Happy New Year gurl!

  4. Neng: Happy New year din sayo ganda!
    Mervs: Baka nga nagkasabay tayo last june..sayang! Thanks!
    PTJ: and be thankful..hehe Thanks and Happy New year!

  5. happy new year sa yo Mitch! yeah, dapat next year, mas maraming kain ang mangyayari sakin! ayos ang food trip talaga! I'd like to go back sa Baguio at tumambay sa Session Road. kakamiss kahit mga 6 na oras lang kami dun. :D

  6. Hi Ed! for this year, marami pang food ang mas sasarap at pedeng i try. So let's dig it on! Yeah I missed Baguio too. So refreshing it was!

  7. Wow, so many food trips! Sarap! I also had some kaya I put up my own food blog kaso kulang sa time sa pag update hehe. Happy happy new year!

  8. you had your hands full in 2011. seems like you had a pretty good year :) have a great 2012!!!

  9. Wow im amazed with your ukay find!! :D happy new year too Mitch. :D thank you for remembering.

  10. wagi ang ukay bag and boots! i like!
    teka, san banda sa valenzuela yung GDR? malapit kami jan nakatira..

  11. Ang bilis ng panahon no? Daming nagyari parang kelan lang at eto 2012 na! Wishing you a Prosperous New Year! By the way yung sparkler 2012 photo dapat naka tripod ang cam kasi pag gumalaw ang cam medyo malabo ang kuha. Eto yung setting na ginamit ko pero 3 seconds ang ginawa ko. Mas matagal,(5 sec pataas) mas makapal ang sparkle. You can see the video

  12. Best part is eating! =) Happy New Year!

  13. natawa ako sa comment mo sa diplomat hotel sa baguio, di ba dapat scary view? :P

  14. Aleah: oo nga, I remember I was one at the blogroll right? if you have time, you can pursue it.
    Vin: Thanks Vin for dropping by. Hope you'll get that too.
    Kumi: Ukay ukay stuffs really be good if you have patience finding the best I gotcha! swertihan, hirap maghanap ng boots in Baguio ha..wlang magkasya sken with the color I like.
    Chyng: Good Deal Resort, Ugong in Valenzuela. are you from Val too?
    Anney: tama, you most likely get it clear when you use tripod.. First time ko lang kasi nakakita ng sparkler. hehe
    Jenine: most of us pag holidays aside from the bond, it is more exciting yung kainan! hehe..
    Kuya: Maganda kasi yung view pag nasa top kna ng Diplomat..hehe but your right, quite scary when you get inside of the hotel.

  15. Happy new year Mitch! More travels for you. :D

  16. looks like you had lots of fun last year! good thing there's blogging to help us remember all those sweet details... :)

    Here's to a fab 2012! :)

  17. Hi Cedric: Happy New Year too..thanks!
    Maiylah: Yeah, last year was kinda boom for me. hehe.. Happy New Year!

  18. happy new year!!! we wish you more meaningful trips this year!
    see you on the road!

  19. Thanks Ron..Wow! How come you're able to drop in here.. hehe.. mga idols!

  20. Hi girl! Happy new year. Tagal ko atang nawala. Ewan ko ba. Super busy ako lately. (palusot ng wlang maisulat. hahaha!)

    Ang dami mo ngang food trip grabe. Pero hindi ka naman tumaba. ano bang sikreto? Mai-apply sa buhay buhay. haha! ALam mo bang 150lbs na ko ngayon?!?!?! san ka pa. hahaha! Butanding mode lang

    Anyway, I'm so happy at nakilala kita kahit sa blog lang. Sana mameet kita soon, God bless you always!

  21. I miss you Maricar! kaloka, katamaran na sosyal. Eh, i-correct mo ko if my memory still serves me right. You are preparing for your Il Nido trip? kaya wala ka sa eksena lately? Iba kn ha, Cannot be reach,,san kba kasi nagpupunta. hehe..Wala naman sikreto, pagkakain, cr lang agad. hahaha... Yea, hope to meet you talaga at makasama ako sa mga travels mo!! HAPPY NEW YEAR...


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