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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante and Ayala Triangle Christmas Lights Show 2011

I mentioned before that I have found anew job for me right?
So far, before the year ends, I have spent my time with my new found friends. I am happy because I was able to meet beautiful people in FLI even I was quite still new in the company. 

I met such good friends despite that they let me feel old and calling me ate Mitch. (But hey, I am at least 1- year older from you guys, remember!)  lol

What I like most of our group is that we easily became so close and attached to each other. We come all together from all walks of life and quickly build up a special camaraderie. 

And so, we decided to deepen that friendship by means of bunch of eating during lunch, merienda and dinner even it calls for a loooong hours of walking! {Sus, maryosep! almost 2 hours nag- stroll sa Glorietta at Greenbelt just to decide where to eat}!! hehe. But it was all worthwhile kasi I was with you guys and it was actually my first time here.

Hmn, the photo says it all ;)

Right after visiting the famous Ayala Triangle Lights Show 2011, we tag along each other in this resto in Glorietta 3. But before we proceed, here are pics of the said show. 

This has been a park for families every 6PM onwards in the middle of the busiest/ central business district city in Philippines. There were alot of Christmas lights hanging played along with the Christmas songs which became more attractive to guests. It adds positivity to the Holiday vibes due to synchronization of the lights and the music! Perfect for kids indeed!

The M.S.E

Word of HOPE for Next year!!!

After watching the show, we started walking along the line up restaurants in Ayala Triangle but as expected, it was all fully loaded.


New England's Best Pizza - Medium . Size choices: 14" P440.00, 16" P615.00, Slice P105.00, 10" P270.00

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante has been very popular to foodie lover and to all who has a very big tummy for hefty servings like Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna and etc.

This particular branch in Makati is always {almost} full. When we arrived around near 8pm, we have to wait for a couple of minutes before we finally got our chance to rest all of our sore foot after such a long walk for food hunting. And then I heard my stomach complaining at me, " grrr, at last, I am really starve to death".!

For our starter, we ordered Chicken Strips 150.00

At bago pa tuluyan mag alboroto ang tiyan namin, umorder muna kami nitong picture na nasa itaas at TUBIG!
Hooh! Too much exhaustion that time! Daig ko pa ang nag break-dance sa sakit ng mga varicose veins ko sa likod ng binti ko. {di lang ko nagpahalata}! Yoko na, di na ko uulit. Char! hahaha.

Our food immediately served after a few minutes. That was quite fast :) I was impressed!

Nut Pesto with Chicken (again) Oil Base pasta 260.00

I really love pesto especially the oil base one not to mention I was kinda addicted to its scent. It was good that we all agreed with our orders. Ironically, chicken strips din ito. Haha, purgado sa chicken but still busog at masarap.

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante specializes in American and Italian cuisines that include meat pizza, buffalo wings, roast beef and cheese, and oil and garlic pasta with seafood. Sumptuous meal starts at P200 with other branches at BF Homes and Visayas Avenue.

We were four then but the food is just so enough {I cannot get over with the pasta instantly, so yummy!} and I wanted to come back again {that's why the next day, I treated my BF at Trinoma branch naman.  hehehe, adik! They have big servings and very affordable prices unlike other Italian restaurants, their rate is much higher.

We really did enjoy chatting, laughing, and munching that night!!
Happy holidays guys..See you on Monday!


  1. yep kuya esp the pesto! The best!

  2. The pizza looks extremely tempting, considering that pizzas are my weakness.


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