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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I caption!

Basically, my means of "I Caption"

These are some pictures I have taken from Ate Anne's SLR. Some are new to me but some I did for my own passion. The one I was trying to do, actually perfectly trying to do was getting a nice capture of this subject above, clear view and blurry at the background.....Here are some of my shots..

Our office located at 30th flr.

" Office Skycraper".
Was designed with exterior double - glazed, unitized curtain walls that create a facade that reflects a fusion of art and function.

My favorite month of the year!! This can be found at the side of my PC.

Took from our conference room. Adjacent to Rufino Tower is said the tallest tower in Philippines. BPCom Tower.

Kuya Edgar for being a construction caster for the day!


With the presence of my valuable things.


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