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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

100 things you would know about me

Like other blogs I have read, I was inspired to work this time for my list:

See, I have listed few things about myself.

1. I love to dance
2. I like to sing but I can't
3. I can control my dreams
4. I love taking shots of beautiful scenery and faces of people
5. I love to write about my life and everything
6. I love to laugh, to laugh out loud!
7. I like people to laugh out of my jokes
8. I color code my closet
9. I love reading/ buying fashion magazines
10. I can easily cry while watching drama shows
11. I am not hard to please
12. I am fond in shopping esp. dress and shoes
13. You can usually caught me up wearing jeans and sleeveless
14. and wearing dress at church
15. Love to eat siomai and tuna!!!
16. I love the feeling of falling in love
17. I have unintentionally "memory gap" sometimes
18. I love listening to others life stories
19. I'm not leaving the house w/o my earphone and hanky
20. I love wearing almost always black and white shirt
21. I hate the smell of "baga" in the street
22. Not really a chocolate lover
23. I like watching net25 to learn more about Filipino history
24. I am not a coffee addict! not!
25. I prefer going out in the morning!
26. I always missed my breakfast meal
27. But I eat a lot during dinner
28. I want to try to kiss a stranger
29. I have a birthmark on my left hand near thumbnail
30. I like both rugged and girly outfits
31. I'll fight to protect my religion
32. I like organizing events/ occasion
33. Recently, I became a fan of Kevin Costner
34. I always love watching romantic movies and T.V shows
35. I am hooked with Twilight saga!
36. I have a few "bestfriends" in this world
37. I am a Pisces gal
38. I hate when people drop names just to save herself in an awkward situation
39. I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid
40. I want to put a fashion boutique business
41. I am not used to like receiving flowers from a man
42. I really shout out when I am deeply mad!
43. I want to try a ballroom dancing, for me dancing it makes me sexier!
44. I wanted to treat my friends for a dinner
45. I like to treat my parents a tour aboard
46. I always do my stuff at our bedroom
47. I much like to give than to receive
48. I like organizing everything at my closet
49. I want to sail a boat with my someone someday....
50. I am Big Dreamer!
51. I love reading different blogs
52. I love when my birthday comes!
53. I hate waiting more than 10mins!!!!
54. I wanna learn driving
55. I like to own a car someday
56. I rarely get sick, I am healthier person :) hihi
57. I want to experience a very romantic and one of a kind dinner date
58. I like flirting some time^^
59. I want to lie at the roof and stare at the stars until I fell asleep
60. I like to do many many many blogs to inspire/share readers
61. I like to own one precious jewelry to keep for myself and to give for my mom
62. I really much like SURPRISES!!
63. I used to listen to Chico and Delamar 93.1 FM radio
64. I want to be a loner quite some time
65. I love the color red polished on my fingernails
66. I always like to imagine things before fall asleep
67. I am SCARED of cockroaches!
68. I feel upset and unrespectful everytime I do not let older women to sit at my place in M.R.T
69. I am a proud Filipina!
70. I find Anne Curtis, Tony Gonzaga and Jennelyn Mercado, all pretty!
71. I love reading paperbacks
72. I'm always be a believer
73. I do break my promises, regretfully
74. I become slow and super slow sometimes...hard to catch!
75. I hate MATH subject, ever!
76. I enjoy being with kids and recognizes my name!
77. Always excited for every post I am doing
78. I am a fast walker and talker?!
79. I want to try various extreme sports
80. I feel sexy in wearing high heels
81. I love doing grocery (when I have money to spend)
82. I prefer huge bags (office, shoulder bag or backpack)
83. I am wishing to get my hair longer
84. I am not the type of a brand -conscious person, nah not my type!
85. I always bring my (pink) scarf during out of town
86. I have a mannerism (fingers do it...)
87. I sleep at FX, MRT and tricycle due to too much tiredness
88. I never been tried watching movie alone
89. I never experienced having chicken pox, boil and"beke"! no lucky for me huh!
90. I usually sing the Carpenters' songs in videoke
91. I never do plucking - for my eyebrow!
92. I really really likeeeeeeeeeeee my honey's voice!
93. I want to buy a SLR someday for our family
94. I despise tsismosa!! They should not belong in any church!
95. I love eating spicy food at chowking! (chilly sauce)
96. I have a childhood fancy of becoming invinsible!
97. I feel very blessed because of my family, friends and religion!
98. I love my parents and GENUINE friends!
99. I love my personal style!
100. I love my blog!


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