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Monday, March 8, 2010

Turning 2-5

I'm turning 25, three hour soon..I'm afraid it's not going to be easy..
Dreading about being 25, "what ifs" filled my forehead. What if I will never be 'the one' I set for myself. What if I cannot achieve all my dreams and what if I cannot able to get a spouse I supposed to be with for the rest of my life...
Constant reminder popped up my mind due to another year of my life..I read alot of blog already and they say almost the same. "They are not happy", well, i mean almost..
I am not saying that I am not happy, actually I always do feel good when my birthday is coming! Simple greetings will make me jump high, always gives me a wide smile. But something strange I've been thinking since I realized that I was 1 meter away from this freaky age. I guess, this is one and the most critical perhaps of a women's age.

Am I going to be as they say it, old maid of the century? wow! katakot isipin..
But not until I reach 30, I will not torture myself thinking about no-boyfriend-til 30!!!

I will not celebrate. If you would like to ask, why?

one: because I'm not used to be,

second: my birthday falls on an inappropriate tune and time (always! as if my birth date is changing every now and then) in the payday schedule and you find yourself turning 25 with almost 1000 bucks on your pocket. That kinda sane and pathetic.

With my boyfriend, we were passing by at this mall in EDSA, I saw this thigh length blouse, I'd liked it so my boyfriend gave it to me, actually I asked for it. ;) With a face of a woman printed on it and has glued for some glitters.. That's nice.

Before I turned 25, I have bought this phone from my sis' bf. Samsung express music version. Has an excellent music straight from the earphone flap to my eardrum! Simple but love it!

Tomorrow, I hope all my friends will greet me. That's enough and fine.
and tomorrow, I'm gonna post the second part of my turning 25 blog... til then folks...


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