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Saturday, February 2, 2013

GreatBond: Tagaytay Bulalo Experience and Bag of Beans

Like many Filipino travelers, this destination has rank high and has special place in my heart. 
This is just one of the places you can easily go and back - just 2 to 3 hour drive from Manila.

Our family started to travel {via plane} two years ago and since then, I'm always looking forward to every new year and make every travel worthwhile. It IS heart- warming and nakaka proud when I was on the road with all of them.

For this year, we haven't planned anything yet just like that, but I was delightful that for the first month of 2013, we were able to visit one of the coolest haven on Philippine Earth, Tagaytay! 

Closer one

Since Tagaytay has been most popular tourist spot especially during summer, we decided this time to go up here and feel the breeze during the coldest weather (January) para maiba lang at masamantala ang klima dito.
scenery while eating bulalo

Tagaytay is characterized by relatively low temperature, low humidity and abundant rainfall.

Aside from that city is endowed with a cool and invigorating climate, it has also a very welcoming scenery of Taal Volcano and Taal lake.
Oh! well, speaking of Bulalo, Ate Diane was so excited and aim to bring us to this one restaurant where she used to eat hot and best Bulalo in town. But to our disappointment, the said resto is closed and after realizing that it was "for Rent" already, we decided to scout for some other within the area. 

Luckily, sa hindi kalayuan nakita namin ang Bulalo Point Turo-Turo Grill and we settled in.

Aside from the famous Bulalo, they also serve here Crispy Tawilis, w/c unfortunately NOT AVAILABLE that moment geez, sarap pa naman ata nito., they also serve Sizzlers, Steak, Crispy Pata, Kilawin, et cetera and fresh Buko Juice.

We also ordered the old-time favorite Kare-Kare, a beef stew flavored and thickened in a peanut - based sauce, with a variety of vegetables. The most common cuts of beef used are tail, shank or face. {di nako nakapag pic, naubos na kasi agad, lol} Ang sarap ng Kare-Kare, very tasty dahil sa mani {nuts}. Plus, fried Kangkong as appetizer.

When the food arrived, that I realized na Ate Diane is right. Sabi kasi ni kuyang nag se-serve, the Bulalo and Kare-Kare is just for 2 persons pero sa totoo marami ang servings nila hanggang 4 na katao pwede ata sa isang palayok. Style daw yun para marami ka maorder.  Well., anyway kasyang kasya lang samin ang food, sobra pa at meron pa sa aso namin. Buto-Buto... hehe

You'll be surprise what this food have made us!

At dahil din sa sarap ng Bulalo, nagkagulo ang baranggay Jumawan! hahahaha. Kulet lang. Kanya-kanyang kuha lang diba!


The Bulalo Point has 6 nipa hut for small group then a large dining area for a large one. 

Nanghinayang kami kasi mas maganda ang view dun sa first choice namin na kainan pero aprub na rin dito, masarap naman at may view pa rin ng Taal Volcano itself, the Lake and the almost sun setting which behold right before us. 

I cannot say anything more but keep yourself busy while eating at the nice view around you and feel the air in your face once in awhile.

  Mama and Papa

Mavic, Tita Susan, Ate Diane, and me :)


Kudos Bulalo and Kare- Kare! We are now so full.  

Just right before our stomach recovered from eating, here we are on our second destination, the famous Bag of Beans. {10 minute drive from the Bulalo Pt.}, located in 3650 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West Tagaytay City, Cavite. 

{I can feel GOOD VIBES!!}

It was already nightfall when we arrived at the place and as expected to all famous restaurant ang dameng tao but in just a bit, we find our way to this relaxing sphere.

We're still entirely full that time when we sat down together under the big white umbrella near the entrance of the store. So what I initially did, the obviously hobby am in - P.I.C.T.U.R.E/S TAKING.

I don't know, pero the place is but such a ROMANTIC love nest, perfect for the upcoming heart's day.

TRIVIA: Maraming hindi nakakaalam, the Bag of Beans is not just providing a good food to locals and to tourists but the owner has actually helping some orphanage in Tagaytay. These kids who have grown up at the Orphanage are the one who will entertain the guests of the restaurant every night - and will certainly make your stay here memorable.

By the way, the Bag of Beans is a home of insect bites... ay mali pala. hehe, It is indeed a home of pastries, good coffee and a chocolate drink.  I remember mom kasi, nilalamok ata siya pero ako hindi type ng mga lamok, dahil hindi ko rin naman sila type iuwi ng Maynila noh.

 In fairness, the night is filled with chatting and catching up with friends.

Oh, sure there is also a bottomless KAPENG BARAKO {freshly Brewed Coffee} which Ate Diane ordered for Papa due to its very distinct {tough} taste pero dahil nga sa botyog na si papa, ni hindi man siya naka, "waiter, pa refill naman please".... 

I ordered and got to try their Chocolate drink. Oh eh anu sinabi ng Starbucks at other coffe shops dito! lol
This is my personal choice to keep me warm all night long

Raisin Bread
Sipping my chosen drink while camwhoring in between :)

A slice of Tamis Asim Blueberry cheese cake
Naiingget ako dito pero onti lang, masarap din kasi.
We would loooove to taste their other specialties pero due to super katakawan sa Bulalo atbp, eto nalang kinaya ng powers namin di pa namin naubos. Ite take out ko sana yung halaman sa gitna ng table namin eh para may remembrance. hehe

The place is so relaxing and gives you a rustic atmosphere.
Eh, aside from the delicious food they are offering here, the ambiance of the whole place is all worth to visit for. 

The decors add up a genuine rural feeling inside the restaurant
Sort of a good bonding with my two sisters
Spell C.O.Z..Y

 Papa and bunso :)
Smile ako kasi suot ni papa gift ko sa kanya last new year. It suits to you papa!

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Pansin nyo, ang mga tao lahat andun kumpulan sa labas kasi andun ako! sa piling ng mga halaman at iba pang nilalang  eh may mga chairs and table pa naman sa loob which can accomodate a numerous peeps. This awesome place is relatively big, with lots of space to choose from pero gaya namin, mas pinili namin ang mag chillax outdoor kasi mas masaya dun. Not to mention maingay kasi maraming grupong naglalaro ng Pinoy Henyo! Ang Pambansang laro ng bayan!!

Photoshoot ni Mama

Mag Jowa lang.. date?! hehe

Nevertheless, spending a day in Tagaytay is very worth and such a better way to escape from all stress brought by work in Manila. (baka tanggalin ako sa trabaho ko nito ah..).

The complete setting of this place: wooden chair/ table, hut, the garden set and even the interior is more than pleasant. The food is of course kinda pricey but reasonable with its undeniable taste made our FAMILY DAY special!

And before I forgot, if you want more privacy, there are couple of separate {Balinese-style} huts which require to pay for 1,000k exclusively for your group but don't worry too much this is consumable though.

This one I have told you. The restaurant is reaching their hands to some Orphanage. Sorry the shot is blurry. They're dancing with some kids at the background doin their instruments.


@Bulalo Point 
Special Bulalo : Php300.00 x 2 = Php 600.00
Kare-Kare:Php 190.00
Fried Kangkong: Php 75.00

@Bag of Beans
Kapeng Barako (Bottomless): Php 120.00
Hot Chocolate Drink: Php115.00
Mocha Frappe: Php115.00 x 2 = Php 230.00
Blueberry Cheesecake: Php 150.00 
Raisin Bread: Php160.00


  1. We also went to Nuvali, kaso gabi na kaya hindi na namin nakita ang mga GOLDEN FISH... haha, nagwiwi nalang kami dun.

  2. we always pass by this Bag of beans, but we haven't tried their products when I was in Tagaytay for my OJT.


  3. Oh wow! Sooo beautiful photos, pretty lady!! Chic! :)

  4. Been to so many eating places in Tagaytay but never had seen, let alone visited Bag of Beans. Looks so cozy and relaxing. Ganda ni Mommy!, parang ate lang ni Mitch. :)

    Kitang-kita, nag-enjoy kayong lahat! Nice post once again. Katuwa!

    See you around Mitch!

  5. i♥pinkc00kies: Bulalo is worth to visit/ eat for while in Tagaytay. Try some!
    Lady_My: U shud drop to the pl ace, it is romantic!♥
    Anna:Thanks sis.. cheers!
    Ate Beng: mas maganda sken si mother.. thanks ate Beng! Well, they have good food in here, tasteful!

  6. wooowwww...your photo is very amazing, im very very like....:))
    lets visit/follow my blog...


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