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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will you eat without a plate?

Meals are generally served on a plate. Sometimes, the plate or the presentation per se adds attraction to someone who will eat a certain food. Eh panu kung wala ngang plate?!!!

Well, this particular restaurant, plate is not necessary anymore because anyone can eat through a Banana Leaf alone! How was that? That is what you called sustainable living. Hehe.... wala lang nasabi ko lang. Katipiran!

Before, a mere Banana leaf is not just widely used being a food wrapper or a mat for grilling for fishes and vegetables. It also serves many purposes in Asian cooking from adding flavor to foods which are cooked inside them to simply being used as a colorful and exotic background for serving-plates like what we did experienced in this particular food- trip!

Located at Greenbelt 3

The menu, is basically a melting pot of some of the best dishes from different Asian cultures. The best of the best food selections from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Vietnam. For me, eating just like in B.L would reminds me more of a curry food..

This was my second time in Banana Leaf, first was in The Block in SM North.  I was stunned at first when I've seen only banana leaf will served as our plate. Pero un nga, kakaiba pa rin kasi you would feel a very authentic Asian way especially para sa ating mg Noypi, para ka lang kumakain sa isang handaan sa province 'tas sama- sama kayong kakain sa banana leaf yun nga lang, the difference is you can eat bare hands!

Bakit nga ba ito ang motif ng resto, perhaps the management is avoiding to wash alot of soiled plates... hehe.

Thai Iced Tea P68 and Dalandan Juice P78 at nag sprite din kami while waiting, 'twas cost P45!

Phad Thai - Thai Style P168.00

In between bites, I discovered that the food we ordered were somewhat spicy. Oo nga naman, asian food. It was nice to eat with a very nice ambiance. The color and interior design makes me forget about the spicy food I was digging in to my mouth.

Black Curry Lamb P288.00

Nasi Goreng Nenas P188.00

Sarap kumain!

The lighting is fair good, seems very romantic though

Had a bit of cozy and yet local accent interior design

after eating, posing! Just do not forget to breathe in...

The food serving is up to 2 persons only. Yep, little compare to others. Not as delicious as others, been quite forgettable but it was ultimate experience to Banana Leaf!!

Next stop, I would like to try the restaurant next after the Banana Leaf, if you're familiar in Greenbelt 3... hehe.

Reminders: Just don't forget to clean or wipe up your leaf, just to make sure. Have a happy eating folks! 
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Carino Resort: A Great Place to Celebrate!!

Don't you just love to plunge to a none - chlorine swimming pool close to city? Well, it is not really free of chemicals but I guarantee that this is one of the best pool I ever gone to not to mention, it is located only in Valenzuela City.

So after so much bugging to pursue an outing, we finally went our way to CARINO RESORT!

Delightful pool, hehe ma rhyme lang eh noh

I have been here, trice. Why I kept coming back? Simply because the place is near, pleasant and clean.

Perfect for 4ft and below swimmers

Together with my churchmates, we rent a tricycle going to Punturin. The place is near so it only took us less than 30 minutes. Upon arrival, we directly went to counter to pay the entrance fee. We pay P1,440.00 for 9 persons plus P700.00 for our marble cottage.

There are boulders which became one of the most photographed in the pool area.

We were only two groups at the resort that time so we are free from worry kung makaka ligo ba kami na maayos o tabo tabo na lang in place. hehe. Buti na lang we were few kaya I can utilize my swimming skills like floating at free style. Hahaha...

We had a very limited time kaya we do our best na gawin na lahat and pagsasaya within a couple of hours. 
We indulged ourselves swimming, have tried videoke and though there were some friends who weren't able to join us, still we were happy. Actually we're planning to go here again by December! hehe..

I was happy and excited to be at the same place all over again. Aside from Good Deal, Santiago and Rolling Hills resorts in Valenzuela City, I think Carino Resort is on top it all. Wala masyado at hindi amoy chlorine, hindi masakit dumilat sa ilalim ng tubig, gusto ko kasi yung para kang isdang mulat! lol,

Indeed, clean pool.

from Carino resort FB

Jump, jump, jump!

Carino Resort has two pool.  One area is consists of Pavilion, Gazebo, Umbrella, Tables and Chairs, Billiards, Nipa Hut, Videoke and Aircondition rooms. The pool has a 7ft deep plus a Jacuzzi.

The pool I

This is where I taught to swim by Lito and Mark na muntik ko ikalunod, but luckily natuto ako! Yehey!

Videoke Karir!

Playing Area

Jacuzzi na 5ft? hehe..hindi yan para jan. Dun yan sa pool malapit sa Jacuzzi

Second pool area where we stayed has also Pavilion, a videoke room, marble cottages, airconditioned rooms, calesa and garden which sometimes can be used as a grilling area. The pool has 4 to 5 feet deep plus a 3ft kiddie pool.

Pool II

Kids are pretty sure will enjoy the 3ft and 4ft pool. This is one of the favorite spots actually while sitting and pouring yourself with their somewhat called "falls".

It has four Marble cottages

Garden and grilling area

You can celebrate various gatherings and events such as birthday parties, wedding reception, etc. in the garden. They allow to cook here in the absence of any events.

The bridge going to kiddie pool

Pavilion area


Mga anakis ko..:)

The rooms are nice and clean, ranging from 1700 to 2000 per 8 hours upon check in.

Buwis Buhay Pose!

The counter

Address: No. 11, San Baraquel Punturin, 1447 Valenzuela, Philippines
Tel nos: 983-9005, 445- 6336, 445 - 6338
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Monday, October 17, 2011

I was stupid of telling you everything..ihateit!

This particular post is not about me, my travel experience and it's not about the food I came to dine with but LOVE.

I've been in love several times.
and again, I am in love and at some point, I was accompanied by my own shadow, tears and my own negligence. All of these punishments I got from not telling how much I really love you, I chose to love you for almost three years now....

I always thinking about you {everyday}. Honestly, I really do and there's no chance at all that you did not cross my mind.  I've never thought that I will keep you in my heart for the longest time. I've never even thought that I will love you severely that I came to a point that I'd wish to transfer other locale. {damnit}.

I was the happiest woman on earth when you asked me for a "friendly date"! It's a big deal for me kahit friendly date lang but I did not know how happy I was until the date ended.  Days, weeks, months and years have passed, I was still longing for your attention and even of your single glimpse. What happened? I am totally clueless about what you think of me. It seems nothing have happened between us. And I thought, friendly - date nga lang pala.

I was hurt {deeply}. I was struggling to get over you but I just can't.....

I cannot escape from the memories of you, of that particular one -day that I was able to be with you. 


Maybe I was so stupid to think that one day of my life would be the start of our endless love together. I was so stupid to believe that we can possibly end up together. Maybe I was so stupid to say everything I feel and I opened up so much with you. I just trusted you. {but i was wrong}.
My big question is What Went Wrong?! I knew, I nagged about how you should treat a girl on the first date, feeling GF mo na ko. Most likely one of the reasons why you did not even bother to call another date. Yes, perhaps it was. I extremely regret that moment and wishing it didn't happen. I feel betrayed by my own feelings towards you. Oo, sinayang ko ang isang araw na pwede sanang maging habang - buhay at maging BUHAY ko! I will never blame you, you have no fault. For me, you're still the best for me and you're perfect man for me.  

But there are things that I cannot insist, nor control and there are things in which didn't work.  
You left me hanging and broken after that date. Was our timing wrong? I didn't know.

I hope someday, we will finally get another chance to be together. We will talk about our lives and our dreams together that we used to during that date. 

I know as you mentioned to me before that everything about your heart desire, is only yours. You never allow anybody to take it from you and know every inch of a detail about your love affair.  But I still do believe that in every rules, there's always an exception. So please, spare me. Let me know what happened during and after that date.  Let me know if I disgusted you or did not I met your expectations then.

I just want you to know, that in case you'll get across with this post of mine, I am pretty sure that you will realize immediately that this post merely pertains to YOU! 

I love you three years without even know until when I will love you. I care deeper of you than for myself. 

Kulang na lang magmakaawa akong mahalin mo din ako pero that is more than pathetic in my part, just...just don't let me see you loving another girl or else just kill me!

Mahal na mahal kita! I am still wishing for the best of our journey together..and I really, really miss you!!!!!

Love and forgive me....
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yakimix: Lunch Buffet at Trinoma

Who doesn't love and crave for an Eat - All - You - Can or buffet style restaurant? Aside from you'll get your plate so full, you are entitle pa to eat in no hassle time (in less than 4 hours) with all - out scrumptious different cuisine...

Yakimix serves Japanese, Cantonese and Korean cuisine like Ricerolls - Maki, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Prawns, Crabsticks, Tonkatsu, and alot of cold cuts. There are also Shrimps, Steaks, Mussels, Sausages, Pasta, Broccoli, Ham, choices of Rice, and alot alot of raw meats to grill, mouth watering desserts and viands! Grabe, I cannot name them all sa dami! All I want is to eat na and take a pictures of some..

my shy plate, hehe

First heard about Yakimix was last year from an officemate.  I've been wanting to try to eat here but every time I pass by, I cannot help but just "sigh". Aside from the intimidating look from the outside, the place is always been full blast of diners. Still there are many of customers who are patiently waiting for a couple of minutes/ hours just to experience dining here...

Finally, my bestfriend Jem invited/ treated me for a FREE lunch buffet. Luckily, we arrived early so we were only waited for about 30 mins. Hindi na rin masama ang mag intay sa labas kasi they offered (free) drinks sa mga customers.

Yakimix 4th level Trinoma

Yakimix has two buffet schedules you can choose from:
They serve lunch from 11:00 to 2:30 while dinner serves at 5:30 to 10:30.

It was Saturday so our lunch buffet costs P580 per head same price during holidays and dinner buffet. P499 for weekdays. Kids below 4 feet can eat for P380 and the leftover price is P699. Yep, kinda expensive, but I think it is reasonable due to usual price range of buffet nowadays like what we've tried in Dads.

yummy lunch, indeed!

Upon enterting the resto, the staff will greet you "irasshaimase" which simply means welcome.

We had our table near the entrance. 
I love the ambiance. It is like eating in one hotel's finest restaurant. For almost 4hours of dining experience, hindi ka mauubusan ng kakainin at mapag- uusapan! hehe..

Smokeless Grill - we've got here Bacon, crab sticks, and diff meats.

I noticed another good point of this restaurant - the smokeless grill where you can cook your chosen raw meats in your own table. Exciting diba! at sa sobrang enjoy ko sa grill na to, ako yung kumakalikot. Ayun, namatay at ayaw ng suminde ulit kaya yung isang crew, pinatay na nung hindi na kami nagluluto. hehe, pasaway talaga ko.

So after getting so much foods, we hurriedly got back to our table to try the cooking!! FIRST TIME ko... :)

Thanks best for this abundant food trip/treat!

Happy grilling!

My first set of plate..I just cannot get enough of their maki too.

I am really fond of rice, so I make it a point to get some of it kahit mabigat sa tiyan. hehe..and I recommended it to my best friend to try their rice, poor me! I just forgot the name but believe me it was delicious. Nakadalawang ulit nga ko eh. harharhar. It was like a baked rice with seafood on top of it!

The interior design and hue of the restaurants makes it more unique and appealing to diners.  The table and couches/ chairs are very comfortable and suitable for a long hours of sitting. The ambiance was really cozy and perfect place for family and friends bonding, not to mention for a romantic date!

elegant Chandelier

Jem has always been fit and sexy kahit naka ilang balik siya to savor her favorites. I cannot imagine her getting bigger dahil sa kakakain. hehehe... Ang gana niyang kumain.. Well, I cannot blame her kasi naman the cuisines are all just like men, tempting and deliciously flavorful! hahaha..  Burp! Ayun, busog!

Actually, the staff told us that they prohibit taking an up close pictures of the food. I thought they're just kidding pero hindi pala. Kaya nga I still managed to take some of the distant shots of some dishes.

The smokeless grill, my and Jem's plate.

Sweets time

Our drinks were refilled immediately. The cost of the drink all you can is Php 65.  You can also choose between lemonade, iced tea, water & softdrinks.


Lastly, the meal would not be complete if there is no desserts which gives another texture to our food while chewing it on our mouth. But I did not eat though. 
I am not fond of sweets. Lam niyo naman iyon diba..Pero my best buddy do! Ang sarap niya kumain! 

For their desserts, they have ice cream, tarts, fresh fruits, brownies, a slice of cake and m2m.

Thank you best for this wonderful and uber full experience.
Sa uulitin.. hehehe..miss you too.
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