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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finding Comforts during Lunch and Dinner

Natapos na rin ang half day of work ( Yung iba wala naman ginagawa sa half day nila.hehe)   Tayuan sabay-sabay lahat ng mga taga P.G.I.  Sugod uli sa Dells for lunch, eksaktong 12:00 noon n kc!

No main dish pictured during this lunch.  I was more excited about these sweets/ desserts:

Old Fashion Chocolate Cake P 55.00

Spell S-W-E-E-T.  Sumakit ipin ko dito. Hmmmn, tamis pero masarap! 

Leche Plan P 25.00

 Not the same perfect taste as Mam Yoy shared with us during her bday celeb.  Was it kulang sa syrup to make it sweeter or was it too much frozen kaya medyo matigas...

Ewan, basta alam ko, masarap yung order namin ni kuya Dong. I was satisified then. Can no longer remember the name pero Fish siya with sabaw na maasim tlga...! Sarap!

Other Thursday Menu @ Dells
You can choose from meat to fish and to vegetables
Some dishes are quite expensive unlike to jolly jeep where we used to take out our foods.

Favorite ko to!! Bangus!

Again after 8 hours of work, let us see what we've got in Chowking!

Breaded Pork Lauriat   P 99.00 and

 Spicy Beef Chao Fan   P 85.00


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