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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DJ Chic Collezione Exhibits in "GO NEGOSYO 2010"

This year, we decided to showcase the DC Chic Collezione Boutique for this year's exhibition
There are so many organizations nowadays that aim to help people especially the youth today to make their future much brighter. That is why the GoNegosyo held the first "Youth Entrepreneurship Summit" at the  World Trade Center, Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City.  

Entrepeneurs shared their know -how on putting up a business
Nowadays, not only men are in to business but most micro entrepreneurs in the Philippines are women. Youth in today's society has also taking part in entrepreneurship so Go Negosyo once again have invited all of  us to be part of this day of empowerment, fun and a day of learning on how to explore the business that's right for us through booths and exhibitors showcasing various products, ideas and services.

The Go Negosyo Youth Entrepreneurship Summit is a one-day forum/expo which aims to promote entrepreneurial success among all Filipinos, particularly the youth. There will be free seminars and discussions with Go Negosyo young, old entrepreneurs and mentors which is basically all about business.

Business cards and tags used during exhibition
djchiccollezione owned by our family was luckily one of the exhibitors and was highly inspired youth, especially students to start their own business. Aside from the products that we have showcased and sold to them, students got useful experiences and knowledge through seminars held during the exhibition.

We choose this booth because it is close to stage.
This is our first time joining as such. DJ Chic Collezione has a store at Gen. T. De Leon, Valenzuela City.  It started on May 2010.  Run by the family which caters mainly apparel products. Soon after the business was established, it eventually adds accessories and various items which will compliment to displayed apparel.

At the WTC lobby, sight seeing with visitors and having a telemarketing with other exhibitors too.

Up close view to our booth.

Nice booth, isn't it, kaya maraming nag visit sa amin eh!
Since students out-numbered the visitors, DjChicCollezione was able to sell directly on a very affordable prices i.e dresses, blouses, sandos, vest, shorts and etc, so we gained so much that time.  Even it was just one day exposition, we made it.  On the other hand, Mitch was kinda disappointed at the result of her efforts in sharing booth with us because students were at some point cannot afford her class "A" bags. We both have no idea that the said event was even more about "Tagumpay ng Kabataan" so syempre puro students ang dumalo. 

My sisters, mom and friend Mitch who is also a neophyte entrepreneur.
It's just lately that I realized that the "Youth Entrepreneurship Summit" is indeed purposively means to visitors, not to those young women lang na nagnenegosyo.  It goes on both sides pala hehe :). Kahit sa ate ko na manager namin was not aware thoroughly about who will be the visitors though marami din namang hindi studyante. Most of them enjoyed and kept coming back to our stall because they say, "Why, your products were so cheap."

Nevertheless, we enjoy the first experience.  Kumita man ng malake o maliit, ang mahalaga natuto kaming magnegosyo at humanap ng extra income.  We do also inspired young people to try it kahit sa maliliit na puhunan at paraan.  Kayo rin magnegosyo na!! Go with GO NEGOSYO!! Thanks po pala sa inyo!

Keep it up!

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