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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CHOCO - LATE de BATIROL: Sweet dining experience in Baguio

Ito na ang last stop namin for this whole day gala.  Here, we decided to have a long rest and dinner too. Sa wakas, I can rest my sore feet and have a little pampering.

From the moment I saw the place, I immediately fell in love with its simplicity and yet a very at -home- feeling.

It is the most awarded and recognized garden-restaurant located in Scout Hill, Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

An array of wide garden welcomed us.

There were number of diners already feasting on their table. Na excite tuloy ako lalo na kumain dito. Weakness ko kase ang mga ganitong oozing ambiance at mala romantic - garden setting! Well, you really can tell that the guests of Choco- late de Batirol were all seemed to enjoy sipping hot/cold chocolate and eating delicacies of Baguio, which excites me more..

It is a garden-resto which is a neo-Cordillera rainforest outfit. An advocacy for the preservation of culture and the environment.

Choco-Late de Batirol is strategically located in the middle of the vast garden of Scout Hill, Camp John Hay.

When we reach this rustic resting spot, it was nearly 6pm so this is the perfect place to spend a day of cool breeze and fun time with family and friends. So sipping hot chocolate drinks while reading a good book or just hanging out with loveones is just a BONUS! Hmn, just perfectly impeccable moment! 

CHOCO LATE de BATIROL is hot chocolate made from local cocoa tablets mixed by hand using a wooden whisk/mixer.

Basically,  it is not a fast food nor a high end restaurant, as you can see. But visitors and guests are keep coming back because of its specialty Chocolate de Batirol Traditional Blend and, of course, the Chocolate de Batirol Baguio Blend (Strawberry Flavor).

While having a distinctive close to nature taste, I noticed that the place is very particular on its design. All  tables, chairs, decorative lampshades and roofing materials are all made up of different recyclable materials.

Meryenda and Dinner, so full!
Here are the set menu of our meryenda:

We ordered 2 Suman, 1 Bibingka at symepre 5 Chocolate de Batirol (Traditional Blend) and 1 Chocolate de Batirol (Straberry Flavor).

Sugary Sweet Suman (P64.00)

Special Bibingka (P105.00)

Strawberry Blend (P90.00)

The Traditional Chocolate de Batirol (P80.00)

While playing different classic and folk songs, we ordered our dinner:
Sinigang na Hipon (P260.00)

Pork Sisig (P240.00)

Sulit! From meryenda up to dinner! The best talaga ang dining experience dito sa Batirol. Oops, did I mentioned that Boy 2 Quizon was at the other table lang? He's cute though.

Our cottage

I also love our cottage named, REPUBLIKA.  Such a very nationalistic place matched with its Philippine Flag. Maka nature na, maka bansa pa! loveee itt!

Chilling time

After a long tiring and exquisite tour, our first official gala was so GREAT EXPERIENCE. But my best pick is this place. So comfy and very unforgettable one..

Do not miss Choco -late de Batirol on your next itinerary in Baguio. A worth -time visit with friends and family.

Summary Expenses: my first official gala.
Transient to Diplomat Hotel - no fare since it is walking distance from our transient.
Diplomat Hotel to Mines View (fx) P90 / 6 = 15.00
Mines View to The Mansion (jeep) = P48 / 6 = 8.00
The Mansion to Wright Park - walking distance.
Wright Park to Botanical Garden - walking distance.
Botanical Garden to SM Baguio (fx) P50 / 6 = 8.3
Lunch P95.00
From SM baguio we went back to our transient to recharge the SLR (fx) P60.00 / 6 = 10.00
Transient to Camp John Hay (fx) P65.00 / 6 =  10.83
CJH to Manor Hotel -walking distance.
Manor Hotel to Choco- Late de Batirol - walking distance.
Meryenda - P112
Dinner - P683 / 6 = 114.00

Total expenses per pax (more or less) P373.13
Okay na diba! May 9 destinations ka ng napuntahan with only P373 inclusive of fare and food!

Kaya we encourage all of the travel enthusiast na mag vacation sa Baguio in group para mas makatipid!!

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  1. I haven't gone there and I definitely will if I come to Baguio.


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