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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Camiguin, an Island Born of Fire

Just click here for our CDO Rafting 

C.A.M.I.G.U.I.N, an Island Born of Fire
"The perfect escape is defined not only by the exclusivity and luxury of a place but the beauty and relaxation it offers. 

After such sequential bonding and adventure from CDO to Bukidnon, what we really wanted is to REST our tiring feet and body.

For our first night in CDO, we stayed at Victoria Suite but before we settle in, we were escorted by the HR Manager of Kagay for a traditional Pinoy dinner in CDO, the famous "Butcher's Best Barbeque".  Akala ko nga, ju- join siya samin. Ang sabi niya kasi sa server, table for 10. Buti hindi ako umorder ng bonggang bongga. Marami din kasi siyang inaasikaso. hehe

Benoni Port, Camiguin


Ma-i -mention ko lang din kasi Cagayan De Oro, dubbed as City of Golden Friendship. Napatunayan ko 'to nung nakapagtanong kami sa isang security guard ng isang pawnshop kung san ang sakayan papuntang Macabalan Port. Hala, ang kuya hindi sumagot at nag abang ng jeep at pumara para samin. Wow manong. Salamat po! Ikaw na ang Mr. Friendship! Thanks for that initiative manong!

The sun was scorching hot as we headed off the road to Camiguin via jeep c/o manong SG. But to our most dismay, we learned that there was no ferry schedule that time but Wednesday and Thursday! Holy ssshh... How ironically because as per the boat captain, 'twas the last day that Ocean Jet will not sail and after that day, they will have a regular sailing schedule! Oh, our shoulders fell in distress. Wow! Eksaherada nga naman.. Ngayon pa talaga ha! Life is so ironic and unfair.. Pero wag mag inarte. Maraming nag offer ng sakay. Not free ride syiempre but still a good deal!

Sayang, Abangers pa naman kami to experience ang Ocean Jet. Aside from mura na, mabilis din in just 2 hours nasa Camiguin Island ka na. 

So what's the option? edi mag cab! Parang Maynila lang.. 
A total of 2 hrs by land and 1 1/2 via Balingoan Sea Port.

These kids pleaded us to throw coins off the water and then they'll swim to get it, how sad. No need to dive in; it might cause you accident though. Eto na yung coins pero ayusin mo brief mo ha..makitaan ka na eh!

Honestly, these kiddos are oblivious that their life is on risk in exchange of a single "centavo".


Ate Diane organized everything :) and part of it was getting the right tour guide for the whole gang. Meet, Teddy Pabualan and friends..

Finally, we're here at Camiguin Island. Let us start the tripping!!


Originally, the planned was to check - in first to BBC but due time constraints, we opted to accomplish our itineraries right away.

After 15 mins. drive, we were welcomed by gigantic clams and the Kabila White Beach. Nestled in a cove near Cantaan is a beautiful beach with white sand. This beach facing Mindanao is already a surprise. Its official name is Kabila White Beach. Actually the real surprise is the Giant Clam Nursery. 

You have to gone through a lil rough roads, steep slopes and a diverse forest.  

Some of us didn't feel to swim, sabi kasi pede tumingin tingin lang but with the urge of excitement to see the real Giant Clams underwater, we definitely change outfit and swam the deep blue sea.... Go!
 If for some who does not feel like swimming, you might enjoy seeing the Giant Clam nursery display. 
And if you look closer, you will see them breathing and can see other movements.

These giant clams are observed, taking cared of and used as a tourist displayed at their respective shelter.

Shots with underwater cam.
Five of us tried the snorkeling. We given some instructions before seeing the BIG corals. Sabi ng guide ko, wag daw akong magpa panic pag nakita ko na sila. Hehe, wow ganun ba, bakit nanghahabol pa sila?! lol Pag may shokoy pede pa siguro! At wag ko daw silang aapakan. "ok".

Alin alin alin ang naiba?
Si ate! Bakeeeeet, kung saan saan nakatingin at siya lang may aqua shoes. Oh, edi IKAW NA!  Meron pa bang iba!
Photo c/o Faith

Where Nemo finds place...

Corals have given different names such as Hospital coral, hospital, at hospital corals! Sa totoo lang, ito lang naaalala ko. hahahaha. Nung time kasi na nag i snorkeling ko, di ko masyado na enjoy. Kasi kinakapos ako ng hininga kaya hindi ko na masyado maintindihan mga names ng mga corals na to! Yun lang... next time (kung meron pa) kikilalanin ko ulit sila! Hindi ako nagpanic sa giant corals, mas nag panic ako sa lalim ng tubig at sa layo namin pati oras, medyo matagal.. loser me noh!

Hahaha, the revenge! Dito ko bumawi. inenjoy ko ang falls na itech.!
Gigantic, Majestic, Nostalgic,  lahat na basta mag rhyme, alam na!! 

Ngayon pa lang, sasabihin ko na, when you visit Camiguin, don't miss the chance the boast experience of magnificent views, and don't forget to inhale the crisp air brought by the KATIBAWASAN FALLS.....

After spending 2 hours at the Giant Clams, we are now ready to plunge ourselves to this amazing unspoiled gift of nature. 


A beautiful, clear stream of water cascading 70 meters into a rock pool surrounded by ground orchids, wild ferns, tress and boulders. Its cold water provides a refreshing summer splash to bathers and picnickers. 
The serenity and the sound of the water falling will make you relax and appreciate nature.

The falls is too powerful so be careful and so the stones,it tends to be really slippery.

Upon entering, you will hear the lush cascade waterfalls at the distant and you will notice this naughty monkey. Bakit naughty? nakita niya ang mama at kapatid ko, ayun. Ayun. Alam na. Hindi lang siya napanganga...nag toooooooot pa. hehehe..

super freezing cold water

We were lucky coz we owned the place. Kami lang ang tao. Hindi nga lang kami lumangoy dahil it was really really icy cold! The only person who did swim was Trel.

Photos became more dramatically shot because of this piled up stones.

'Twas nearly 5:30PM when we tapped the second to our last destination.  Marvel at the spectacular sunset that makes this station of the cross in Camiguin more dramatic.

Honestly, I thought Sunken Cemetery is located in Siquijor.  Ang iniisip ko kasi dati katatakutan about the said place. at alam ko when you say Siquijor, andun ang famous giant cross na 'to na pinag shoot-ingan ng Ouija, hindi pala.

I think, all of the visitors cannot help but have a photo op together with this large cross as a backdrop.

Tourists can go near the big cross. You can haggle for a boat to rent going to it and go remi nisce and go back to the time when Mt. Vulcan Daan erupted in 1870’s, when many people have buried underneath :( Years after the destructive eruption of Mount Vulcan, the Sunken Cemetery is visible during low tide.  But Mount Vulcan erupted again in 1948 until 1953 sinking the whole area deeper.  To mark the community cemetery, a large cross was built on the solidified lava in 1982.

Such an idyllic experienced and proud to finally know its history with loveones

It is nice to capture the captivating sunset with a nice silhouette of the Sunken Cemetery

At dahil umi extend dito ang CDO City of Friendship, aba! Si kuyang driver PINABABA kami ng sasakyan at hinayaan kaming mag PICTURAN with the very very very nice backdrop, sunset! loveit!!!

So Beautiful, yes indeed!

Getting the most memorable mountainous view ever!

Oo! Ako ng ang ekseherada!  "ANG GANDA TALAGA"!

And then the sunset painted the vast sky like a firing beige color, which rather calls for an almost ending of our adventure!

Quick stop at Walkway to Old Volcano. 
Had a snap pose and picture, that's it and we were at the final destination...

Last but not the least, past 6pm, the ARDENT HOT SPRING 

I can remember, nagtatalo talo pa kami kung dito nga ang Mt. Hibok Hibok. And we proved....

The water of the Ardent Hot Spring is 40°C warm. It is heated by the volcanic activity of Mount Hibok-Hibok. There are several pools and a large recreation area.

It was evening when we started to dip.  There were quite a number of tourists also in the area. The temperature somehow disappointed us esp. to me. Kasi I compared it to what we had in Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron, Palawan. 

It would be nicer if the Ardent Hot spring is hotter so for our weary feet to relax..  

Wapak ang mga beauties namin kahit sa gabi!

Ardent Hot Spring can never be the secret in Camiguin.  It is being published to local and international travel books already.  This hot spring is getting a fair share of its guests from local to foreign visitors who would like a pampering experience far away from the bustle and hustle city life.

Hot or warm?

We were satisfied and basked with full experience. Camiguin is such a laid back island and somehow, I feel safe in Mindanao.

There is one thing that feels me down. Our father didn't come with us due to some errands in his work... 
But nevertheless, we all had fun.. AS USUAL!!

Here's the sneak view of my next post:

White Island 
Bahay Bakasyunan 


  1. Wishing to have a direct access Camiguin! Sana may airport na dito! muchluvit!

  2. Dami nyo napasyalan! Gusto ko din bumili ng underwater cam! Ano yang gamit nyo?

  3. I Love Camiguin! Whenever I am asked kung alin ang favorite Philippine Destinations ko, #1 ko palagi ang Camiguin hehe :D Gusto ko bumalik dyan. Bitin nung last trip ko eh hehe

  4. summer's indeed here and camiguin has got the factors to complete a summer experience. i would love most snorkeling for this place and trekking.

  5. hi mam mitch, balik po kayo ulit dito camiguin mam =) hehehe.


    teddy m. pabualan
    camiguin tour operator

  6. Anney: Worth ang thousand miles going Camiguin! Canon digicam tas naka dicapac case lang...

  7. Orville: Like ;) hehe parang Facebook lang!
    Mica: Kaya nga naghihimutok ako dahil walang malapit na airport jan para easier access ang lahat ng gusto magbakasyon. I want to go back at BBC. Super relaxing!
    Dong: Wow, snorkeling, pede. Trekking, wanna try. Sa Katibawasan kasi hindi ko na exp. Maybe to other Camiguin's spot.
    Camiguin Transport: Ay Kuya Teddy kaw ba yan? Thanks po. Thanks for the great exp. sa Multi cab niyo at sa best service!hehe Wishing to come and visit lovely Camiguin again.

  8. Wow! Ang dami mong adventure. Nice photos, too!

  9. T: Salamat...wala naman to compare of what u have.. :p

  10. tungkol kay manong guard: wow. friendly nga. tungkol sa sunken cemetery. nice. umabot pala kayo d'yan. napanood ko lang 'yan sa horror movie ni juday. tungkol sa ardent's hot spring: cool ang hot n'ya ha hehe. ang linaw pa. kainggit. sarap mag-travel with friends and your photos show that.

  11. natuwa kami sa ardent hotspring kasi first time namin sa hot spring.ganda naman ng pictures mo.

  12. Melvin: okay sana ang Ardent, kaso kulang sa init pa.. I want a hotter one eh.

  13. Very nice pictures. Have been to Camiguin last august.
    It's so beautiful and unspoilt. Will be back some day for sure!
    Mantique Island is also very nice to go to.
    We stayed in Yumbing at Pabua's Cottages. A bit cheaper but still very clean.
    They also organised our island tour and going to White Island.
    I can surely recommend them.


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