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Friday, September 30, 2011

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center: A bygone park

As I mentioned in my recent post, I held my first photo walk in Wildlife in Quezon City. Why did I choose the place? 

Kulit ng mga bata sa entrance, psst! bumaba nga kayo jan!

Thinking about my childhood, I can remember through pictures that our family visited the said park. Based on the kept pictures, there were a large playground, abundant rainforest, plenty of wild animals and alot of families who gathered here to have picnics in every corner of the park. 

During my college years, again I visited the park, I was disappointed then that it changed.  It looked feeble and the feeling is not as much as excited as before.....

When I set up the photo walk with a friend, I still decided to do it in this park because first, my friend who happened to be my photographer has never gone to Wildlife. (kawawa noh, hehe!), second, I still believed that the park has a chance to redevelop their facilities and infrastructures and lastly, it is very cheap and very  close to nature! (not to mention malapit lang din sa house).

Ninoy Aquino's monument

Entrance fee for adults: P8.00 and P5.00 for students.

Entering the Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center (NAPWC), you can still noticed the big change happened in the park through the years. It can hardly maintained nowadays, I mumbled behind walking and picture taking.  Dati, maraming mga taong bumibisita dito, nag uumpukan sa mga bleachers. May mga estudyante na dito rin nag iipon- ipon upang mag praktis pero this time, halos wala na.

Pero despite of the changes, natuwa pa rin ako dahil ngayon ko lang napansin ang board na nasa itaas.
Nakakatuwa kasi ang dami rin palang sumasagip at tumutulong sa Inang Kalikasan gaya ng mga ito (hindi lang tayo masyadong aware), yung iba jan naging kliyente pa namin sa dati kong work. Galing! 

So pagpasok namin sa loob, we go directly at the right side of the park where you can see big cages for the different birds species and other animals,  meet some of them.

Blue and yellow Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw

The Turtle pond

the Asian Box Turtles 
The Philippine Brown Dear
At habang pinipicturan namin ang mga dearest deers, mantakin mong mag pupu!!! hahaha..nice one!

Changeable Hawk Eagle

We also saw the Aquatic House but we did not bother to look at because the area look abandoned already and I believed that it wasn't something that interests me and my friend so we opted to walk further until we reached our main concern, the lagoon. There were actually more animals roaming at the park (on its cages, of course). There were reptiles, more birds and land mammals but we preferred to have a little pictorial beside and along the lagoon.

the Lagoon

Our first location

As far as I know, this house is a headquarter or an office room because while having a photowalk, there was this one man, got inside and we heard voices inside pagpasok niya sa house na ito. Pero maganda noh. Yung style at may pagka nationalistic pa ang dating. I just like its old style...

Pati spiderweb kinuhanan, hehehe. Musta ka naman jan little spider?

A walkway surrounds by bamboo trees and grasses

Parang pag dumadaan ka dito, na pi -picture out ko na eto yung perfect wedding scene while riding at the calesa at habang sinasabuyan ka ng maraming bulaklak..Oh diba pang sinaluma talaga mga hilig ko noh. Mas maganda rin siguro ang lugar na to tuwing gabi...With proper lighting and a romantic music background, solve na!

The Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center is a zoological and botanical garden located in Diliman, Quezon City. It was named after Benigno Aquino, Jr.

Ang park na ito ay marami ding cottages at benches where family and friends can serve picnic. Pwede rin naman magdala nalang ng banig or something na pwedeng higaan para dun maglatag, kumain at mamahinga sa gilid ng lagoon na ito.

Ah, ah, bawal nga di ba! Justifiable ba ang itsura ko jan? hehe

Bleachers used to be a place for any events

The park have a viewing deck also near the lagoon which used to be a restaurant before and a Tea House but for whatever reason, they were all closed and seemed never reopened again for public. 

The park is picture of a mess of rundown buildings, alot of garbages and you can see dry leaves all over the places.

Pero hindi pa rin matatawaran ang parte ng Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Nature Center because it serves as a rescue center for common and exotic wild animals. 

So if you're looking for nature ambiance experience and you need to breathe a little fresh air, you can go to NAPWC, just to enjoy and unwind, despite everything that we witnessed. We just hope that anytime soon, maibalik sa dati ang kagandahan at kaayusan ng park na ito at hindi ito tumigil sa kanilang layunin to conserve the country's biological diversity through:
  • Establishment, management and development of the National Integrated Protected Areas System
  • Conservation of wildlife resources
  • Nature conservation information and education
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

BLUROZE FARM, Park and Wildlife: Tranquility and wellness!

One of my favorite spots in the Philippines is really, Batangas. When I heard outing, beach bumming and out of town, I always wishing it would be in Batangas. So when my friend Mitch texted me and invited me to go with her in Batangas to get her dog, I told to myself that I would not pass this chance.. kahit naisip ko baka gawin lang niya kong tagabuhat ng doggie niya, I did not mind. Eh sabi niya all expense paid pa, eh makakatanggi pa ba ko, mapilit siya. hahaha!

It was a mere day tour and it only took us nearly 2 hours to get to Lipa city proper where we will meet the pet owner couple of her Shih Tzu. (I will share the whole story on my next post).

I really wanted to do something different while in Lipa, so I persistently asked the couple about somewhere interesting to visit in the city which is also fit for the budget.

The reception area

{wish finally granted}
Since we cannot get in to San Benito Farm (w/c is my first option to visit while in Lipa) we end up at BLUROZE FARM instead. After about 15 - 20 mins ride in tricycle from the city, we finally saw the sign of the said farm. You have to shell out P100 for the entrance fee and surprisingly, Michie mich (dog's name - haha, sinunod sa name ng owner) has also required to pay an entrance fee, same charge as human! Ganon... I didn't get it ha..But guests have options to have additional P75 if they want a tour with regular meal and drinks and additional P50 for sandwich and drinks.

Breathtaking landscape

Waiting area close to reception

This was my first time in Lipa City. As I've said, Batangas for me is one of my favorites however, I considered it perfectly for getaway like bumming only and when you say Lipa City, it is not somewhere I’m really fond of visiting because as far as I know, it is a town in Batangas where there are no interesting beaches to enjoy to. I only have in mind about Lipa is Mayor V. She's running this city right? (napaka naive ko noh). What I didn't know is that Lipa has something more to give.

Weather abruptly change..sana tuloy tuloy na ang paglabas ni haring araw!

So visiting Bluroze farm is out of the plan...

Actually, I was more interested to know what this "San Benito Farm" could offer to its guest since this is overrated from the time it was launch to public.  Bluroze was just suggested by the couple since we cannot afford the entrance to San Benito just for a few hours visit.  Maybe, we'll get back to this farm and when there's alot of time.

BLUROZE is a place located at the heart of Lipa City that recognizes the power of nature to heal, nourish and revive the mind, body and spirit from the rigors of everyday life... 

Fave spot in Bluroze

Lipa has a variety of places and sites to offer.  From dusk till dawn, it can never fail to excite anyone. First on the list nga eh etong farm na to. 

Bluroze offers the following:

Day trip and Field trip Packages.
They also have function rooms and cottages. For their rooms and cottages, it can accommodate maximum up to almost 30 persons.  While the function rooms can be used in any event venue can accommodate up to 500 persons.

ang mag -amo, lol

Nakaka excite! First time ito. So we already wander the place around with our very very cute Shih Tzu.

Although we haven't seen any chicken crossing that time

Additional info I gathered, The name Bluroze is derived from the names of the spouses, Engr. Benedicto Luistro Umali and Zenaida Rodillo. The first three letters (BLU), serve as the initial of former while the remaining (ROZE) are derived from the maiden name of the latter i.e. R&O from Rodillo and Z&E from Zenaida.

Bluroze is a wild life and nature park, made for recreational activities for family and friends. This place also holds events like weddings, birthday celebrations, reunions, and and the like. It is a place where you can find interesting animals roaming around while allowing yourselves taking picture with them along the fence, large grounds for camping and team building and a view deck.

This ostrich is taller than Mitch and I.

Soaring high birds.

There were sheep, dog, goats, and birds at the farm that time. But they also featured animals like monkeys, monkey eating eagle,  alligators, ducks, chickens and many more.

Kahit san may pose ang mag amo, hehehe. c.u.t.e

from the hanging bridge

making faces ha Mitch with Michie mitch :)

Ayaw paawat eh, gusto talaga mag plunking! lol

If you plan to have a private talk with your loveones and bonding time with your friends while eating, you can stay in some of the farm's cottages.

A couple of tiny hammocks

The farm never stops to surprise us.
Akala namin ni Mitch, farm lang or parang zoo pero hindi pala. Meron din itong view deck. (see the pic below). The challenge is to climb an old water tank that is about 100 meters high with a spiral ladder. Pero hindi kami umakyat that time, we preferred wandering around agad because for the time constraints. It has Maze and a grand wedding venue where Mitch and I almost tried gate crashing. Hahaha..

Other attractions to do in the farm

The couple names wrote at the Pavillion, indicating that there's a wedding going on but we were so busy taking pictures that we almost didn't notice that we're almost stepping in the red carpet of the said event where guests made their grand entrance. Balak pa naman namin pumasok sa maganda at nakakaakit na ilaw nang isang bulwagan, reception pala ito. hehehe...

Nasabi tuloy ni Mitch saken na dito nalang ang wedding reception ko. Haha, natawa ko dun. Layo ha albeit the place is so adorable.

Sayang nga lang at hindi kami nagtagal....Hindi namin nalibot ang buong place.

After an hour or two, we decided to go back before rain pours. But definitely this place is serene, perfect for a self retreat or just a family getaway. Oh btw, Bluroze also has wide grounds for tent camping and a lot of cabins if you opt to stay indoors overnight. A pool is also available in their family villa upon request.

the Entrance.
Rain finally poured down us. Sakto may tricycle na nag- aabang na sa labasan.  It would be better if you have your own service while in the farm kase mahaba ang lalakarin mo pag nagkataon.

I never regret that I visited this place rather than San Benito.  Because I know, both farm offers tranquility and family wellness.

I will definitely go back in Lipa city...Nice bonding with Mitch and her dog.

Address: Purok 6, Lodlod, Lipa City, Philippines 4217
      Tel nos. (043) 756-5452
(043) 312-4705
Email add:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ang first ever kong AWARD at pitong AKO!

Blogger na ko o feel ko pa rin lang hanggang ngayon. Eh kasi may nagbigay sa akin ng unang {award} ko. Naiyak ko dun. chos! hehehe..

The special award has given me by Ms. Chase Beautiful Kumi.  She was generous sharing this award to her other 15 friends in blogsphere. Luckily I was one of them..

The rules are simply are as follows:

Just thank and link the person who awarded you then write 7 random things about yourself. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers.

Although I had listed a 100+ things about me when I started this blog, I'll be much willing to share it to you once again...
So it's my turn, here are about me, "LUCKY 7":

1. I love SURPRISES. Minsan nga, ako na gumagawa ng ikaso sopresa ko! Hahaha

2. I can control my dreams especially if If I'm having a bad dream. If I cannot take what supposedly gone bad at me {in my dream}, I definitely direct all that scenes to be...Ibig lang sabihin, ako ang director ng sarili kong panaginip! Galing noh...true yan, walang halong eklabuh!

3. I never experienced having chicken pox, boil and "beke" {yet}! no, lucky for me huh!

4. Fave ko lantakan mga siomai na masarap! Lalo na yung Siomai House! At fave ko ulam, Century Tuna! the best talaga yun! Plus itlog at tinapa na may toyo! I do not have sweet tooth. Sumasakit lang ipin ko dun. Hahaha..di ko hilig desserts...

5. I never do plucking - for my eyebrow! NEVER ko pa na try! loser ko noh..

6.I hate when people drop names just to save herself in an awkward situation!

7. I love the feeling of falling in l♥ve....woot..woot! Kahit paulit -ulit...

And my chosen blog friends are..(hindi umabot ng 15 eh)
1. Annexia
2. Malditang Kura
3. Janelle
4. Chyng
5. Pinaytraveljunkie
6. Aleah
7. LaiMarie
8. Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera
9. Bee
10. Faye
11. Macy
12. Neneng Kilabot
13. Ericka Bianca

Thank you again to Ms. Kumi.
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